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Easily the finest Badly Drawn Boy album since 2002's "About A boy" soundtrack, Born In The U.K. finds the British alternative-pop artist (a.k.a. Damon Gough) playing to his strengths after a period of creative stagnation.

Remarkably,"The Hour of Bewilderbeast" ,which is melodic indie pop sprayer,Badly Drawn Boy's the most powerful debut record in which we can't forget hits like Everybody's Stalking,Once Around the Block,Pissing in the Wind.This new record "Born in the U.K." (2006) gives a good taste of music,pointing orchestral pop tunes -- it's blending the colour of indie pop with matt piano tunes(Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind).It's not totally new to hear these pianos on everysong.Forwhy Damon Gough loves these kind of tunes,sometimes hidden cheerful lyrics and same at lyrics,deep vocals become identical sound of atmosphere.

Guitars,Ambiance,background music are just awesome.It touchs you and steal the place of your mind.'Promise you will rember,A promise should last for ever,Till after the last dying embers.'Lyrics with rhyme fits rising and falling pianos amazingly (Promises).Volatile guitar tastes so dizzy dizzy (The Way Things Used To Be).Pain is read from his mind (Without A Kiss),"Born In The U.K." sounds quite openhearted.

It benefits not only from Gough's renewed focus on crafting compelling pop songs, but from a new creative foil, Lemon Jelly's Nick Franglen, who helped to flesh out the album's arrangements.Any Badly Drawn Boy fan should get this brand new record also it'll lead for new fans.It's one of the best adult music from this year.
MM picks:Promises,The Way Things Used To Be,The Long Way Round
Badly Drawn Boy Website
Listen:Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind, The Shining


Anonymous said...

This review is very accurate in my view; I agree which songs are the best, but would probably give this album 9/10. Surely his best since "Bewilderbeast."

bulut on 7:11 pm said...

Thanks, actually rating isn't that important. Good Stuff is good stuff.

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