Wolfmother:Debut(psychedelic rock)

Wolfmother is the first full-length album from the Australian three-piece psychedelic rock band Wolfmother. With guitars set to "unreconstrackted" this Sydney trio are the missing link between Black Sabbath and The White Stripes. Propelled (r/ voluminously haired frontman Andrew Stockdale's guitar heroics and uncanny Jack White-alike wail, the lines of Mind's Eye and Dimension are elemental slabs ot heavy rock that have been nibbling at the blotter acid. Thankfully, a knowing sense of humour- Tales From The Forest Of Gnomes, anyone? - saves them from Campaign For Real Rock-style worthiness.Far from rocket science but immense fun nonetheless.

Tom Waits:Rain Dogs

The middle album of the trilogy that includes Swordfishtrombones and Franks Wild Years, Rain Dogs is Waits's best overall effort. The songs are first-rate, and there are a lot of them--19 in all, ranging from grim nightlife memoirs ("9th and Hennepin," "Singapore") to portraits of small-time hustlers ("Gun Street Girl," "Union Square") to bursts of street-corner philosophy ("Blind Love," "Time").

Like all of Waits's albums, Rain Dogs was not a major financial success, but again, like many of his albums, Rain Dogs received mostly positive reviews.

This album always makes me pained.Great record for drink and forget all the unimportant things.One of my favorite Tom Waits album stands right here.Most of tom waits fans love this album.

Modern Music 80s:Visage

On a winter’s day in London, in the grounds of an old people’s home,a man is posing for the camera.
It could be the ghost of Lord Byron, but that old poet aristo used to dress up like an 18th century Greek shepherd while today’s man looks more Bavarian – Busby Berkeley Bavarian, that is.It’s Steve Strange, and he’s only spent an hour and a half getting ready: he doesn’t have a huge quiff any more and that cuts down on his preparations to meet the day and the mirrors in a thousand eyes.Spandau Ballet are in the charts. The new
dandyism has arrived. More and more people are dressing up and fancily romancing, while Beau Brummel’s own country rots to the silly Billy beat of ‘punk monetarism’ and economic cuts.Steve Strange is no longer famous for being famous or for being the glorifi ed doorman of Blitz and Hell where, before those niteries closed, the clientele used to go to pose and – ornateness of costume permitting – dance. Steve can now be famous because he’s the vocalist in a band called Visage who’ve just released an album of the same name.Ever since he moved to London from Newport, Steve has always wanted to be in a band. He remembers being in the dole queue
at the same time as a lot of today’s stars, and inevitably be hung around the Pistols and Siouxsie. His real passion, though, was for Generation X, the punks with a touch of glam.
After doing some artwork at the request of Billy Idol, the poseur’s apprentice ran into a spot of bother. He joined a band called The Moors Murderers, an event which he now – sitting in the spacious Chelsea basement of Visage’s publicist – bitterly regrets.“I was singing the songs and didn’t even know what they were about. I was led on by the guy with the money upfront. One day he got a load of photographers in and – bam! – it was all over the papers, I thought: ‘What the fuck have I done?’ I got out fast.”After The Moors Murderers, Steve joined The Photons. “We wore very colourful two-piece suits with Cuban heels. It was a very sharp image, but nothing to do with the ’60s thing.” Steve left: he didn’t like the bassist – as a player or a person. The Photons faded,Vince the drummer joining The Psychedelic Furs.
Related Albums by Modern Music:
Visage - Debut Album Visage [1981]

CocoRosie:Noah's Ark - Modern music picks

Stylistically they may be assigned to the indie rock, psych folk genres, and are sometimes associated with the New Weird America movement, along with hip hop influences.

This weekend you'll listen a very great song which was my fav. on my playlist.Two weeks ago i had played it every hour.It was "Beautiful Boyz" which is featuring with Antony of Antony and the johnsons.

On "Beautiful Boyz," Antony's gorgeous croon adds a touch of cabaret to the song's tale of star-crossed jailhouse love, and Banhart's Spanish-language mysticism on "Brazilian Sun" advances CocoRosie's dreamy exoticism, giving it a more organic feel than it had on La Maison de Mon Reve.
And very pretty album cover;)


Album of the day
is a rock band formed in California in the mid-1980s.
Their music has proven difficult to define; while usually considered by critics to be funk metal or alternative metal, Primus has been called everything from "thrash funk" .
And i think they're the only considerable funk metal band around.They had brough lots of fortune with their six studio album.

I choose their last studio record "Antipop".
The album features several well-known guest musicians and producers, including Tom Waits, James Hetfield of Metallica, Jim Martin of Faith No More and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine.

