The Sleepy Jackson:Personality (New Album!)

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Is it possible feeling peaceful melodies with New album of Sleepy Jackson?

Short reminding: They were an alternative rock band from Perth, Western Australia.
After The Sleepy Jackson's debut album "lovers",We're singing again great pop guitar
tunes with Sleepy Jackson.

It's not weird to memorialize Mercury Rev when you're listening their
"God Lead Your Soul" and also it's their debut single.

After giving a listen to "You Needed More","Devil Was In My Yard",
"God Lead Your Soul" i don't regret to saying 'Perfect alternative rock tunes'.It can clear all side effects of a bad album.Sure your face is becoming
beautiful,colourful guitar effects.The lush strings, horns, backing vocals
won't end until the end of album,be careful!-if you like guitar pop bands,
you'll adore this album.Emotional song 'Miles Away' which song takes you from your place and you feel you're flying.Plus this album hasn't got only three good song,every song of the album is worth to listen.That's for sure you'll catch one melody and drive into it like i do.I was playing "Play A Little Bit For Love",and my friend asked 'who is singing this song?'.As i said their songs become
obsession,don't be surprised if you can't stop playing a song from Personality every day!

Top of the senses:Miles Away,Higher than hell (this songs will take you to high)

One of my word is enough to describe the album 'Magical' like George Harrison
or Mercury Rev's music where we can see same impact...They also influenced from the Beach Boys.

So,it's really possible to feel peace with this rock band.
Other names can be an alternative choice with this record:
Mojave 3
James Dean Bradfield
picks:Miles Away,Devil Was In My Yard,Play A Little Bit For Love,Dream on
S. Jackson Myspace


AlainBA on 3:23 pm said...

A big thanks, i was waiting for that one since their first recording that i really loved.

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