Incubus - Light Grenades

Rating: 8.1/10
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Alternative Pop/Rock
"Light Grenades" is the sixth album that will be released by Incubus on November 28, 2006. It consists of 13 songs. I listened them for you, lets see what we have!

First five song are shiny, passionate alternative rock songs. Pretty nice first single "Anna Molly", their new emotional guitar pop song "Love Hurts", cold clear melody "Quicksand"... Thus far, there aren't heavy rock songs , and also "Light Grenades" (2006) the title songs comes its alt. metal balanced high guitar chords. On "Oil And Water" you count the drum beats but honestly along
with "Diamonds And Coal" the results are becoming spotty. It causes lack of melody. As I noted before, puting good opening songs is a clever process at times ; furthermore, they can be annoying to music lovers. Because when you bought an album, the first thing you want to hear is serious work. If you're a fan, believe me this isn't only a serious songs , you want more and more. If it starts with a couple of radio-friendly songs then plays only some loudly guitar, it'll be nothing special. I didn't say those to "Light Grenades", that's brainstorm.

However , this album doesn't include great heavy metal or funk metal songs. There are four or five alt. metal melody and most of them are average. But the other ones, alternative pop melodies are really cool such as "Anna Molly", "Love Huts" and my fav. one "Paper Shoes" which is a fascinating guitar romantic song. Maybe They didn't want to change their style completely, so this problem creates some unwilling funk-metal songs. Anyway i should say that they're very successful at being emotional, no need to release only funk-metal songs. I love them
with their "11am", "Mexico" (from "Morning View"), "Summer Romance" (from "S.C.I.E.N.C.E."), "The Warmth" (from "Make Yourself"), and these are pure rock songs. Incubus isn't a so so band. I appreciate their works as well as in this new album. They didn't release an album every year. I believe they really respect to the audience. "Light Grenades" proves this, sure it proves despite my prejudice at the start of record!

It's not finished, you haven't heard "Pendulous Threads" still. This song is just amazing, takes the hard rock guitar lines, and also reminds Jimi Hendrix's captivating solos ( just a rememberance of Foxy Lady), good work guys! Finally "Earth To Bella Part 2" is a great acustic closing song. Surprise! It's not only acustic, also you'll hear catchy garage rock tunes on this one.

A good album comes, i recommend this album to every rock music listener, I can note that their the most standout work is "Morning View" (2001), and also this album as strong as "Morning View".
MM picks: Rogues, Paper Shoes, Pendulous Threads
Listen: Anna Molly
MM also recommends: Jane's Addiction - Nothings Shocking


Ryan L. said...

I'd like to add that Incubus is the epitome of music in all genres. These guys are all briliant and in my oppinion there is no other band that comes close to the guys of Incubus, they are truly the best that music has to offer. Thanks to Brandon Boyd, Michael Einziger, Ben Kenny, Jose' Pasillas, Chris Kilmore. Keep on inspiring.

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