Monday, November 11, 2019

David Sylvian - Ride

This is not a new song review, nor hungry for views-click kinda post. I always thought David Sylvian's music was very pretentious. I'm still wondering if it or not. Nevertheless, you keep listening to them once you put your guard down. I mean sad songs cringe me sometimes but still cannot escape the fact that it's a part of our lives. I do not like to discriminate songs normally saying this is their best. "Ride" is one of those very subtle pop songs that will truly take you on a ride. His voice never sounds this beautiful. The song is truly one of his bests.

Friday, November 08, 2019

Scott Walker - Farmer In The City

You remember the guy who made something completely different from pop music but still somehow pop music. His dark, depressing world wouldn't fit in with what expected from a singer. I know songs about love is kinda very boring. Yes I'm talking about Scott Walker. A masterpiece in its' own field. And there are things you cannot compare sometimes. It tells a story whether you understand it or not. Music as we know can be interpreted in so many different ways. You don't even need to understand the lyrics most of the time. It still has the same impact.

Absolutely mind-blowing vocals of Farmer in the City makes me want more everytime I listen to it. I just feel cold and curious, what comes next. I dare you popular music zombies, you should maybe try this one. I can assure nothing gonna be the same again.

I mean Scott Walker is one of those artist always there for me every time I feel a bit weird. It is not a bad thing specially those weird thoughts make you question about things around you. Never disappoints.


Wednesday, November 06, 2019

IAMX - "Insomnia"

Don't we all have this problem these days? My perfect go to song on a winter day. I also think the album is one of Chris Corner's best creation. Love it! The song was also used in How to Get Away With Murder TV series.

Monday, November 04, 2019

Music is still inspiring! However more self obsessed just like selfies.

I love how so many of you still check my articles. When I wrote my reviews and articles, I was in such an inspired era. I feel like not even willing to write these days. However my creative mindset never stops working. I draw some, read some and maybe go through my thoughts just like any of us.

Music is lately transferred to a complete self-obsessed kinda fashion. Mostly unmeaningful lyrics, self-obsessed artists just like social media websites instagram.

 I always appreciate inspiring music such as IAMX, those songs Happiness, mercy and Bernadette are always on my playlist.

 As you might know, I currently live in London. It would be so lovely to join some press events but I wasn't feeling any of it lately. This might a new comeback so I have a lot of projects coming up for the music blog. I always appreciate many different kind of styles even some very popular artists like Dua Lipa, kinda really enjoy her mixture of dream pop and synth pop kinda Be The One.

 Indie music still has a big part in my life. Once they make it really big, I kinda lose my interest in their music. Isn't that really weird? We need to let the children know how many great artists around us rather than Simon Cowell sort of mechanical all-the-same fast food kinda music. I am such a big fan of experimental artist. Really need to mention Tortoise's Monica is on my playlist regularly.


 We don't always feel our best. Whoever tells you that they are positive 24 hours a day, that is a lie. Life is full of ups and downs, it is best to enjoy it.


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Update: If you are still reading the blog...

Hello everyone! I've been really busy lately and couldn't write on this blog for years. However, I still love music and I couldn't keep up with the latests great songs or the bands. I love the latest Suede album and the songs from the album. Wastelands, Life is Golden, Don't be afraid If Nobody Loves You are great tracks.

Don't be afraid If Nobody Loves you

I also like to attend some live concerts but not sure where to start. I try to keep you updated and don't forget to share if there is any new music that you think is worth mentioning.

Monday, March 05, 2018

of Montreal - Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

He did it again ! Boys keep swinging meets Life on Mars.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

of Montreal - it's different for girls [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

The album review is coming soon!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

BEACH HOUSE - "WISHES" - Directed by ERIC WAREHEIM (Official Video) - P...


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This is not a new song review, nor hungry for views-click kinda post. I always thought David Sylvian's music was very pretentious. I&#...


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