Bonnie "Prince" Billy - The Letting Go 2006

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When 'the Letting Go', recorded in Iceland last winter with Björk producer Valgeir Sigurdsson, is due out September 18 on Domino in the UK, and in the U.S. the following day courtesy of Drag City. After his great cover album performance with Tortoise 'The brave and the bold' it's great to hear his new solo album. 'Strange Form Of Life' is truly the first impact on me with it's perfect female back vocals by Dawn McCarthy from Faun Fables. It's very exciting to hear great melancholic songs which Will make flawlesly on his career.

"I See a Darkness" has been Will's one of the best work. This album is pretty as 'I see a darkness' because there are several new melodies and there is no doubt lo-fi listeners will love this record throughout.

"Cursed Sleep"- little deadly guitar creaks and little strong guitar solos which are the true words to describe this pretty song.Female vocals are ferocious. All the songs are restful and therapeutic in the album. You can think the songs sound like a soundtrack and it would be a true observation. In addition, this isn't bad point. I like movies, and also Art can't be without movies, musics or books. They're too tight together.

"The Seedling" and "Love Comes To Me" sounds more indie from the others. Bonnie "Prince" Billy had decided to use more violins in this album. Violin tunes are incredible in the song 'The Seedling'. We can see that Violin is a very sexy instrument and you can do miracles with that. The in high spirits era covers almost every composition in this album, and Bonnie's whistle in the song named "No Bad News" is totally romantic and broken. Fantastic lyrical combinations!

It's an album which is centered by lyrical success as usual. You know it's his the strongest talent. "Lyrical explosive" describes this album clearly.
MM Picks:The Seedling,Cursed Sleep


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