The Hold Steady - Boys And Girls In America

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The thinking man's bar band, the Hold Steady use a thundering classic-rock template--evoking everything from Boston to the Faces--as a base from which lead singer Craig Finn delivers his epic sung-spoken Springsteen-esque narratives of searching for faith and redemption at the bottom of an empty bottle.

First i thought that i was listening an old band from mid-70S.'Boys are back in town boys are back in town' (Thin Lizzy) and i found some similar guitar chords in song
"Hot Soft Light".The result was satisfying.I loved this indie combined rock n' roll roots,also i adore names like New York Dolls,Richard Hell,Replacements.

'The triumph of Boys And Girls is that it's full of the kind of songs that Finn's protagonists would crank up, relishing every power chord.' The Onion (A.V. Club) [9.1/10]

Initial four song (Stuck Between Stations,Chips Ahoy!,Hot Soft Light,Same Kooks) don't apart
the soul of rock n' roll they keep the energy,long and powerful guitars."First Night"
is the slowest and the most emotional song,cute pianos and wry vocals of Craig Finn (mostly Paul Westerberg style)."Party Pit" is witty composition and it proves The Replacements infleunce of Hold Steady."You Can Make Him Like You" sounds a little Bruce Springteen's early works.There are too many nice,restful tunes (Citrus,Chillout Tent) Chillout Tent is the stoundout one just simply you should hear bizarre piano and heavy guitar combinations.You'll want to listen this record again before it finished.

Refreshingly irony-free, the Hold Steady are one of the best reminders of rock & roll's
classic spirit to have emerged in the early years of the new millennium.
Hold Steady - Chips Ahoy!
Hold Steady - Citrus (links from?)
MM picks:Chillout Tent
Official Hold Steady Site
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