Memphis - Little Place In The Wilderness

Rating: 6.8/10
Modern Music Review
Indie Rock
Memphis' sophomore LP, "A little Place In The Widerness", by Stars singer Torquil Campbell and Chris Dumont features Metric's James Shaw, Josh Trager.
My dreams... I saw that words when i unwraped the Cd. I liked the cover and diary-like lyric papers which beg of you to draw you at a truelife story. It's been a illustrative info about the concept. I've always been a dream pop fan, i've always wanted to be in a place where music dreams softy. Softly, i said because nighmares are another part of dreams. Soft dreams remind of beautiful dreams.

Soft as snow dreams which you have to keep to yourself. Because, while we only care about ourselves, who cares about your dreams? So it's risky try to write about only your dreams on your songs. As the worst scenario, listeners will fall apart. On "A little Place In The Widerness", most of the songs include the same word, "Dream". According to me it's a blemish.

However, there are quite vivid songs on the cd ; romantic "In the Cinema", brilliant "Incredibly Drunk on Whiskey" and "A Ghost Story". We all make love in the cinema, sometimes we want to be as drunk as a fool, everyone thinks about ghosts at times. These are the moving themes of Torquil Campbell on songwriting. At the same time, it's hard to say these for some melodies on the album because of their lack of harmony. Actually it's even hard to remember them despite several spin. Horns, saxophones, airy electric guitars are jazzy, especially violins are harmonious with childhood memories included extraordinary "A Ghost Story".

It's broken and sensitive record, stucked in the middle of cloudy dreams that belong to Torquil Campbell, easily charming everything around of it. Turn off the lights, watch the beautiful world out there.
Like John Lennon said before: ' Dream, dream away -- Magic in the air, was magic in the air? I believe, yes I believe -- More I cannot say, what more can I say? '
MM picks: Incredibly Drunk on Whiskey, A Ghost Story
Mp3: I'll Do Whatever You Want
Memphis the band

PJ Harvey - The Peel Sessions 2006 (1991-2004)

Rating: 8/10
Modern Music Review
Alternative Rock
A collection of PJ Harvey’s Peel Sessions will be released for the first time, during a month of commemorative events, to mark the second anniversary of the inspirational broadcaster's death.
Polly Jean Harvey whose lyrics appear front of you like a dark humor, a flower at the middle of night, thorn of a rose, the roses which are growing on savage gardens and a ferocious female as
far as she can. PJ Harvey shows the other dark side of humanity themes; most often time they're sex, love, and religion. Mostly sexy expressions are a little disguised lyrically. Expression of mine is exciting, i know how it seems from there, but i really don't know how to write about unique artists.

There are few female songwriters who have different perspective with respect to being a girl! Amazingly she thinks like a man at times, also she's one of that distinctive rock lunatics. I think her lyrics are odd and very active and alert. If you check out the songs in this collection you'll consider that these are mostly rocker ones.

The twelve tracks were chosen by PJ, span her career; from early versions of the songs on debut album Dry (1992) to her seventh album Uh Huh Her, released in 2004. I must admit that her selections are some kind of wicked tongues, some kind of beautiful feelings.

'Oh my lover -- Don't you know it's alright -- You can love her -- You can love me at the same time -- Much to discover -- I know you don't have the time but '

As you can see from the lyrics, i was right with what she has, an odd odd perspective in
songwriting! I recommend you to listen the song at night and alone! I prefer to listen some artists at night, Harvey is one of those artist. Also i've Wire, David Sylvian, Girls Against Boys and more for the long nights.

This is a kind of collection which every home shouldn't has. On the other hand it's a record which every PJ Harvey fan must have. As an advice, put the cd a place where little girls won't reach! 'Gonna wash that man right out of my hair, Heard it before, no more, Gonna take my hips to a man who cares, Turn the corner, there's another one there.'
MM picks: Oh My Lover, Naked Cousin, Snake
Mp3: Oh My Lover

The Long Blondes - Someone To Drive You Home

Rating: 5.4/10
Modern Music Review
Indie Pop/Rock
This is the first LP for the Sheffield, England co-ed five-piece fronted by Kate Jackson. Steve Mackey (Pulp) produced.

Hmm! The Long Blondies , Am i wrong? May someone please bring my glasses! I'm too young for some party musics, i don't use drug, i don't smoke, i'm a good family boy. I'm afraid they won't accept me to their parties becuase Kate Jackson says '19. you're only 19 for God's sake, Oh, you don't need a boyfriend.' Yeah i know, you have to be 60 years old for being in a relationship.Wtf i'm talking about here! Enough fun!

"Once And Never Again" it seems that the song lyrically devoted to young hearts, it fits completely with strong guitars despite its crap lyrics. You think that Smiths' songs were so entertaining because of the lovely music, because of the lyrics such as 'I would go out tonight ,but I haven't got a stitch to wear'. But i'm afraid they were fulled up with Morrissey's gloomy lyrics. We see the same disguised misery on "Someone To Drive You Home" at times.
"Giddy Statospheres" in which they're supporting new disco style indie rock trend such as Dead 60s' "Riot on the radio" and Datarock's "Fa Fa Fa", also it recalls those songs.

They'll compare them with Blondie properly for Kate Jackson. As for the musics on the record, completely Smiths influence can be seen,capturing lovely, punky guitars. Its indie pop style helps you to dive in record at first spin. Without reading any info about them i noticed those
gothic-like vocal performing which Kate's borrowing to Siouxsie Sioux from Siouxsie and the Banshees. Their origin comes from punk, but, they follow the trend, defining their music
as indie because of excessively rhythmic guitar chords, concordant disco or party style
rock music. I found melodies too girlish (lyrically, musically) as a man. Singly, they are
powerful, cheerful and restless songs, but then, when you listen all of them, same beats can be a big big trouble. Think The Organ's melancholic bass guitars and mournful melodies, add some energetic, less complainant soul to it and here's your The Long Blondes. That's for sure other reviewers give high ratings because of it deludes you at first listen. First spins are always deceptive.

This debut mostly sounds 'hey girl power is within indie rock now!'. More of it, i found the lyrics rubbish! Rollicking but short-lived, only some good guitar lines save this album. I don't think the vocal performance is original, imitation.
Also give a listen: The Organ - Grab that Gun
MM picks: Swallow Tattoo, Madame Ray
Mp3: Once And Never Again

Desert Hearts - Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki

Rating: 8.2/10
Modern Music Review
Melancholic Indie Rock
Desert Hearts, a trio from Belfast, Ireland, play a brand of indie rock that is just as prone to bursts of guitar-generated noise as it is soft, quiet, melodic pop.

