Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus Three - Ole! Tarantula

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Robyn Hitchcock is one of England's most enduring contemporary singer/songwriters and live performers, although he's been branded eccentric and quirky during the course of his long

'A flawless return to garage rock.'
I know you Modern Music readers love to read warm reviews in here. I want to thank all of you who have mailed to encourage me to write more comments about the most charming music. Today we have a very special artist with his new masterpiece. That's for sure it took a place
of my heart. Actually i don't know how to write because when i try to write about a great album
i lose myself but it isn't a bad minor, only about being openhearted. I love to be openhearted when the subject is music. I called it as a flawless return because everysong is harmonious,supplemental and sometimes bloody melodies sometimes little adorable.John Lennon style cute vocals,Syd Barrett lazy tunes, stylish The Byrds atmosphere, droll lyrics and quirky melodies. He still has got punk sprit but it isn't a punk record of course only he uses sometimes joyful melodies. Opening and closing songs are just amazing.

"Adventure Rocket Ship", "Underground Sun", "Museum Of Sex", "Ole! Tarantula", "N.Y. Doll" have their own aura. Lyrically, he's still obsessed with crabs, eggs, tomatoes, and things that are fleshy, furry, and spindly...that's reminded me legend Syd Barett and his photo with onions at his head. This shows this kind of musicians really understand the meaning of living. There are a lot of great thing around us but we only prefer to see money! You'll think i'm insane but you can even love a flower.

Emotions are more precious than everyting that money can buy! Feel "Ole! Tarantula" inside of you! It's one the important release of the year. Put a smile on your face listen these sadness melodies. Learn to happy with your weak sides so realize that you can't be perfect. Oh wait,my fav. song is playing "N.Y. Doll" it's time to say goodbye.

MM picks:Adventure Rocket Ship, Museum Of Sex, N.Y. Doll
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