TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain

TV on the Radio is a New York City avant-garde indie-rock vocal band formed in
2001 whose music spans genres as diverse as free jazz, a cappella/doo-wop, psychedelia,
trip-hop and electro.
David Bowie guests on the highly-anticipated second LP (and major-label debut)from the distinctive NYC band.
Don't missed out this Pere Ubu,David Bowie influenced great band.MM
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'I Was a Lover' opens 'Return to Cookie Mountain'(2006) with soul vocal combination with dirty sound loops.You can feel they're using augers on your head,one of the drastic work,also catching pianos feeding bland soul vocals.Song followed by the howl-along windswept pop of ’Hours’.

But this isn't so easy to dive in the sound of the album.Ready for a real Heart attaCk
with the song 'Province' which is a great definition for David Bowie's mature musical taste.
I described it as a heartattack because listening this song feel you to collect
multifarious colourful fruits from Tv on the radio's garden.Oh,i know it seems too atmospheric.
Following that 'Playhouses' crushing your brain powerful noisy guitars.Loud-soft
melody hold drives the song quickly and you're searching and willing to listen again.

Believe me,only the first four song of the album is a reason for eat this album.So,delicious..The taste which i haven't sampled this year.So that makes 'Return to Cookie Mountain' distinctive.

The other work 'Dirty Whirlwind' keeps guitar loops with unmelodious vocals telling stories while it's scraping some pleasent tunes into your brain.'Blues From Down Here' which is more David Bowie influenced song,and i think this song is another hit of album.'Tonight' can be described as an eletronic choir work,again there are noisy objects in it.

TV on the Radio have crafted a work of immense, cataclysmic, almost overwhelming power and righteous fire. Stylus Magazine

These genius guys are mixing lots of music samples without leaving sense of music.
To discover beaty of the sounds,you'll need to listen several times.And sure,that will
make 'Return to Cookie Mountain' one of your favorite album.

This is greatly influential album which can change the atmosphere
truly.Creative side of the record is really perfect.Also we can see how they improved and
brought more successfull sound effects from their previous work.Electro-punk tunes get you
instantly.If you love noisy cookies,then taste it.

MM picks:Province,Playhouses,Let the Devil In,Wash the Day Away
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TV on the Radio


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