After i finished my daily research about the new indie rock bands, i saw that their debuts were generally conspicuous, but, second ones were going down. As you know, stabilization is one the most important thing in music. When it comes to Desert Hearts' "Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki" after their debut, it's easy to see stability, furthermore; melodically it's blowing from Ireland's skies to the world, instrumentalist sections of the songs are breathtaking. Check out "Sea Punk" for breathtaking guitar lines which are usually a hidden mirror to previous post-punk father Joy Division and stable rockers Sonic Youth. With "Gravitas" my thesis becomes stronger and stronger. Sonic Youth! is reason for losing yourself while you're listening them, Desert Hearts who knows what to say and how to play , are the same.

As always, there are superfluous tracks on this record too (Goodbye to Everything), but, they
have good relationship with the others at least. At that moment, the tracklist order covers this superfluous spotty tunes. Yeah check out "Urchin", its melodic drama will cause to forget extreme trial flights .

Thus far, it wasn't real performance of this ambitious, good-natured band. It's starting to play lovely by means of melodic pop songs after the first six song. "Black Albino", "Bone Song", "Apple" i can call these as wonderful trio.

Perfect opening songs, relaxing middle cuts and shaking closing noises. Aha! "Apple" is one the most creative melody in this year that i've heard. Instantly i noted that. Believe or not, sometimes music needs mathematics, i multiplied, divided and deducted the results but still this album sounds well, so this is what we have to say: 'Good stuff is good stuff'. Ok, last sentence "Apple" still rings in my ears!
MM picks: Urchin, Apple, Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki
Mp3: Sea Punk
Band's Myspace

Annuals - Be He Me

Rating: 9.2/10
Modern Music Review
Indie Rock
Adam Baker (vocals), Kenny Florence (guitar), Mike Robinson (bass), Zack Oden (guitar), Anna Spence (piano), and Nick Radford (drums) create the shiny happy indie rock sounds of Annuals.
This month have been very plentiful, a bunch of spring albums, heaps of falling leafs; therefore, i drank more coffee overmuch but i'm happy with that. Eh, let me introduce, the music is Annuals' "Be He Me" playing backround while i'm writing this. Definitely an autumnal album, including some rhythmic pionos, playful, airy and independent guitars, sentimental singings, electronic beats. Colors are mostly pale combinations of grey, brown. Sky is cloudy, however, you're happy. If you're reading this, you're some kind of bright people, looking for some good music to fill the emptiness in your life. I'm sure with that you're on right way. Due to Be He Me's funky merriment, sometimes you can get out of control. You can find yourself as smiling, rejoicing to the skies. It's very sweet record at all points. "Annuals" teachs us how to use complex sounds at the same time. Variety of instruments never interrupts listeners' cheerful moments. The magic is same with Arcade Fire's, The Playful moments are a bit more than Sufjan Stevens'. If this record were dropped by a band like Flaming Lips, i'm talking big, it would exist all critic's Top 10 indie rock album of 2006. That was surprise, i couldn't find any unworthy song on "Be He Me".

Still i want to listen again, i'm not satisfied because there are many many things that need to be discovered. Interesting, "Be He Me" is both affecting, gleeful. It's open and shut, one of the best indie rock story of the year. 'Sugar on my tongue, yippee yippee yum yum ! goodie goodie gum drop! '
MM picks: Bleary Eyed, Carry Around, The Bull And The Goat
Mp3: Carry Around
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Best of Indie Rock 2006

First Anniversary Of Modern Music Blog
A year passed either well or badly. This week of last year, i made a decision
to share my musical thought with the world. Fortunately, i still continue my mission and i'll continue as far as i can.
Thus far, i took my pencil and started to write down this year's the most amazing indie rock albums. I listened them once more to consider their impression on me. So let's discuss together which one we shouldn't miss. I don't know if you agree with me but you should have these. Rob a bank!, borrow money, do something and buy or listen these! More or less, these are indie rock.

1. Bonnie Prince Billy - The Letting Go
I'm sure of it, this album never gets old.
2. Band Of Horses - Everything All The Time
If you played an album countless time and still you didn't bore then it should be treasure.
3. Drones - Gala Mill
Shout it loud! This album as strong as rock.
4. Robyn Hitchcock - Ole! Tarantula
Embryo, are you ever gonna be born?
5. James Dean Bradfield - The Great Western
Politics, politics...Say the truths and be a repulsive person!
6. Hold Steady - Boys And Girls In America
On your way Paul Westerberg
7. Sleepy Jackson - Personality
Yes we're singing sleepy but our melodies are catchy-sleepy.
8. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Ballad of the Broken Seas
Mmm...! delicious music, tasty coffee
9. Pernice Brothers - Live A Little
Beyond doubt, they relesed an album sounds better than Morrissey's Ringleader.
10. The Decemberists - The Crane Wife
I'll burn whole city down!

...And albums i hung back while putting in list, still they're powerful.
Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am...
Hmm, i saw that some of you think they're too young but it's the most wrong
prejudice. David Bowie, Lou reed, Bob Dylan and other legendary musicians...
Were they young while they dropped their the most classical albums?, i think
they were. So it's not about age.
Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
I know better than you how is balkan music charming, but lyrics are not eye-catching.
Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit
Great album but regarding their previous awesome works it's a little shaded.
Man Man - Six Demon Bag
Wow! Always i'm open for a Tom Waits influenced indie rock band.
Tapes 'N Tapes - The Loon
My words are still in force for "The Loon", dazzling rock tunes.
TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain
This is very different from the other, but still its melodies too much for a essential listening. Gradually i started not listening this record.
... and songs that save your life from this year!
- Band of Horses - Wicked Gil
- Hold Steady - Chillout Tent
Please let me know if you have any recommendations!

The Beatles - Love - 2006

Modern Music Review
George Martin was at the helm for this project, which serves as the soundtrack to the Vegas-based Cirque du Soleil show of the same name. This 26 tracks , which are generally the most famous Beatles tracks, were augmented with additional instrumentation.

I'd give this a high rate without thinking, but after a while i considered that this is not our business to give rate classic ones. I'm so clear with this, you can't criticize a band if it's Beatles. Because there isn't anything to say! We should respect the works, they proved themself as a historical monument, every new music kidos know about the Beatles. Maybe you grew up listening their record or you loved to collect their works. As a matter of fact, my expressions would be right throughout, if this was a Beatles collecting by themselves. But it's not, like i said before, i hate remixs, mash-ups and other things which are usually a easy way to achieve some commercial success. I like original things, someday you'll search for natural beauty, because there won't be anything original. I hate to see that people have recourse to aesthetics for being someone else. It's really upsetting. The result is everyone looks like each other. Originality = natural and remixs are the same with aesthetics. That's why i love originality.