Songs like Coattils Of Dead Man,Mama Didn't Raise No Fool makes this album more well-done.
Actually they're more succesful bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers,Korn,Limb bizkit...
But obviously less popular.
Related albums:
Faith No More - Angel Dust

Daft Punk:Musique Vol 1: 1993-2005

It was one of music’s most unlikely happenings – two upper-middle-class kids conquering clubland. Especially as they were French. But when Thomas Bangalter and Guy- Manuel de Homem- Christo dropped debut album ‘Homework’, brimming with hard-but-commercial tunes,
they racked up two million sales. 2001’s ‘One More Time’ remains their perfect moment – cute dance pop that bubbled with the energy and sunshine of FM rock, yet there are many fi ne moments here. This isn’t the end for Daft Punk and with dance music dozing, it’s time for them to come and save it.

The Charlatans - Simpatico

Maybe i was late to post this album but anyway, i'm writing now.
Oasis, Dickie Ashcroft, Embrace and now this – Britpop refuses to pack its bags and leave. Unlike their peers, The Charlatans have always been prepared to try something different – witness Tim Burgess’ recent employment of falsetto on his patchy solo album ‘I Believe’.

This time, the Charlies explore ska (‘For Your Entertainment’) and Hard-Fi-goes-disco (‘When The Lights Go Out In London’) to decent effect. However, it’s at its best on the likes of ‘Blackened Blue Eyes’, which – with its driving pianos, pulsing drums and stoned vocals – is a cousin of their classic ‘One To Another’, while the harmonicadriven stomp of ‘City Of The Dead’ will bring the parka brigade out of the closet. ‘Simpatico’ then: not by any means a falsetto dawn.
Picks:muddy ground,for your entertainment
Related Artist:
Beautiful South

The Sleepy Jackson:Personality (New Album!)

MM Album Review

Is it possible feeling peaceful melodies with New album of Sleepy Jackson?

Short reminding: They were an alternative rock band from Perth, Western Australia.
After The Sleepy Jackson's debut album "lovers",We're singing again great pop guitar
tunes with Sleepy Jackson.

It's not weird to memorialize Mercury Rev when you're listening their
"God Lead Your Soul" and also it's their debut single.

After giving a listen to "You Needed More","Devil Was In My Yard",
"God Lead Your Soul" i don't regret to saying 'Perfect alternative rock tunes'.It can clear all side effects of a bad album.Sure your face is becoming
beautiful,colourful guitar effects.The lush strings, horns, backing vocals
won't end until the end of album,be careful!-if you like guitar pop bands,
you'll adore this album.Emotional song 'Miles Away' which song takes you from your place and you feel you're flying.Plus this album hasn't got only three good song,every song of the album is worth to listen.That's for sure you'll catch one melody and drive into it like i do.I was playing "Play A Little Bit For Love",and my friend asked 'who is singing this song?'.As i said their songs become
obsession,don't be surprised if you can't stop playing a song from Personality every day!

Top of the senses:Miles Away,Higher than hell (this songs will take you to high)

One of my word is enough to describe the album 'Magical' like George Harrison
or Mercury Rev's music where we can see same impact...They also influenced from the Beach Boys.

So,it's really possible to feel peace with this rock band.
Other names can be an alternative choice with this record:
Mojave 3
James Dean Bradfield
picks:Miles Away,Devil Was In My Yard,Play A Little Bit For Love,Dream on
S. Jackson Myspace

MM Top 10 (8)

Great New Songs

1.James D. Bradfield - That's No Way To Tell A Lie
2.The mars volta - Vicarious Atonement
3.Dears - Hate Then Love
4.Tom petty - Saving Grace
5.New York Dolls - Dance like a monkey
6.Stuart Stables - That Leaving Feeling
7.Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down
8.Sleepy jackson - god lead your soul
9.Muse - Map Of The Problematique
10.Beautiful South - Manchester

Sleepy Jackson's new album "Personality" is going to be our favourite.
I've been listening "Personality" for three days."Vicarious Atonement"
is going to be number one?"Saving Grace" is rocking too,great new single.
Tom Petty's new "Highway Companion" really worth to listen,don't miss it.
"God's Gonna Cut You Down" is another great masterpiece,i think
"MM top Ten" will rock this weekend."Barry Adamson","Lambchop","Replacements"
will be at MM top ten on next week.

Led zeppelin

Led Zeppelin
were an English rock band described by the BBC as "one of the most influential bands of the rock era.

They Formed in 1968, Led Zeppelin were innovators who never lost mainstream appeal. While the band is perhaps best known as pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal, Led Zeppelin also included disparate elements from an eclectic spectrum in their music, including blues, rockabilly, reggae, soul, funk, Celtic, Indian, Arabic, folk, pop, and even Latin.

