Devendra banhart - Cripple crow

Devendra Banhart's fourth album is his most pretty and accessible. It's lush, warm, and inviting. It's likely to make the uber-talented singer-songwriter new fans; unfortunately, it's just as likely to cost him a few old ones. The man is clearly a complex individual capable of visionary music that causes the listener to question many things, including whether or not the artist is putting him or her "on." As the moment-defining, awesome, and potentially self-parodic cover image implies, Mr. Banhart went to great lengths to enshroud himself with some of his most talented friends: Adam Forkner of White Rainbow, Andy Cabic of Vetiver, the free-folk band Feathers, and producer Thom Monahan among them. But this is no freak-fest; the album is subdued, and very much on an early ‘70s tip. Recorded at Bearsville near Woodstock, NY, there are touches of Gilberto Gil,! George Harrison, Donovan, T. Rex, Randy Newman and Bobby Charles.

MM picks Sunday songs:
Santa Maria Da Feira
Maybe you don't understand the lyrics but it's not important if the subject is music.So,we may think and we may correct music is universal."Pensando Enti" proves what i say about a foreign language song.It doesn't lose any influence by its lyrics.On the other hand it's a very deep and humid song.But however it makes you feel great emotions,happiness,nostalgia.It's hard to characterize this song whic you should listen this sunday.Great Psychedelic folk composition.


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