The things were said, i have believed in music, still believe in The Beatles. This cd is a reason to uncover the original records which are the right ways to a music satisfaction.
Mp3: Strawberry Fields Forever

The Shins - Wincing the Night Away

Rating: 5/10
Modern Music Review
Indie Rock
Three years have passed since "Chutes Too Narrow" and The Shins have dropped another album. You want to hear this 'This is a great album' i know, but i'm afraid not, it's mostly dead beat. Welcome to the free sleep service! Yes, you heard right.

Immediately to the subject. Arrangements, lyrics are maybe a little brilliant but there is something wrong with the songs. They don't contain soul of an album. If it was a b-side record, i could understand the lack of harmony. "Australia", "Girl Sailor" sound good, of course i can see that! As a problem in my head, it's very annoying to buy albums for only a couple of melody. Mostly extinct and far away from being a catchy, must have album. Nay, too many people play guitar like that. Don't go work and sit down, take your guitar, then start to complain about life? Where is the artistically side of this work. We all , let's write some couple of words, and we all become performer. Worse than this, there won't be any listener, everyone releases albums, songs, eps or whatever it is. If you can't find a listener, it's not reasonable to release albums. Again i can put up with that but please listen what you've done at least! Not all these againsts to The shins, but if i don't like it, i don't wait to say why! Some of you called this objective review, but as a note it's my feelings about music.

It isn't big deal to give a high rate an album. If you feel someting while you're listening, then it's worth to listen. Passionate, furiousness, happiness, sadness... It doesn't matter which one you feel. If i listen the music like a wooden furniture then i never play that music again, and also i found only three avarage indie rock song and rest of all is sleep service. I want to wake up but it seems imposible while you hear the most boring two melody one by one, "Black Wave", "Split Needles". Believe or not, i wanted to throw myself to bed, so boring! "Girl Sailor" is the only good melody, actually it's not a great song but after nine pointless song, believe me it tastes like honey.

All i see is some guitars, an ordinary voice, nothing special. Hard to stomach! I felt disinclined after the last spin, i am bored. I felt like i'm the only person, listening some uncertain music on my own and everybody is happy out there! Hey, take me with you! I won't die along with some ordinary songs!
P.S: If you have sleeping problem, buy this!
MM picks: Girl Sailor, Australia
Mp3: Phantom Limb
Also check out: Badly Drawn Boy

Joanna Newsom - Ys

Rating: 5.8/10
Modern Music Review
Do you believe in magical songs? Like a genie, with one wish they
change your life. So what do you wish? A peaceful life, money, to fly... Maybe not a peaceful life but a peaceful moment comes into existence with "Ys" (2006). Living the moment is life for me! So i'm living about one hour of my life with this record and it's the pleasure for me. Perhaps you don't like listening this story-like second album of folk singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom but i like it and music is something personal to us all.

How would it be to tell magic with musical nota? The answer lies in "Ys". What i find in "Ys" is something that comes from virgin forests, lakes, mountains. Joanna's elf-like vocals are eye catching, sometimes dramatic. On the other hand first salient imperfection of "Ys" is that it's not favourable to listenthis record whenever you want , it's so sleepy also songs are too long. She performs talk style vocal. Besides, the most suitable time is when you need a rest or a snowy weather! After several spin, you may find Joanna Newsom's stories neverending. What's more the melodies aren't odd . For instance, while you're listening "Only Skin", you think that you're still at start of record. At times you consider that these are very poignant melodies for 24 years old singer-songwriter.

Eventually, it's included five-song full-length which comprises theatrical expression with melodious accompaniment. It's totally emotional and narrative work of art. If you love psychedelic + folk music, don't spend any moment on waiting, get it! But if you seek for something rocks then "Ys" is very obscure.
MM picks: Cosmia
"Sprout & The Bean" Video
Joanne Newsom Page

Incubus - Light Grenades

Rating: 8.1/10
Modern Music Review
Alternative Pop/Rock
"Light Grenades" is the sixth album that will be released by Incubus on November 28, 2006. It consists of 13 songs. I listened them for you, lets see what we have!

First five song are shiny, passionate alternative rock songs. Pretty nice first single "Anna Molly", their new emotional guitar pop song "Love Hurts", cold clear melody "Quicksand"... Thus far, there aren't heavy rock songs , and also "Light Grenades" (2006) the title songs comes its alt. metal balanced high guitar chords. On "Oil And Water" you count the drum beats but honestly along
with "Diamonds And Coal" the results are becoming spotty. It causes lack of melody. As I noted before, puting good opening songs is a clever process at times ; furthermore, they can be annoying to music lovers. Because when you bought an album, the first thing you want to hear is serious work. If you're a fan, believe me this isn't only a serious songs , you want more and more. If it starts with a couple of radio-friendly songs then plays only some loudly guitar, it'll be nothing special. I didn't say those to "Light Grenades", that's brainstorm.

However , this album doesn't include great heavy metal or funk metal songs. There are four or five alt. metal melody and most of them are average. But the other ones, alternative pop melodies are really cool such as "Anna Molly", "Love Huts" and my fav. one "Paper Shoes" which is a fascinating guitar romantic song. Maybe They didn't want to change their style completely, so this problem creates some unwilling funk-metal songs. Anyway i should say that they're very successful at being emotional, no need to release only funk-metal songs. I love them
with their "11am", "Mexico" (from "Morning View"), "Summer Romance" (from "S.C.I.E.N.C.E."), "The Warmth" (from "Make Yourself"), and these are pure rock songs. Incubus isn't a so so band. I appreciate their works as well as in this new album. They didn't release an album every year. I believe they really respect to the audience. "Light Grenades" proves this, sure it proves despite my prejudice at the start of record!

It's not finished, you haven't heard "Pendulous Threads" still. This song is just amazing, takes the hard rock guitar lines, and also reminds Jimi Hendrix's captivating solos ( just a rememberance of Foxy Lady), good work guys! Finally "Earth To Bella Part 2" is a great acustic closing song. Surprise! It's not only acustic, also you'll hear catchy garage rock tunes on this one.