Led Zeppeling - The complete studio recordings

Teenage Fanclub:Four Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty-Six Seconds

Album of week
Four Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty-Six Seconds -
A Shortcut To Teenage Fanclub is a greatest hits album
by British alternative rock band Teenage Fanclub, released in 2003.

I don't have any opinion about why Nobody give a listen their 2005 album "Man Made"?.It was one of my fav. record from 2005.

The band which won Spin magazine's 1991 end-of-year poll for best album
by their Bandwagonesque,beating Nirvana's Nevermind, their Creation stablemates
My Bloody Valentine's album Loveless, and R.E.M.'s hugely successful Out of Time

You can find such songs like Planets,The World'll Be OK,The Concept etc.
in this complication.

For Music Collectors:Indie rock flashback

The Verve Pipe is an American post-grunge band. Their first major label release was 1996's Villains, which was a minor hit and launched two respectably-selling singles
Modest Mouse is an American indie rock band .The Moon And Antarctica has subsequently gone on to receive further acclaim.
Stephen Malkmus is an indie-rock musician, a former member of the band Pavement.Malkmus recorded much of "face the truth" record by himself.
Pavement was an American indie-rock band in the 1990s.

The Verve pipe - villains
Modest mouse - moon and antarctica
Stephen malkmus - face truth
Pavement- westing

Bruce Springsteen - Devils & Dust

album of the day
Devils & Dust
is the thirteenth studio album by Bruce Springsteen, and his third folk album (after Nebraska and The Ghost of Tom Joad, respectively).

The songs "Long Time Comin'" and "The Hitter" were written and performed during Springsteen's solo tour for The Ghost of Tom Joad in 1996.

Springsteen received five Grammy Award nominations for this work, three for the song "Devils & Dust", Song of the Year, Best Rock Song, and Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance, and two for the album as a whole, Best Contemporary Folk Album and Best Long Form Music Video. His sole award came for Best Solo Rock Vocal, an award he garnered in previous years for "Code of Silence" and "The Rising".

Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy The brave and the bold

Cover Cover Cover
"The Brave And The Bold" is one of the best cover album of this year.Debut single was amazing from this record
Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen).I didn't realize that it was a Bruce Springsteen's Thunder Road when i was listening the first time.Devo,Lungfish,Milton Nascimento and more covered artists.

Daniel (Elton John) and The Calvary Cross (Richard Thompson) were being covered very emotional by Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy.This isn't not a clear indie album because of the Tortoise.They're master experimantel scene."It's Expected I'm Gone (The Minutemen)" opening of the song is like drill sound.How creative is this fu**ing great song?Skillful and
intelligent musical combinations are some of the reason to give this
album a ten point.

We can also say definitive to these works."Some Say's (I Got Devil) (Melanie)"
sadness,Cravo É Canela's craziness,The beauty of Thunder Road...
Give it a listen if you like to listen post-rock/experimental,indie Rock.
You won't be disappointed.

Keane - Under The Iron Sea (2006)

MM Album Review
A new album by British rock band Keane after their debut brit rock album "Hopes and Fears".
"Atlantic" which has a wanderful era also piano and atmosperic melodies.
Vocals are so concordant with the musics in this song.Maybe a little dark and
depressive but that doesn't mean it's lousy.

"Is It Any Wonder" is a glittering song which is changing the ambiance quickly
after dark keybords(Atlantic).Its video was directed by Kevin Godley, he had worked for The Police and Duran Duran music videos in the mid-1980s.

The title of the album is derived from the lyric "I lost my heart. I buried it too deep under the iron sea," which appears in the eighth song, "Crystal Ball".

Again Tempo is slowing with "Nothing In My Way".This is good choice because i love
to go down and up.Miserable and happiness are in balance.If you were happy
in your life i think it'd be boring or if you were always sad that would be teribble
again.Balance is so important while you're recording an album.

So this record is bringing good piano combinations."Under The iron sea" is a sparkling
brit pop album which you shouldn't miss.Tom Chaplin is a good singer and maybe
you can find same tunes with U2 or the manics but you find some influences in
every albums or every artist.It can sound like U2 but doesn't matter.Because
this album is much better than U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb(because they
had tried new things).They were very succesful with their debut "Hopes and Fears"
They could do same thing again but They didn't.Especially,pianos are Great.
picks:A Bad Dream,Crystal Ball,Atlantic

For Music Collectors (popular rockers)

Is there anyone who don't know about these populer rock bands?They're all succesful and well-known their style.Depeche mode's classic album "Mode Violator".
Muse's best album origin of symmetry(only my opinion),Placebo's great,unforgetable album "placebo",i think they studied hard when they were recording this album.Nirvana's hormoaning which is Originally released to promote Nirvana's early 1992 Australian tour.

