The Mars Volta- Amputechture (2006)

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Well I guess you could say i was an !EAGER BEAVER! for this album. I heard about it about a month ago and wanted it badly. When I first downloaded "Asilos Magdalena", I was disappointed but not because it was bad. I liked the song, I thought it was pretty cool and sounded nice, but I was looking for something similar to Deloused. Then later I found Vermicide, and liked it. Amazing vocals especially near the end. Meccamputechture was the next, and it was pretty cool. I'd say I liked it more than the others. Then I got the whole album just yesterday, and listened through it twice so far. I'm happy with the album. I think it is, like Frances, a nice combination of their two completely different musical 'souls', if you will. I don't think this is a 5-star album, however, compared to Deloused in the Comatorium. Definately an album worth buying (if you don't mind a little weird).
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Raul on 9:36 am said...

i got the album today & i think it might be their strongest.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love Mars Volta, but the link is dead. Can You give a new one; thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi, please start a new link for the great Mars Volta. The link is dead.
Thanks so much

i ain't no indie-kid on 3:30 pm said...

i'm really loving it!

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