Mojave 3 - Puzzles Like You (2006)

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Indie Rock
Mojave 3's fifth album will be released June 19th.I listened the album several times.And you'll be amazed if you follow Mojave 3's works. You can listen album Listen

"Puzzle Like You'' is downright fun. And it completes archive of Mojave 3 with bringing important songs like:"Puzzles Like You", "You've said it before", "Big star baby", "Ghostship Waiting". The album is filled with light and not tiring guitar melodies.

This album is as soft as cotton and also it'll be one of best summer album. It is warming up your inside. And finally it's very hard to make such a great album after "Spoon and Rafter".

Their video "Breaking The Ice" directed by Bradley Beesley (Flaming Lips).
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