Depeche mode - violator
Muse - origin of symmetry
Placebo - placebo (debut album)
Nirvana - hormoaning

Steve Miller Band - Children Of The Future

album of the day
A psychedelic blues rock-out, 1968's Children of the Future marked Steve Miller's earliest attempt at the ascent that brought him supersonic superstardom. Recorded at Olympic Studios in London with storied producer Glyn Johns at the helm, the set played out as pure West Coast rock inflected with decade-of-love psychedelia but intriguingly cloaked in the misty pathos of the U.K. blues ethic. Though bandmate Boz Scaggs contributed a few songs, the bulk of the material was written by Miller while working as a janitor at a music studio in Texas earlier in the year. The best of his efforts resonate in a side one free-for-all that launches with the keys and swirls of the title track and segues smoothly through "Pushed Me Through It" and "In My First Mind," bound for the epic, hazy, lazy, organ-inflected "The Beauty of Time Is That It's Snowing," which ebbs and flows in ways that are continually surprising.

New metal music blog

I know i haven't posted too much metal music on Modern Music.
From now on ,i'll post about metal music on http://4metal.blogspot.com/
where you can find free download links in comments.
Enjoy with dark music.

The Kooks - Inside In Insideout

'Inside In/Inside Out' is the debut album by Brighton-basedscuzz-pop merchants The Kooks. Combining the raucous energyof early-Kinks with the up-for-it pop know-how of Supergrass might sound like a tall order, but Luke Pritchard and Co. have pulled it off with aplomb, making for an exciting and accessible debut effort. Includes the singles 'Sofa Song' and'You Don't Love Me'.

The Kooks are one of those bands who have been hyped up far too much for they're own good, and plastered everywhere in magazines and on the radio. This automaticaly made me stay away as usually I hate all that indie rubbish. But my sister bought the album the other day and I have since listened to it a few times... I was a bit suprised really, its a lot better than I thought. The first thing that came to mind is that it reminded me of Supergrass' I Should Coco. It's youthful and fun with similar happy, upbeat songs, the only thing that's missing is great sounding organs on every track, but you can't have everything I guess.

Devendra banhart - Cripple crow

Devendra Banhart's fourth album is his most pretty and accessible. It's lush, warm, and inviting. It's likely to make the uber-talented singer-songwriter new fans; unfortunately, it's just as likely to cost him a few old ones. The man is clearly a complex individual capable of visionary music that causes the listener to question many things, including whether or not the artist is putting him or her "on." As the moment-defining, awesome, and potentially self-parodic cover image implies, Mr. Banhart went to great lengths to enshroud himself with some of his most talented friends: Adam Forkner of White Rainbow, Andy Cabic of Vetiver, the free-folk band Feathers, and producer Thom Monahan among them. But this is no freak-fest; the album is subdued, and very much on an early ‘70s tip. Recorded at Bearsville near Woodstock, NY, there are touches of Gilberto Gil,! George Harrison, Donovan, T. Rex, Randy Newman and Bobby Charles.

MM picks Sunday songs:
Santa Maria Da Feira
Maybe you don't understand the lyrics but it's not important if the subject is music.So,we may think and we may correct music is universal."Pensando Enti" proves what i say about a foreign language song.It doesn't lose any influence by its lyrics.On the other hand it's a very deep and humid song.But however it makes you feel great emotions,happiness,nostalgia.It's hard to characterize this song whic you should listen this sunday.Great Psychedelic folk composition.

Skin - Fake Chemical State (2006)

Album of the day
Second solo album from former Skunk Anansie lead-singer Skin. This is the follow-up to 2003's 'Fleshwounds' and sees her develop the punk-rock sound of her debut, whilst maintaining her trademark intense vocals. Skin co-produced the album with Gordon Raphael (Strokes). Includes the singles 'Alone In My Room' and 'Just Let The Sun'.

The album hosts a mixture of rock, indie and ballad, differeing quite a lot from her previous album, "Fleshwounds".

Skin's second solo album is another fantastic effort. This album is a well-paced mix of quality heavier Skunk Anansie style songs (such as Just Let The Sun) and more reflective and deeply personal songs like those in Fleshwounds.

Nostalgia Weekend:Digging old records

If i ask you'what is the funniest band from early years?'.Maybe it's hard to think which band could be?But i'm sure that you'll consider Madness in any circumstances.

What about the most influential band?Could it be Pink Floyd,absolutely yes.We'll dig into their most popular album The Wall.

The modfather;In the UK, he is recognised as something of a national institution yet, because much of his songwriting is rooted in British culture, he has remained essentially a national rather than an international star.Who is it?Of course Paul Weller.We'll dig into The jam 1977 - 79.

