Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye

A Hamilton, Ontario-based electronic pop group, Junior Boys began as a duo
with its duties split between Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark. Influenced by a number of music sectors -- including arty synth pop, minimal techno,U.K. garage, and contemporary hip-hop.

Modern Music Review
After the first full-length release from the hard-to-pin down Canadian synth-pop
trio led by Jeremy Greenspan,they recorded a great electronic album "So This Is Goodbye"(2006).
This albums brings new pure electronic tunes combines with 80s miracle sounds.Wanderful Double Shadow including synth pop tunes,dance beats is a standout opening song.Vocalist Jeremy Greenspan who has a voice inluenced by David Sylvian(in particular 'When No One Cares') touches you and that really makes you to remember 80s necessary bands like Talk talk,japan,Visage,Soft Cell etc.

So This Is Goodbye is a work that exhibits a confident mix of focus,
clarity and ambition.This album emphasizes alternative dance,indie electronic and
also they use some exterimental materials adding more specific side to their music.
I apreciated that their songs have different tunes from beginning to end.First single "In The Morning" is one the most colourful and moving song of the album.The song 'So This Is Goodbye' has the same conservative loops and new romantic backround musics,affective subdued vocals,so it's plain to see effects on you.

'So This Is Goodbye' is a good balanced Junior Boys album.

First Impressions:Actually I've been listening David Sylvian's solo albums in these days,so if you are a Japan or David Sylvian fan you need to listen Junior Boys.I'm sure you like,having good time with this album.It reminded me brilliant synth-pop fashion which is left behind.

MM picks:When No One Cares, Double Shadow,The Equalizer
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Band Site: www.juniorboys.net


obs on 2:51 pm said...

Hey, thanks for the tracks. I'm actually going to see these guys at the end of the month. I saw them about a year ago, and the music was pretty good. First time I had heard of them.

BTW, in case anyone wants to check out my blog on early 90s techno -> http://ordertodance.multiply.com

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