The Auteurs - New Wave

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While Brit-pop was still finding its feet and the mark from which to take its bow, Luke Haines' subversively smiley Auteurs were already there, effectively writing a how-to guide that would become the genre's white heat beat for nearly half a decade. Their 1993 debut, New Wave, was a glorious combination of snappy beats, sexy guitar, and retro vocals which sounded as much like the Beatles shot through the Pet Shop Boys as anything else.

Great album which MM recommends.With their original style(Auteurs) more you'll adore to this album.It can influence you,be careful about it.intelligence songwriting of Luke Haines is something else very listenable.
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Auteurs - show girl:
Brilliant guitar tunes with charismatic vocals by Luke Haines.
Sometimes Music stops,and sometimes
You can hear different guitar tunes.I can say The auteurs is one of the best
band in 90s.'Show Girl' is totally new thing.There are to much qualification in
this song.This song comes from 1993 album New Wave.


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