We're going to Australia now.Remember vocal with a cracked voice. 'Who made who, who made you?'High voltage on Modern Music with Ac/Dc.

Another great,succesful album we'll know about.Do You Remember the First Time?I'm sure that with this question you'll instantly say Pulp Pulp Pulp.'His 'N' Hers' is our guest album on this nostalgia weekend.
Pink floyd - The wall
Pulp - his n hers
Madness - seven
Ac/dc - who made who
The Jam - 1977-79

Muse - Black Holes & Revelations (2006)

MM Album Review
In 2006, Muse takes a bold new step with Black Holes And Revelations, a powerful, upbeat epic album that takes the band’s music to a whole dimension. Once again co-produced by Rich Costey (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave), Muse incorporates influences from electronica and Prince to pure pop.

I didn't like their previous work because of their complicated sound.
This album isn't understandable too. Because of speed electronic tunes are on backround and exhausting guitars are at foreground.You can see easly this materials on opening song "Take A Bow". "Starlight" is a very similar song with "Time Is Running Out" from "Absolution". I won't say 'it is not enough fresh for listening', i think it's succesful enough.

I'm sure that you heard about the single "Supermassive Black Hole". The style which isn't close to Muse's sound. No need to be cruel, nice single.

Tunes are adorable in this album. But i'm not have same feelings for vocals. Sometimes only Moan, moan, moan! "Map Of The Problematique" is very conspicuous . The song is including similar materials with 'Enjoy the Silence'(Depeche Mode). I'm not deaf, so it was very easy to notice that point.

"Exo-politics" another passion from this new record. If you can love a song from this stuff that means you'll love all of them. It's not a great record but still worth to listen such songs like "City Of Delusion". You can also find dark guitars works in song named "Assassin". What we have is another good Muse record.
MM picks:Supermassive Black Hole, City Of Delusion, Exo-politics.

Modern Music Top Ten

1.James D. Bradfield - That's No Way To Tell A Lie
2.Dears - Hate Then Love
3.The mars volta - Vicarious Atonement
4.Beautiful South - Manchester
5.Young Knives - here comes the rumour mil
6.New York Dolls - Dance like a monkey(New!)
7.Stuart Stables - That Leaving Feeling(New!)
8.Tom petty - Saving Grace(New!)
9.Razorlight - Los Angeles Waltz(New!)
10.Muse - Map Of The Problematique(New!)

Great solos and incomparable music.Who i am talking about?Sure,NeW yOrK dOlLs 'Dance like a monkey dance like a monkey child'.'Map Of The Problematique' which is my pick from 'Black Holes And Revelations' by Muse.Great song but i didn't missout there are similarities with Enjoy the Silence by depeche mode.Another pick of mine Mars Volta's song is rocking.Let's listen them,let's rock!Mars Volta's song is rocking.

For Music Collectors:Pixies

From beginning to the end,it's a great feeling write about one the greatest alternative rock band Pixies.Black Francis who is named himself Frank Black still kicking our us with his pleasant,different solo works.Frank Black is really rocking.Their influence can't be discuss.It's hard to imagine Nirvana without the Pixies' signature stop-start dynamics and lurching, noisy guitar solos.Or we can say the same thing about other grunge bands.

It was very sad that people started to listen them when they disbanded.But there is a big truth they have very devoted fans.You can still fin people who can shout 'Heyyyy!' singing their song.
Here you can find info about their great albums at modern music archive:
Pixies - doolittle
Pixies - surfer rosa come on pilgrim
Pixies - bossanova
Pixies - trompe le monde

Razorlight - Razorlight (2006)

MM album Review

'Who Needs Love?', 'Hold On', 'America', 'Fall To Pieces',
Is this their new album? Somebody hit me? I didn't listen such a stale album in this year. I thought that it is not their album. It can be an amateur band narrowly. Especially, vocals are very simple.

'In The Morning' and 'I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got' can't save the whole album even if they are entertaining songs. This is an unpleasant album. With its great vocal performance 'Los Angeles Waltz' is the best song despite it's old-fashioned. Nme and Q-Magazine gave the album high rates but i think they are listening two or three song for give a point. If you're looking for an ordinary indie album then listen 'Razorlight'. I'm sure that it won't be no longer than one week.

I still prefer to listen their previous work "Up All Night". I think this is the worst record after 'How We Operate' by Gomez. I can't propose an album which is including only 'OH OH OH!'(Back To The Start).
Picks:Los Angeles Waltz,Kirby's House.

Mission UK - Anthology [Phonograms Years] 2006

Cover Cover Cover
The Anthology - The Phonogram Years is a 2CD set including all 11 of The Mission's Top 40 hits, with classics such as 'Wasteland', 'Deliverance' and 'Butterfly On A Wheel' along side rare mixes, long lost b-sides, BBC sessions and previously unreleased material.

