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Small happiness with gentle guitar tones
Opening song 'Rose Of My Cologne' you'll hear female vocals
country melodies with a little joys?Yeah definitely it.We can remember 80s
with their new single Manchester.Shining and also lively.

'There Is Song' is slower and this song explains their style.also we can say
Beautiful South doesn't changed its's still great listenable release for
their funs.Always there are melancholic songs in their albums.

This album tastes more adult pop and adult rock.Combination of female and male vocals
are great in song named 'The Cat Loves The Mouse'.You need to listen this album
for falling in it.Because lyrics and little guitar rhythms can be noticed by more
than two spin.Honestly i didn't get anything first listen,but after my third listening
songs tried to take me in.

Misery and meloncholy are the dominant elements in this album you'll directly
see it.But low guitar melodies are hidden ,so take your drink and play the album.
I'm sure you'll feel great.But you can also say misery isn't proper for the summer,
you are wrong and right.Sometimes its great to listen slow albums like Beautiful South did.

'When Romance Is Dead' is a weird's starting slow but suddenly it goes lively and
it's wanderful.Paul Heaton is enough good for listening this album.The weakest song is
Meanwhile,i think it decays the album when you're in the middle of listening.
you may think to close the same way 'Space' is doing same work,These
songs can choke you.

You can find 'Never Lost A Chicken To A Fox','Form Now On' a little alt. country song and a little
ordinary.But complete of this album is quite listenable and delightful.

picks:The Cat Loves The Mouse,Manchester.
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Sam Stone said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this very nice album :-)

alvega on 12:48 am said...

This is truly beautiful, thank you very much.

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