A good album comes, i recommend this album to every rock music listener, I can note that their the most standout work is "Morning View" (2001), and also this album as strong as "Morning View".
MM picks: Rogues, Paper Shoes, Pendulous Threads
Listen: Anna Molly
MM also recommends: Jane's Addiction - Nothings Shocking

Swan Lake - Beast Moans

Rating: 4.8/10
Modern Music Review
Indie Rock
This new band features Daniel Bejar (Destroyer, New Pornographers), Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown), and Carey Mercer (Frog Eyes).

When I heard this one, positively i got excited. At the same time, there is a truth that you shouldn't get excited if it's the first sight. This is the rule of being a mature person. Think twice
before make a decision! Isn't it right? if it isn't right for you, it's hard to avoid from the mistakes which always wait right time to trick you.

So "Beast Moans" (2006) can trick you with its two attractive indie cake "Widow's Walk", "Nubile Days" at the start. "Widow's Walk" makes you think about some improved Radiohead song. Immediately afterwards, "City calls" appears , and paralyses your desire which has an important rule for continuing listen. Not only is "City calls" outlandish at times, but it also causes to stop whole cd. The mistake is excessive noises and strange backround tunes which are usually pointless. With "A Venue Called Rubella" it's getting worse and worse. This time not only the complicated tunes, also adding some repetition during one minute 10 x "A Venue Called Rubella"= exhausted listener. The result is going to be an disappointed listener. Sometimes there are good loops to hear but it's not a deliverance. Because if you consider the other records, you'll see they've got some good tunes too. So it's not right to give every album positive, positive and positive because of two or three listenable melody.

If you could survive at the chamber of three nonsense melody (City Calls, A Venue Called Rubella, All Fires), maybe it's time to hear a good tune. Again the results are too spotty but "The Partisan..." is what i wanted to hear."Bluebird" touches you, along with being desired, its changable atmosphere can also be magical to your ear. So this makes "Beast Moans" a buried indie rock album. As a footnote, if you're kind of person who don't listen comprehensible music, so you may like it. What i meant is that it's imposible to listen this record loudly. I really adore noisy songs but senseless songs.

After all, it's not energetic as Wolf Parade, not clear like Sunset Rubdown's "Shut Up I Am Dreaming" or not gloomy (Frog Eyes), it's mostly out of touch, and also spinning around complex noisy melodies.
MM picks: Widow's Walk, The Partisan But He's Got To Know
Mp3: All Fires, The Freedom
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H.I.M. - Uneasy Listening Vol.1

Rating: 4/10
Modern Music Review
This is right a collection for you , if you bored melodic guitars of the band. And the name of the album was chosen nonsensically. Maybe it's an allusion, i don't know. It's not an uneasy listening, truly it's the collection of the softest rarities of H.I.M. Again it's hard to say you prefer this one to original songs except "Close to the Flame", "In joy and sorrow","For You". These are the most beautiful ones. Actually i hate remix versions because it brings to mind that you're a jerk and the original one wasn't satisfying .Then, they put slower or faster music backround, presenting Here's the new version for jerks! "Join Me in Death", "It's All Tears", "The Funeral of Hearts" proves this. I prefer the original versions, glam rocker one. Morever i found Ville's voice too out of tune with naked voice on "Buried Alive by Love". What was that? It was the opening song of Love Metal and it was airy glam rock but this version is a huge sh*t (Deliverance Version). Worse than this, Valo sings like a difficult cat on some songs. New version of "Lose You Tonight" was called as Thulsa Doom, actually it's not doom it's arabesque or trip-hop based electronic version. There are good guitar noises on "Sault in Our Wounds" which recalls Neil Young's "Hey Hey, My My".

Oh i see you're a diehard fan, you may like it. If you're not familiar with their songs, go away! I should recommend you to listen"Greatest Love Songs Vol.666" which is the standout one. I hear you on that one is a nonsense album name too, but it rocks.
If you want to see how can a rock band turns to pussycat music, then this is a great collection FOR YOU.
MM picks: In Joy and Sorrow (String Version)
Mp3: For You (Unplugged Radio Live)
H.I.M. Official

Bang Gang - Find What You Get EP

Alternative / Pop / Indie
MM review

Bang Bang is taking a cue from folks like Tindersticks, Black Box Recorder, and Talk Talk, Johannsson and a slew of guests create a complex and calculated story of breezy and cloudy hazes of sonic beauty.

You heard about New Romantic? It was sub genre new wave invasion. Well then, how it'd be to mix new romantic and indie rock? Obviously it'd be gread. Maybe This is my fondest dream come true, but it didn't happen with Bang Gang, but it's sure that i'm impressed by heavy romantic fascinating pop tunes.

This EP features a few tracks from "Something Wrong", including the superb single "Find What You Get" which is an absolute bright indie pop melody with worried vocals. Sometimes it repeats itself more than it needs such as 'you can tell me all the troubles gone'. The other good work "Follow" is similar to melancholic Black Box Recorder's order but if you consider dark melodies on the backround you'll instantly think experimental arrangements of Talk Talk. You heard the dark pianos in front of atmosphere?... A promising Ep.
Mp3s: Find What You Get | Follow
For more info...

Neil Young - Live At Fillmore East 1970 - 2006 release

Rating: 9/10
Live Section
Neil Young! Be careful with this one! Because I'm getting around with his name on my t-shirt. This is sort of respect from me to him. He is one of the most legendary rock idol. The time isn't able to rust him. I supposed that you've heard his creative, stunning guitar solos. When played in the background, this style of solos makes you jump out of window! How could a human play guitar like that! So impressive, ambitious!

That years, he'd been touring the world as a solo acoustic act and with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, recorded two essential albums ( After the Gold Rush and Deja Vu) and this is a great live memory from rusty years ( Mar 6, 1970 to Mar 7, 1973). Especially the two long cuts "Down By The River" and "Cowgirl In The Sand" are two unbelievable performances which cause to listen with an open mouth. In adition, for rock listeners it's a live set to have an opinion about what a great rock performance he had. Also this live cd includes Danny Whitten's "Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown". A little criticizing, ok maybe he hasn't got a great voice but obviously he uses it impressively!

The only imperfection is that it's not the entire show of a 1970 show, "Cinnamon Girl" is missing. After all, the record which i played and played all day proves rock music is of the most indispensable desire of some people. While the others are brooding, he still keep on rocking in the free world!
MM picks: Hey Lazy! Only six song, listen all of them!
Mp3: Wonderin'

Neil Young Page

Peter And The Wolf - Lightness

Rating: 8/10
Modern Music Review
Folk, Indie Pop
Honestly i hadn't heard about Peter And The Wolf before i listened this album. On the other hand This isn't a handicap to grasping its beauty. As we spoked with a friend of mine,
it's definite truth that good stuff is good stuff. Who is listener?, what is listener's nationality?, it doesn't matter. So that's why we hear this sentence 'Music is universal' constantly. Maybe you can't catch on lyrics or you don't have specific knowledge about the music. These are really not a barrier. If you like it then it won't change.