But Main Reason is their Neil Young cover to put Mission Uk up here.It's 'Like A Hurricane'.It's very wonderful listening their gothic atmosphere (goth rock) with Neil's unique composition.

The Phonogram Years is a great way to find great The Mission hits.I am really fan of them.They formed in 1986 from the splinters of the freshly-dissolved rock band The Sisters of Mercy.And i can say that they haven't got any crap album.More info @ Here

For Music Collectors (adult rockers)

Stranglers - Black and white
Rufus Wainwright - rufus wainwright
Calexico - spoke
Talking heads - stop making sense
Rem - perfect square live

Don't be confused after seeing "adult rockers".I said that because these album is more suitable adult rock listeners.Especially Stranglers and Talking heads is worth to listen, if you are searching some nostalgia.But i strongly propose Rufus Wainwright debut album.This album sounds more adult music.You can even call "Chamber pop" his style but honestly great album.Also you know Calexico,no need to explain about their music.MM loves their music.I'm trying to write more about them.I'll be posting about their last album "Garden Ruin" in a few days.
Keep reading MM.

Devendra Banhart - Nino rojo

album of week
MM Album Review
Niño Rojo is the fifth studio release by psych folk acoustic rocker Devendra Banhart and his fourth release on the label Young God Records. It was released on September 13, 2004.

Always remembering legend glam rocker Marc Bolan when i'm listening Devendra Banhart.Did you ever dream when you were listening an album?If the answer is "no",then you'll dream with devendra's nino rojo.It would be great to listen these songs near a river.Natural folk songs with fresh bread,birds singing,flowing of river...I think,these are the important materials which are the reasons for consider to listen this record.

"Noah" is a song of the album which is starting with Devendra's whistle."Wake up little sparrow" is the highlight of album."A ribbon" which is a great folk song.

For Music Collectors (classic rock albums)

Van morrison - back on top
Pink floyd - division bell
King crimson - red
Clash combat - rock
Jimi hendrix - band of gypsys
Pearl jam - vs

Here is another great album index.If you didn't listen or don't know about them it's the right time to dig them.You can start with a wanderful album "back on top" by Van morrisson.I won't speak more,because you can find more info at the links.

Legal Free Mp3 Downloads:amazon

  • Hives
    "Main Offender" MP3
    From the CD: Veni Vidi Vicious [Enhanced]
  • Visqueen
    "Vaxxine" MP3
    From the CD: King Me
  • The Strokes
    "Last Nite" MP3
    From the CD: The Modern Age ep [CD-single] [EP]
  • Interpol
    "NYC" MP3
    From the CD: Turn On the Bright Lights
  • New Pornographers
    "The Laws Have Changed" MP3
    From the CD: Electric Version
  • Guided By Voices
    "Back to the Lake" MP3
    From the CD: Universal Truths and Cycles
  • Downpilot
    "TRUE" MP3
    From the CD: Leaving Not Arriving
  • Throwing Muses
    "Portia" MP3
    From the CD: Throwing Muses
  • Tahiti 80
    "Get Yourself Together" MP3

  • Air - "Playground Love (Vibrophone Version)" Download Song this song is my recommendation.

    Tom Petty - Highway Companion (2006):review

    MM album review
    Highway Companion, Tom Petty's third solo album and first in a dozen years,is a timeless album about the passing of time.
    The album consists of 12 tracks that are perfect for a road trip
    and live up to the classic guitar rock sound that fans of Petty have
    loved for years.Petty worked with Jeff Lynne(procuder).

    Instantly i'm sayin' it's a really really a good album.If you're a
    Tom petty fun,this album makes you smile.Because it brings happiness to your music centre.It's pure and brilliant at same time.

    My first impression was "Turn This Car Around" while i was listening
    this record.After listening bluesy tracks like "Jack","This Old Town"
    my eyes opened and i was saying 'it's really great album.'

    Short but impressive guitar solos,velvet vocals(Tom petty's voice is always
    like velvet)good lyrics are the most important points.

    This album will be great choice after listening hard musics(metal,hard rock
    etc.)You won't be paralyzed because the music is so refreshing.

    All of the songs were once again written by Petty, and the singer/songwriter
    also played rhythm guitar, drums, harmonica, electric piano, bass, and
    lead guitar and provided lead and backing vocals on the album’s various tracks.
    Picks:Ankle Deep,Turn This Car Around,Jack

    For Music Collectors (alternative albums)

    Flaming lips - zaireeka
    Mansun - attack of grey lantern
    Gary numan - (tubeway army) plan
    Ride - going blank again
    House of love - fontana records

    It's hard to compare these bands with each other,So this is the reason why i call them alternative albums.You can find different style of combination on their music,not one style.Especially if i were you,i'd consider to listen "Attack of grey lantern" by Mansun.Dream pop,shoegaze,electronic and more...Marvelous records.

