Pixies - Bossanova

Bossanova was the Pixies' third studio album, released in 1990 through 4AD Records. The title comes from the "Hang Wire" lyric "Every morning and every day / I'll bossanova with ya". Artistically, the album was a further move from the rough-edged, punk sound of the band's first two albums, and continued the mainstream approach apparent through much of "Doolittle", while notably introducing an element of surf rock, a genre members Black Francis and Joey Santiago were fans of.

Only featuring compostions by Francis, the album marked the point where the frontman's artistic control became absolute, and bassist Kim Deal began to become sidelined. Furthermore, it is also the first release (with the exception of "Monkey Gone To Heaven" B-side "Manta Ray") to deal with Francis' growing obsession with UFOs and outer space, evident on tracks such as "The Happening" and also the cover art. The theme would continue on the Pixies' follow up Trompe Le Monde, and last long into his solo career as Frank Black.


bulut on 1:39 pm said...

1. "Cecilia Ann"
2. "Rock Music"
3. "Velouria"
4. "Allison"
5. "Is She Weird"
6. "Ana"
7. "All over the World"
8. "Dig for Fire"
9. "Down to the Well"
10. "The Happening"
11. "Blown Away"
12. "Hang Wire"
13. "Stormy Weather"
14. "Havalina"

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