At winter nights,i usually prefer to listen slow musics. I'm sure that "Lightness" (2006) know what i want. With warm Acustic songs , it appeared to be charming. Catchy "Midnight Train" burned up my fireplace. Psychedelic folk or indie pop, whatever it is. The truth is that it hasn't only three commercial songs for radios to play or its aim isn't achieving commercial successful. It's only for you, for you to feel the pleasure. "The Ivy" and "Safe Travels" remind me people who are very close and they're singing together near fireplace. This album isn't selfish. It wants to share something with you.

Lyrics from "The Bonsai Tree": 'You told me the rain would be coming down. So i stayed in sight with my bottle i heard what you said, i always here, i just don't learn so good. I know i should listen more carefully more carefully.You said i was like The Bonsai Tree.'

Maybe, stand alone vocal performances aren't satisfying enough. Though, backround atmosphere and guitars cover it. Song named "Canada" which is a messenger to end of the record, recalls weird Japanese folk tunes. "Dear Old Robyn" sounds as an early comer christmas song. All the melodies owe to closing song "Captain Dan". Because the song is a reason for another spin. Devendra Banhart's Cripple Crown would be tasty with this. Also if you're
classic rock listener, give a listen one of T.rex or Donovon album along this.

As a result, if you want to see the good music, they're just there. If you lost your way , here it comes openhearted folk melodies for your ears. Now waiting rain to drink my tea...
MM pick: Midnight train, The ivy, The Bonsai Tree
Listen: Midnight train
Also check out: Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow

Luke Haines - Off My Rocker at the Art School Bop

Rating: 9/10
Modern Music Review
Britpop, Glam
I couldn't believe that i hadn't posted about any Luke Haines album. Now it's right time to post!
Short and Glittering new album from the most prolific songwriter Luke Haines.

'Can you feel the beat of my heart?' The title track that is similar to 80s new wave songs and
including 70s glam guitars, what's more, handclaps which we often see on indie rock songs. This is the most wonderful beginning to album. Like summarizing rock music, also politic march of the album (Leeds United) raises its guitar climbing, piano mixed romantic melodies. More ardent song "The Heritage Rock Revolution" in which he says 'Hope rock'n roll never dies'.

Thus far, Devils hasn't come to scene. Cardinal song "All The English Devils" proves that his hidden despatches haven't came to an end. Again allusive lyrics are written very cleverly by Luke. 'Who put the worm in the apple, Who put the bounce in the bouncing bomb', 'All The English Devils ruined since the day they'd born.' This song has the same depressive character by "Married To A Lazy Lover" from "After Murder Park" (1996). The Guitars are used perfectly , mostly they're polishing Luke Haines' hoarse voice.

Another striking song is "Freddie Mills Is Dead" which is about a champion English boxer. If closing songs are airy ones, the results becomes blameless. The last song "Bad Reputation" is maybe the most sensible song of "Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop" (2006). The epilogues: 'Goodbye my love is A hell of a Record','Gary Glitter, He's a bad bad man, Ruining the reputation of the Glitter Band'. This solo album proves that he's still one the most prolific English songwriter. As an advice, listen this album together with "After Murder Park". If you don't listen Luke Haines' then don't mention about 90s glam (neo-glam) music.

This record has three characher: tease, sensible , hopeless.
As a leader of The Auteurs, Black Box Recorder, he has never been in worthless project or work. Still it didn't change with "Off My Rocker..." Definitely fans will love it, also they'll add this one to their collection proudly. The Stability continues.
MM picks: All The English Devils, Freddie Mills Is Dead, Bad Reputation
Listen: Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop
Also listen: The Auteurs - New Wave
Official Luke Haines

Exploding Hearts - Shattered

Shattered Review
Punk Revival
Jumped to sofa, Unwrapping the CD with a shattered heart because i remembered The van accident. Tragically, Jeremy Gage, Adam Cox, and Matt Fitzgerald had never returned by that accident (July 20, 2003).

Usually talented artists pass away early. Maybe wailing for them isn't meaningful. If they were here, they would want me to spread the word about their music. I wish they were...

The Exploding Hearts were a punk rock / power pop band from Portland, Oregon. I always loved British punk bands like The Undertones, The Clash, The Only Ones. They're unforgettable bands. So Exploding Hearts were a revivalist of these bands. Vocalist Adam Cox reminds those 70s punk acts with his childlike voice. Their guitar lines and melodies are usually energetic, sharp. But it's for sure, the most prominent side of them is romantic but rousing songs. All is great, all is romantic sixteen pop-punk songs included in "Shattered" which is a collection of rare single tracks, unreleased songs, their original demo form 2001, and alternate versions of tracks from Guitar Romantic. Alt mixs has been glorious.

I enjoyed all the songs with "Shattered". We may die tommorrow, who knows? The music will survive, though. I'm very proud of being an Exploding Hearts fan. 'I know I've had you under my wheels for so long now / You're moving on." If you love something, set it free, right? You've left me shattered ,yeah you've left me shattered baby!'
The last song had played, The lasts are always bittersweet and that's why i played it four times.
MM picks: Shattered, Still Crazy, Busy Signals, Throwaway Style
Listen: Shattered (You Left Me) (alt version) | Official Exploding Hearts

Tenacious D - The Pick Of Destiny

Rating: 5.1/10
Modern Music Review
Hard Rock, Comedy Rock
This time we have "Kickapoo" instead of "Tribute" which was the most entertaining song on previous Tenacious D debut. It seems that "Kickapoo" which includes guests such as Meat Loaf, Ronnie James Dio kicks "Tribute"s ass .The fifteen tunes here tell the fictitious story of how Jack Black met Kyle Gass.Like what we used to hear from previous debut, this record
sometimes rocking hard but commonly comic stories! Mostly short cuts and lyrics doesn't pay attention. It's only for fun. It's part of the movie 'The Pick of Destiny' , so it has to stay what it is. Anyhow "Kickapoo", "Car Chase City", "POD" carry their joyful, intense music one step forward. Moreover Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters/Nirvana) gets behind the drum kit for a number of songs.

