Luna:The Best Of Luna

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It's Dreamy,it's gloomy,it's Reflective...It's Luna.
The former Galaxie 500 frontman shares the wealth in this best of, chronicaling the velvety tales of Luna.Their music was full of cosmic guitar interplay between Wareham and Sean Eden, but the rhythm section-- at first ex-Feelies drummer Stanley Demeski and bassist Justin Harwood, later Lee Wall and Britta Phillips-- was always solid and down-to-earth.

Rating: 8/10
MM Review
Actually i see that this 'Best Of' is a great way to having opinion about their music.'California','Chinatown' ,'Tracy I Love You','Lovedust' ride the album.But you should listen their songs several time,they haven't got any commercial songs.Maybe you didn't hear anything about them,they're definitely amazing.Uptempo rhythms and sharper melodies will get you...
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