    The Auteurs - New Wave

    album of the day:
    While Brit-pop was still finding its feet and the mark from which to take its bow, Luke Haines' subversively smiley Auteurs were already there, effectively writing a how-to guide that would become the genre's white heat beat for nearly half a decade. Their 1993 debut, New Wave, was a glorious combination of snappy beats, sexy guitar, and retro vocals which sounded as much like the Beatles shot through the Pet Shop Boys as anything else.

    Great album which MM recommends.With their original style(Auteurs) more you'll adore to this album.It can influence you,be careful about it.intelligence songwriting of Luke Haines is something else very listenable.
    sunday songs
    Auteurs - show girl:
    Brilliant guitar tunes with charismatic vocals by Luke Haines.
    Sometimes Music stops,and sometimes
    You can hear different guitar tunes.I can say The auteurs is one of the best
    band in 90s.'Show Girl' is totally new thing.There are to much qualification in
    this song.This song comes from 1993 album New Wave.

    Fugazi - Red medicine

    Album of the day
    Retreating from the skinned-knee production values of In on the Kill Taker, Red Medicine packs more rhythmic punch and shows more range. With more drive and playful goings-on, the arrangements sound much looser than on Kill Taker, while remaining just as gut-kicking and brainy. The experimentation, which adds liveliness, doesn't sound measured. Even Joe Lally is allowed to sing, and it just happens to be one of the best songs on the record. Running against the theory that Fugazi is a pack of killjoys, numerous instances pop up where the band's twisted sense of humor is apparent. The sinister ha-has that open "Birthday Pony," the android sample in the pleasant (!) instrumental "Combination Lock," and random piano plinks all manage to find a welcome place. But the most uncharacteristic track is the "Blade Runner in Kingston" slo-mo instrumental "Version," featuring clarinet skronks, dubwise rhythm, incidental zaps, and — get this — no guitars. Picciotto declares in the immediately following "Target" that he hates the sound of guitars. What gives? It's clearly a rumination against corporate America's capitalization/bastardization of "punk" aesthetics. If anyone had the right to comment, it was Fugazi. "Back to Base" and "Downed City" (another dubby intro here) return to more standard issue, hardcore roots Fugazi, full of the soaring guitars that the band is most known for. Closing out the nearly flawless second side is yet another contemplative exit track, "Long Distance Runner." Acting as a daily affirmation of sorts to combat lethargy, MacKaye opines, "If I stop to catch my breath/I might catch a piece of death.
    MM picks:Latest Disgrace,Do You Like Me,Forensic Scene

    Johnny Cash Special

    Remembrance the master
    Here, MM favorites of Johnny Cash who is master of country music and he sold over 50 million albums in his nearly 50 year career and is generally recognized as one of the most important musicians in country music.Please read carefully about this great records.

    Johnny cash - american-v
    Johnny cash - everybody loves nut
    Johnny cash - and june carter cash duets
    Johnny cash - murder
    Johnny cash - ring of fire

    For Music Collectors

    I'll recommend some old albums to you.Please consider to look this albums.

    Doors - weird scenes inside gold mine
    Pink floyd - dark side of moon
    Faith no more - angel dust
    Byrds farther - along

    Four classic record as you see.All the albums have to place in lists like 'Best album of all time'.

    Bob Mould - Workbook

    album of week
    is the title of Bob Mould's first solo album after leaving Hüsker Dü. The album is primarily acoustic and has a strong folk influence

    Gripping instrumental opening with 'Sunspots',something is warming up from
    your inside to this album.

    Continuing with 'Wishing Well',i can direcly say vocals and guitars are pure,
    succesfull.Particularly you can't escape from vocals while listening 'Wishing Well.
    Middle of the song you'll hear enchanting guitar solos.

    'Heartbreak A Stranger' has the similar sound of the songs in R.E.M. Automatic for the People.
    You'll directly notice the similarity songs between 'Heartbreak A Stranger' and 'nightswimming'
    You can also consider Bob Mould with R.E.M. and you aren't wrong.
    My opinion is this album quite great.Composition of vocals and guitar are very

    'See A Little Light' is eating the sounds of 90s.Masterpiece can describe this song.
    This album will pull you to its inside.'Poison Years' is the king of sadness
    inside the album.You can see influential era of album through 90s.

    It's hard to give a label to this masterpiece so we can call it alternative rock.
    You don't get bored near end of the album,because every song have different colour.
    So it colors your soul.Also it rests your ears.From begining to end,Workbook
    is totally a music pleasure.