This soundtrack "The Pick Of Destiny" mostly reminds a demo work with its pocketful short pieces despite its non-stop energy. Hard rock guitar lines are serious but still it's a lollipop which is short and trivial for adults.
MM picks: Kickapoo, POD
Listen: Car Chase City
Similar bands: The Darkness, Ween
Tenacious D Official

The Format - Dog Problems

Rating: 8.5/10
Modern Music Review
Indie Pop
Get ready for energetic, shiny, prolific and radio-friendly indie pop tunes which released by Arizonian band The Format.

Till the end, "Dog Problems" (2006) doesn't lose its energy. Think of a place where dogs and cats are running on ground and a qualified music backround making this view more enjoyable. Besides, add some horn sections, piano, banjo, trumpet, handclaps together with passionate singer Nate Ruess' voice. I know, it sounds so euphonious. Everyone needs some cheerful music to hanging on. So "Dog Problems" comes decidedly such as beautiful, joyful, sometimes sorrowful and warm breeze to your front. I'm sure that you'll choose your own pick when you're listening to this brainy record. Actually, The cover is enough to tell the entertainment, jamboree!

You'll instantly connect with the music, it takes you in its arms .Interestingly , each of these has its own style. Listening or not listening is your business but this will continue to occupy my playlist for a long time, an excellent outing!
MM picks: Time Bomb, Dead end, Snails
Listen: She Doesnt Get It

Best New Rock Songs

  1. White Whale - The admiral
  2. Beach House - Tokyo Witch
  3. Drones - I Don't Ever Want To Change
  4. Tenacious D - Pod
  5. Babyshambles - Janie Jones
  6. Lindsey Buckingham - Show You How
  7. Joseph Arthur - Black Lexus
  8. Zutons - It's the little things We Do
  9. Damien Rice - 9
  10. Deftones - Kim Dracula

Good news! I have a new majestic song for you! Be first person to discover Atomic Swindlers' new material "Lotus Ghost" which song was mailed me by a member of Atomic Swindlers. Keep up great works guys, this song sounds amazing! Watch the video streams to The Zutons forthcoming single, 'It's The Little Things We Do'. Don't know if you heard Tenacious D's new single "Pod" but it's fu*king great! The Format, Beach House, Sean Lennon are on my daily playlist . It's trivial but i cannot exist without my classic rock cds. Indie is ok, still oldies are odd!After all, dont live with a old brain, renew yourself! Keep up reading!

The Drones - Gala Mill

Rating: 9.2/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Garage Rock
Aussie garage rock band The Drones' new terrific record Gala Mill, tackles some heavy topics-- including nuclear testing in Australia, school massacres, heroin addiction, convicts, cannibals,
depression, isolation, and denial.

The record starts stony long cut "Jezebel". "Dog Eared", "I'm Here Now, " are starting to play slowly and turns to a monster near to go! Melodic hooks are simply awesome! The Ambitious
where the booming music comes from. Scratchy beautiful unkempt guitar lines, ahead dramatic lyrics with a confident but ominous voice.

"Words From The Executioner To Alexander Pearce" is the center where feelings are getting stronger--including strong minimal guitar lines, bells, back female soulful appendage... Violin and garage rock sound wouldn't be so nice (Work For Me). But "I Looked Down The Line And I Wondered" is the best one automatically .

"Gala Mill" is the strongest-- reminding the ambitious part of our lives. It's the record which suddenly shakes you! Shining brightly, withering sorrowfully. It's like a movie, watch (listen) it and don't make a conjecture before the end. Otherwise you may surprise with results. Guesses and guesses, Near to the end, your negative suppositions are tossed by yourself. Because the beauty is for people. I'm sure that it's pretty good. The end comes with a nine min acustic song "Sixteen Straws" along brave harmonica at the backround. I know that you imagine a short cut that leads to "Gala Mill" now.

A close record to people, it can't live without emotions but it has to fight for surviving.
MM picks: Jezebal, I'm Here Now, I Looked Down The Line And I Wondered
mp3: Dog Eared
A little similar: Walkmen - Pussy Cats
The Drones Official

Bert Jansch - The Black Swan

Modern Music Review
Style: British Folk
My job is listening , theirs are creating. If they release good records like Bert Jansch do, i'll praise them at any cost. Good music is good music. From where it comes and style of it are not big deal. Again i respect your music choice. Maybe you don't listen folk but i'm sure you can't live without it. It's the part of life, it's part of slow motions.

Sometimes life is very easy like a pop song, sometimes it's hard as
a folk song. Pop side isn't important it passes, though. But when it comes to folk side, don't be confused, let's say when it comes to emotional side of life, it doesn't go at once. It takes something from you or it leaves. The result is connected with your state of mind. However , I'm sure that "The Black Swan" will add valuable things to you. Just leave yourself to veteran british folkie Bert Jansch's compositions. In this one guest singers appear such as Devendra Banhart, Beth Orton.

First three song are just perfect, title song "The Black Swan" is the most melancholic and good-natured one. "High Days" seems like it's been a bridge between two high impressive songs. "When the Sun Comes Up" includes vocals of Borton, guitars of David Roback. On "Katie Cruel" Devendra's that tremulous psychedelic voice at backround fits to Orton's voice perfectly.

At middle of it the tempo goes down combining some Acoustic Blues, British blues.

The last three songs, an instrumental named "Magdalina's Dance," and "Hey Pretty Girl" (performed solo), are drenched in historical tropes, also they are deeply current and full of feeling. "The Black Swan" is one of my favorite from this month.
MM picks: The Black Swan, Katie Cruel, Bring Your Religion
Listen: When The Sun Comes Up

Bert Jansch Official

The Album Leaf - Into The Blue Again

Rating: 4.5/10
Modern Music Review
It sounds weird write to review about experimental or post-rock. According to me, background music is always interesting listen to. Because it needs to be discovered, it needs to appear in your dreams, greeting you in the bed, remanding to you something
from past.

The Album Leaf is the one-man solo project of Tristeza guitarist Jimmy LaValle who is also bassist for a San Diego band, The Black Heart Procession.
"Into The Blue Again" is short trip to those bright bells, pianos,
electronic tunes at indie rock world. While it equals to outstanding names like Sigur Ros, Grizzly Bear, Jim O'Rourke and as an inspiration Tortoise can be noted. In addition, larger part of the record was performed by Jimmy LaValle. Once again, it's a resfull album to a post-Rock/experimental lover.

