James Dean Bradfield - The Great Western:review

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New album from The manics vocalist James D. Bradfield.Strong lyrics married to distinct musical passages.From the first tune through the last
James D. shows us how a wanderful album it is.He is proving his succesfull song by song on this album.The majority of the lyrics were written by Bradfield, who had only contributed lyrics to the songs "Ocean Spray" and "Firefight" previously for Manic Street Preachers.

Joining with powerful guitar,this album obviously is going to be one of the important album of the year.

Thanks to James Dean Bradfield for such a good vocals,songs,melodies.Songs
are very melancholic and affecting.

It lets you to feel lots of sense with only 11 tracks.I let my whole body to this album for two days.It's like a drug,maybe you don't want but it wants you.

Also there is an emotional song in this album 'To See A Friend In Tears'.
Complete album.Two many materials can be find.Energetic,melancholic,passionate
and visceral.

Of course you can find materials which are same with manics.So this is a
reason to adore this stuff even if you're not a The Manics fan.But still i can say
you won't find same things,this album creates lots of new things in your brain.In every song,there are majestic electric guitar solos at middle of them.Also James didn't lose anything from his political songwriting.In some songs like 'Bad Boys & Painkillers',choir works add plus the sound of album and makes the album rich,full with soundwaves.'on saturday morning we will rule the world' which song starts slowly ,but on chorus it changes to an alternative Manic song.I see the song is truly rocking all the way.The Great Western including pianos,guitars,indie rock tunes,choirs...

'That's No Way To Tell A Lie' which is first single and a great opening.
'Run Romeo, Run','Say Hello To The Pope','The Wrong Beginning' are perfect songs.Flying of guitars will get you.You'll listen again and again.James Dean Bradfield's The Great Western is superb album which Modern Music wants to hear.

MM picks:Bad boys and painkillers,Run romeo run,Say hello to the pope
Official James Dean Bradfield Site


Sam Stone said...

You made me curious (though at first I thought you mentioned the moviestar James Dean ;-))
Thanks for sharing!

The Peanut on 9:01 am said...

You're absolutely right on this one. A great album!

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