The Drones - Gala Mill

Rating: 9.2/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Garage Rock
Aussie garage rock band The Drones' new terrific record Gala Mill, tackles some heavy topics-- including nuclear testing in Australia, school massacres, heroin addiction, convicts, cannibals,
depression, isolation, and denial.

The record starts stony long cut "Jezebel". "Dog Eared", "I'm Here Now, " are starting to play slowly and turns to a monster near to go! Melodic hooks are simply awesome! The Ambitious
where the booming music comes from. Scratchy beautiful unkempt guitar lines, ahead dramatic lyrics with a confident but ominous voice.

"Words From The Executioner To Alexander Pearce" is the center where feelings are getting stronger--including strong minimal guitar lines, bells, back female soulful appendage... Violin and garage rock sound wouldn't be so nice (Work For Me). But "I Looked Down The Line And I Wondered" is the best one automatically .

"Gala Mill" is the strongest-- reminding the ambitious part of our lives. It's the record which suddenly shakes you! Shining brightly, withering sorrowfully. It's like a movie, watch (listen) it and don't make a conjecture before the end. Otherwise you may surprise with results. Guesses and guesses, Near to the end, your negative suppositions are tossed by yourself. Because the beauty is for people. I'm sure that it's pretty good. The end comes with a nine min acustic song "Sixteen Straws" along brave harmonica at the backround. I know that you imagine a short cut that leads to "Gala Mill" now.

A close record to people, it can't live without emotions but it has to fight for surviving.
MM picks: Jezebal, I'm Here Now, I Looked Down The Line And I Wondered
mp3: Dog Eared
A little similar: Walkmen - Pussy Cats
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