It's like a dream as well as it's not catching. We everyday dream, the importance is to remind them. Seldom may it be your choice which captures very soft(instruments) and very electronic (sounds) at the same time.
MM picks: Always For You, Wherever I Go
mp3: Wherever I Go
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Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist

Rating: 4.9/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Alt. Metal
Dark music doesn't matter to me, The matter is unwilling music. The alt-metal band's fifth album was produced by Bob Erzin (Jane's Addiction).

In this one, they're excellent at blending some dark melodies into alternative rock melodies. "Beware" is an example this nameless style, so you may call it as alternative metal.

"Hole In the Earth" is the opening song, which is heavier than modern rock and darker than post-grunge. It's getting around fullmoon ,winter, dark place themes. An album which isn't suitable for daylight. You realized this as a metal music but i don't say so. It's in some place between grunge - metal - modern rock. Chino Moreno sings like 'Oh please no more nu-metal, i'll perform some different style vocals you can call it as bored vocal.' on "Cherry Waves". "Mein" which captures a haunting guest vocal from System Of a Down's Serj Tankian, is more adorable than the others.

"U,u,d,d,l,r,l,r,a,b,select,sta" is the most surprising one. It's hard to believe that it was made by a metal band. I can say it sounds as an experimental ambient pop song, interesting! "Xerces" is another alternative pop/rock song, including some noisy guitars but mostly it comprises drums and keyboards. With "Rats!rats!rats!" the music is becoming a little aggressive but it doesn't make any blow, only some Mike Patton influence or shortly Mike Patton madness. Listen some
Fantômas or Tool album you'll find something better. Again "Pink Cellphone" captures some ambient beats, space, electronics, digital voices.

After all, it's closing itself and throwing to trashcan all the heavy rock sounds . "Saturday Night Wrist" don't know what it wants! Trying a new thing is appreciated but if it's not confused things.
MM picks: "U,u,d,d,l,r,l,r,a,b,select,sta", Kimdracula
Listen: Kim Dracula
You may also listen: Tool - 10,000 Days
Deftones Official

Beach House - Beach House

Rating: 7.2
Modern Music Review
Style: Dream Pop
How it is feel like playing guitar on air?
Alex Scally (guitar/keyboards) and Victoria Legrand (vocals/keyboards), the latter of whom is the niece of French composer Michel Legrand, create the dreamy lo-fi sounds of Beach House.

Warning! If you don't have any heater in your house, don't listen this one. If you used to live with cold , then say hello to your new buddy! Airy guitars, bells, voice of a sad woman, and loneliness of Tokyo are enough to describe "Tokyo Witch". On "Apple Orchard" supposing that guitars are crying with Victoria Legrand's voice.
"Auburn and Ivory" is the most melancholic one. Truly i'll get cold while i'm listening this record. At the same time i love this cold which was a friend of mine before. We had met while we were listening Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500, Luna ,Slowdive. In addition , Vocal style of Victoria Legrand proves that he's influenced by Nico.

My hands were near to freezing near the end of album. I need something to warm up my inside, unluckily there was anything to warm me. Then, "Childhood" was playing, this was the last shot. No way to return back!

They're only two person but this record sounds as it was made by one dozen person. This is one of the most depressing record of this year. Everthing has a price. You wanted to walk around above clouds but you got cold. You forget something about clouds which are so beautiful but also very far from you.
MM picks: Auburn and Ivory, Childhood
Listen: Tokyo Witch
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The Magic Numbers - Those The Brokes

Rating: 6/10
Modern Music Review
Style : Indie Rock
They're famous for self-titled debut in 2005 and they embrace their fans with new "Those The Brokes" which recorded and produced by the band. With this new one, they continue to their melodic indie pop songs, mixing 60s magical pop agreements.

A cup of tea and waiting for herald of winter. Seeing a light outside of your window, you're fighting with your indecisions, should i go to work?, am i going to sit this place forever?. Waiting for someone to rescue you from this weakness. Actually you know how to get rid of this situation. Simply, you should turn off the music. You can't reach the button because you don't want to end up the things in that way. Listen and beware of the results. If you fall in love with this, you'll have to bear the concequences; becaming a lazy person, living on your own core. And also if "Take a chance" is playing , it's not possible to runaway. Still they're ringing in my ears "Forever Lost", "The Mule" , " Love Is A Game" and the other beautiful melodies from previous album.

"Carl's Song" is similar to "Forever Lost" which was a haunting emotional song from previous record. It's starting to play ordinarily , then suddenly flowers are becoming to pale on chorus.
It was very nice of them to release one after another easygoing songs. In this order "Carl's Song", "Boy" , "Undecided" they sound quite amazing.

After "Slow Down", i'm really disappointed with airless atmosphere. It slows down and down, you're looking for the sharp guitars (except "Running out") which "Take a chance" and "Boy" have. Soul style vocals are quite clear on "Most of the time" and it makes you feel that you're listening a soul band but indie. "Take me or leave me" sounds as an atmospheric soundtrack but mostly it belongs oldies years ,The Carpenters. Karen Carpenter's calm, pretty voice was the most distinctive element of their music.

More or less, i liked this new stuff and also i had liked the first album. It's mellow herald of winter.
MM picks: Carl's Song, Boy
Listen: Take a chance
You may also like: Beautiful South
The Magic Numbers

Lindsey Buckingham - Under the Skin

Rating: 9.5/10
Modern Music Review
Style : Pop/rock
The Fleetwood Mac guitarist's first solo outing in over a dozen years features bandmates Mick Fleetwood and John McVie on two tracks of a largely acoustic set.

Take your best friend with you, we'll sing along Lindsey Buckingham. Oh ,don't you know about his recent work "Under Skin". What a pity! But it doesn't matter. Come wherever you are, come whoever you are! We'll just sing together!

Surprisingly sometimes very dark , sometimes very bright songs are very tight together in "Under Skin". That's because of all the experiences of those years. First i found vocals too defective, then i realized that it wasn't. It was part of this record. I give my word, with a trembling bright voice it reaches to your skin at every condition. I didn't even choose a front song because every song sounds great!

You do different songs , you write beautiful lyrics , you play guitars well, but believe me you can't put alluring compositions to your music easily. It comes from your nature that's why we call them as Artists. They give us something which we can't find everywhere. The gifts are special if you try to see them. So "Under Skin" is a gift which i felt under my skin nearly my bones. A very pretty colourful wind, a masterpiece!
MM picks: Not too Late, Show You How, Flying Down Juniper
Listen: Show You How

Lindsey Official Page

Modern Music Jukebox

Thanks for all of you who mailed me tons of mail about new bands. And in this new section , i chose some of them to introduce my readers! Hold on!