    Intelligence lyrics like:

    Things used to be so simple, long time ago

    Now everything is so expensive and complicated

    I hear you need a license for just about anything

    from song named 'Compositions For The Young And Old'.

    'Lonely Afternoon' is another song which is different than others.But it also
    doesn't disrupt the album.You should taste the atmosphere of this song,it
    can't be explained.Workbook have to exist in Top 100 album of all time.Maybe it's
    an underground album but now you know about the album:)

    Please consider to look these albums too:
    Roxy music - stranded
    Peter gabriel - so

    MM Top 10 (7)

    1.Raconteurs - Blue Veins
    2.Tom verlaine - Nice Actress
    3.Dears - Hate Then Love
    4.Beautiful South - Manchester
    5.James D. Bradfield - That's No Way To Tell A Lie(new!)
    6.Divine comedy - diva lady
    7.Young Knives - here comes the rumour mil
    8.The mars volta - Vicarious Atonement(new!)
    9.Gary numan - in a dark place
    10.The walkmen - Louisiana

    New great long song from Mars Volta and a wanderful single from James Dean
    Bradfield.I think Blue Veins deserved number 1.'Gang of losers' by The dears
    which i reviewed,is a considerable album.But here we got another king
    'The great western' by James Dean Bradfield.As you see,playlist is included
    Chamber pop,indie rock,electronic/industrial,britrock,garage rock,alternative

    For Music Collectors

    Another great albums for music collection.Read carefully this album and get them.Anyway these are my recommendations.They're all different kind of music.But if you ask the most effective album from this list,i'll say Feetwood mac.Absolutely great masterpiece.Stay with music and with MM.

    Fleetwood Mac-then play on
    Lenny Kravitz - let love rule
    Doors strange - days
    Calexico - Hot rail
    Flaming lips - 20 years of weird
    Ratatat - classics
    Paradise - lost gothic

    James Dean Bradfield - The Great Western:review

    MM Album Review

    New album from The manics vocalist James D. Bradfield.Strong lyrics married to distinct musical passages.From the first tune through the last
    James D. shows us how a wanderful album it is.He is proving his succesfull song by song on this album.The majority of the lyrics were written by Bradfield, who had only contributed lyrics to the songs "Ocean Spray" and "Firefight" previously for Manic Street Preachers.

    Joining with powerful guitar,this album obviously is going to be one of the important album of the year.

    Thanks to James Dean Bradfield for such a good vocals,songs,melodies.Songs
    are very melancholic and affecting.

    It lets you to feel lots of sense with only 11 tracks.I let my whole body to this album for two days.It's like a drug,maybe you don't want but it wants you.

    Also there is an emotional song in this album 'To See A Friend In Tears'.
    Complete album.Two many materials can be find.Energetic,melancholic,passionate
    and visceral.

    Of course you can find materials which are same with manics.So this is a
    reason to adore this stuff even if you're not a The Manics fan.But still i can say
    you won't find same things,this album creates lots of new things in your brain.In every song,there are majestic electric guitar solos at middle of them.Also James didn't lose anything from his political songwriting.In some songs like 'Bad Boys & Painkillers',choir works add plus the sound of album and makes the album rich,full with soundwaves.'on saturday morning we will rule the world' which song starts slowly ,but on chorus it changes to an alternative Manic song.I see the song is truly rocking all the way.The Great Western including pianos,guitars,indie rock tunes,choirs...

    'That's No Way To Tell A Lie' which is first single and a great opening.
    'Run Romeo, Run','Say Hello To The Pope','The Wrong Beginning' are perfect songs.Flying of guitars will get you.You'll listen again and again.James Dean Bradfield's The Great Western is superb album which Modern Music wants to hear.

    MM picks:Bad boys and painkillers,Run romeo run,Say hello to the pope
    Official James Dean Bradfield Site

    Soul Asylum - The Silver Lining

    Album of the day
    Minneapolis, Minnesota '90s alt.rockers Soul Asylum last lured the public with Candy From A Stranger in 1998. Now the band are returning with Silver Lining, a new album due on June 13 via Columbia/Legacy Recordings. The new album was recorded in Minneapolis with Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Hodge (Boston, Sting, Rod Stewart).

    Among the songs are "Crazy Mixed Up World," "Standing Water," "Success Is Not So Sweet," "Directions," "Good For You," "Be On My Side," "Oxygen" and "Showtime." The album was the last for bassist Karl Mueller, who succumbed to throat cancer last June, shortly after the recording was finished.

    Fellow Minneapolis native Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, Bash And Pop, Guns N' Roses) played bass with the band at a recent Bowery Ballroom show in New York City, as did drummer Michael Bland (Prince, Paul Westerberg).

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