Gary Numan (Tubeway Army)-The Plan 1999

Tubeway Army is the debut album by Gary Numan and his band Tubeway Army, released in 1978. Its initial limited-edition run of 5000 (known unofficially as the Blue Album due to its coloured vinyl and cover) sold out but did not chart. When reissued in mid-1979, following the success of the follow-up Replicas, the more commonly-known cover art featuring a stylised portrait of Numan was introduced. This release made number 14 in the UK album charts.

Although only the band's debut, Tubeway Army has been seen as a transitional record, linking the punk flavour of early singles "That’s Too Bad" and "Bombers" with the electronic music and science fiction imagery of Replicas. The lead-in track, “Listen to the Sirens”, borrows its opening line from the Philip K. Dick novel Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said, whilst "Steel and You" contains references to androids ("Just my steel friend and me / I stand brave by his side"). These and a number of other tracks feature primitive synthesizer effects, the legacy of Numan chancing upon a Minimoog in the recording studio one day.


bulut on 5:48 pm said...

01. That's Too Bad (Single Version)
02. Oh! Didn't I Say
03. Out Of Sight
04. Bombers (Original Version)
05. My Shadow In Vain (Original Version)
06. This Machine (Original Version)
07. Thoughts No. 2
08. Somethings In The House (Original Version)
09. Check It
10. The Monday Troop
11. This Is My Life
12. Mean Street
13. Ice
14. Crime Of Passion
15. The Life Machine (Original Version)
16. Critics
17. Do Your Best (Original Version)
18. Basic J.
19. That's Too Bad (Original Version)
20. Bombers (Single Version)
21. Blue Eyes
22. O.D. Receiver
23. Fadeout 1930
24. Don't Be A Dummy (Lee Cooper Advert)

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