Benjy Ferree: Interesting new artist that i have listened recently. He was inspired at an impressionable age by Will Oldham. "Why Bother" swayed me at first listen, at once i started to write about the song. Autumnal impressive three songs we've here.
If you ask me you should check this out! "Why Bother" is a changeable flame , melodic , also fascinating. His songs are mostly theatrical and variegated. In addition, multicoloured materials can be find on "In The Countryside".
More Mp3: "Private Honeymoon"

Vega4: They are a four-piece made up of an Irishman, a Canadian, a New Zealander, and an Englishman who all met through mutual friends in London. Here is their track "Bullets'' which is hot and strong. This band impressed me. As soon as i'll write a review about their new record "You & Others".

Division Day: Now, "Division Day" time, you haven't heard "Tigers" still? Find more Division Day mp3 at here.

Peter Toh: He recently released an album titled "Shoes of a Beast" on June 20th. Check him out, he has 8 songs available on the Podsafe Music network at here.

Can Joann: is a New and very small band from Chapel Hill/Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to MM! As i said before, I open for everyband, every artist which has same connection with my music taste. I've three pretty song of them to share. Mostly smooth "Indecision's way" , "After the Seizure's Gone" has to exist in your playlist. "Lady Luck" has a parallel line with new generation indie rock bands (The Strokes , Libertines , Arctic Monkeys) but fantastic and it's rocking.

Devon Allman's Honeytribe: For the last one if you get bored , now it's time for Honeytribe!
If you like music with feel and soul by artists like Santana, BB King, The Dead, ZZ Top, The Black Crowes, the Stones. You will have a love affair with HONEYTRIBE. Real deal timeless
feel good music from the soul, for the soul. Mp3:"Torch"

All mp3s here were sent by their owners , promoters and labels.

Modern Music Dreamy Beatles (Flashback!)

  1. George Harrison - Hear Me Lord
  2. John Lennon - 9 dream
  3. Beatles - Do You Want To Know A Secret
  4. Beatles - I'm Happy Just To Dance With Y.
  5. Beatles - A Taste Of Honey

After an afternoon nap , everything seems very fresh. And also If my indispensable hero George Harrison is playing , everything stops. That time My only attention is becoming beats on my heart. Counting the rhythms, to understand that what a wonderful thing to live , to love somebody , telling your secrets to her/him with asking 'Do You Want To Know A Secret?', sharing your dreams , your hopes and more important doing all these in a unbelievable surprising world.

Here are your songs from one of the most important band in music history.More here is a great Beatles profile on Classicrock for readers who want more knowledge about them.
Have a great weekend!

Joseph Arthur - Nuclear Daydream

Rating: 7.5/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Singer/Songwriter
The singer-songwriter's fifth studio album is the first for his new record label, Lonely Astronaut.

I took my coffee with coffee smile on my face and started to typing tap-tap-tap. Acustic songs are great to have a rest. So I put "Nuclear Daydream" and closed my eyes to travel the places
which i haven't been before.

Agreeable and pretty twelve songs held my hand, took me to the places that i wanted to be. To dream beautiful things, to have beautiful feelings. Dream! ,it's the sound of dream, so starry-eyed voice is singing. Joseph Arthur's these grown velvet lyrics are running away to dream of land where he has too much to hide. Stars , New York , L.a. and you can't find her, everyday you feel a little curse (Black Lexus). On "Woman" his voice comparable with Will Oldham , now and again Neil Young. "Nuclear Daydream" reminded me one of the best Mazzy Star song "Wild Horses".

There is one song which is irritating (Automatic Situation), repeating during the song 'automatic situation'. Another weak side of "Nuclear Daydream" is that there isn't any song to shake you, mainly same tempo. Just because it's a mature effort.

Melodies are usually too limpid and heavy-acustic. If you catch the tempo , it'll come wherever you go.The songwriting is almost perfect. Occasionally , it recalls 60s pop orders (back choir, airy guitar riffs). Sometimes it sounds as country (You Are Free, Woman). If "Don't Give Up On People" was ending song, it would be better.

A great record to spend time near a countryside or seacoast with. Diametrically melodic one and it grows on you after each listen.
MM pick: Don't Give Up On People
Listen: Black Lexus
Joseph Arthur

Cheryl Cole - "Fight For This Love" Stream

Clinic - Visitations

Rating: 6/10
Modern Music Review
Fourth studio album from this brilliant Liverpool band Clinic.They are a Liverpool based band, whose fast-paced, eclectic sound is at times loosely reminiscent of Can, The Velvet Underground, the Violent Femmes, Sonic Youth and Suicide.

I thought that it was a effortless record at my first listen. By the time I saw that I was totally wrong about it. That's because everytime i don't try to say things fast because sometimes what they need is time.

This isn't an album which everbody can love. Many people aren't patient try to understand the music. That's why a lot of craps selling more than successful works. On "Visitations" Tunes are too pitchy. They're hidden more than you can recognize, conservative. Occasionally it is being featured classic bands like Can and the Velvet Underground. This is closer some of Can's songs. I had listened every studio album of Can. It's easy to see huge Can influence on this. Slide guitars and weird vocals (mostly hard to guess when he'll sing) that's what we used to listen from Can, oh! don't forget the electronics.

On "Animal Human" some funk tunes appear, "Gideon" is sounded more similar Kasabian, dark type of Placebo or Muse. Actually i'm not a fan of these (except Placebo) because their music are only effective in a short period I don't look how many fans they have, popularity isn't everthing as money isn't everthing but you can't live without it. Many Critics look popularity of a band while they're criticizing. Belive me many of them doin' this. You can find a lot of reason to praise an album , on the contrary it's posible to find many reason for saying bad things about. So I'm very happy that i'm not with anyone and freedom is everthing. Be careful i didn't say i can write whatever i like, that's not freedom.

"Harvest" which is first single is also one of my pick, with dum-dum strikes at the top of it and great organ melodies between singer and noises, a strange noisy hymn. Due to "Tusk" again we're moving to punk area, actually this song reminds me Johnny Marr's speedy guitar solos with The Smiths.

So So ,I appreciated Clinic's music which tries new things without forgeting old icons but it isn't well enough, though. Some dum-dums , retro, punk with slender voice of Ade Blackburn.
Well, it was good but just it passed on my way, i didn't have a chance to say welcome!
MM picks:Children Of Kellog, If You Could Read Your Mind
Listen: Harvest
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Clinic Official Site

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