White Whale - WWI

Rating: 5.8/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Indie Rock
This is the debut full-length for the Lawrence, Kansas band consisting of Matt Suggs (Butterglory), Rob Pope (The Get Up Kids), and John Anderson, Zach Holland, Dustin Kinsey (Thee Higher Burning Fire).

From time to time it sounds experimental, then indie, passing to indie pop, shortly it's getting around different music styles which are mostly various, rich and dynamic.

There are little similarities with some popular works. "The Admiral" recalls Arcade Fire's David Bowie featured song "Wake Up" , also they had used tempos of Joy Division's well-known
work "Love Will Tear Us Apart" on song named " What's An Ocean For?". "O' William, O' Sarah" is a quite lovable rainy day song but loud sharp noise at the end of song is superfluous effort, it
turns the song a tumultuous vagon.

"One Prayer" which is another song holding stolen chorus melodies alike Rolling Stones' "Angie". They put noisy instruments to cover those stolen ones but it's easy to see them, sure as eggs is eggs. "Forgive The Forgiven" , "I Love Lovely Chinese Gal" are perfect ,clean-cuts , though. Vocal style of "I Love Lovely Chinese Gal" reminds chants. Certainly,"Forgive The Forgiven" is the most original piece of "WWI".

It doesn't recreate the world , it only spins around self axis. It loses its power to the end despite of great opening songs as "Nine Good Fingers" ,"O' William, O' Sarah". They maybe departed while they were recording. My classic words, if you've potential in art, it comes out of its shell at every occasion.
MM picks: Forgive The Forgiven, I Love Lovely Chinese Gal
Listen: The Admiral
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White Whale Official

Cold War Kids - Robbers & Cowards

Rating: 8.2/10
MM review
Style: Indie Rock
'Your preference for heavy weathers'
Cold War Kids which is one of the hottest Californian bands of the moment. Zane Lowe was playing this band's demos way before they were signed, and they're now sounding better than ever.
We call all those bands as Indie. Actually some of them is indie and rest of them is performing their own sound as Cold War Kids.

There was nothing to do nowhere to go i took to listen Cold War Kids' 2006 record "Robbers & Cowards". I listened a while. Later I noticed those robbers and cowards. They were singing with a cowardly voice which stole my heart at first listen. Only there was me and those trembling voice, which is reminded me blessed soul Jeff Buckley, covered my room.

There was a heavy weather outside, i had to get rid those rain drops.
"Hang Me Up To Dry" was a cold melody which was usually dark , into pathetic pianos, driven guitars. Then "Hair Down" started to greatly, splendidly in this one some guitar chords recall "Maps", which was a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song. I noted that Jonnie Russell was impressed by Jeff Buckley.

"Passing The Hat" was a great indie sounded latin melody branch for hold to. Vocals were also comparable soul vocals that might be too agresive. Those angelic vocals belong to Jonathan Russell were remarkable reason for love this record. I was patient to listen more Cold War Kids and i was right! First single "We Used To Vacation" was the highest performance, the heart of record.It was the opening but i didn't notice at first listen how it was great. Moreover soulful
"God, Make Up Your Mind" was one the most optional song. It was very clever to put this one to the end.

I finally made my decision and this was a wonderful debut album tell to despite of the cold , rainy weather outside. Red Wine, Success! Believe me if you love Jeff Buckley and if you're warm to indie rock, you'll love this. It's been a narrative review but every album has a story.
MM picks: We Used To Vacation ,Passing The Hat , "Red Wine, Success!"
Listen: We Used To Vacation
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Cold War Kids Official Page

Tapes n Tapes - The Loon

Rating: 9/10
Modern Music Review
This is not a new album review, it's just a must have from this year.
I'm not posting the reviews randomly. If it's worth to write, i have to post about it. So i choose the best albums around put them ina list.Afterwards ,I listen them for several times before i decide to write about it. What we need is noteworthy albums for write about it. I do belive that i have to listen lots of records to pickgood ones from inside of them. So today i brought "The Loon" with me.A guarantee that you'll love this which contributes to indie rock.

At every occasion, it breaks you apart from world, while it sounds as other memorable indie bands Modest Mouse, Pavement, Sunset Rubdown, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Band of Horses. I know , you wanna listen them now!

I'm going to listen this all over, are you still there? At this point, there is no harm to speak chattily ,because i'm confident, music is good. I haven't found any spotty yet, didn't try to find neither. I see some Tapes n' Tapes fans out there!

I don't know if you had listened Tortoise's classic " Millions Now Living Will Never Die" but there are huge amounts indie bells, indie guitars which are definitely treasure for this new indie rock bands. "In Houston" beyond doubt comparable to Tortoise lunatic experimental work "Glass Museum". I think experimental music is a timeless one. It never gets bored, you're always able to find new excitements in this kind of musics. I didn't say this album is experimental, totally it's not. However there are short experiments which are truly distinctive feature of "The Loon". In addition It never turns to a repetitive album.
It's quite succesful debut exactly alternative, engrossing and melodic at the same time. It's enough! Go and listen!
MM picks: Insistor, In Houston, 10 Gallon Ascots
Listen: Insistor, Cowbell
Official Tapes 'n Tapes

Damien Rice - 9

' I cover my eyes, still all i see is you, oh i know that i love you.'
Rating: 7/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Modern Folk
Second album of romantic Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice is coming up (14 November) with new acustic ten sentimental songs. The album took me for a ride. Seldom have I felt so unsatisfied.
It's been four years since his first record, it seems that he used this break for an expansion. It's good enough time 'four years' to explore new impressions about life.

There are plenty of new alternative folk melodies in "9" which sound as Bob Dylan, Radiohead , Jeff Buckley at the same time. "Animals Were Gone", "Me, My Yoke and I" (the noisiest one) and "Grey Room" are top works , also duets with Lisa Hannigan, are immediate highlights. "Elephant" is very similar with Radiohead's "Creep" or other acustic Radiohead works, isn't it? Anyway, it has become beautifully.

Rice is always getting into slender vocal style.Classic folkstyle song "Coconut Skins" comparable to many Dylan compositions.If you love to listen the previous Damien Rice, i strongly recommend thisone. It's comparable with Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, while in"9" lyrics are so powerful , it's killing you slowly with telling stories about love (Accidental Babies). Those simple pianos are covering all empties that Rice's voice has. This is a moderatecombination for music lovers who love to have peace of mind.

It's starting to play slowly, in the end you never hear your heartbeats. So brokenhearted, it's such innocent record too.
MM picks: Me, My Yoke and I
Listen: 9 Crime
You may also like: Bright Eyes
More Damien Rice

Robert Pollard - Normal Happiness

Rating: 7/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Indie Rock
'I've got a broken heart, passion and all the rest.'
Many of the songs on the former Guided By Voices leader's second solo set of the year originated in tracks recorded for the soundtrack to the Steven Soderbergh film "Bubble."

Put your weights faraway to your side and prepare for weekend by "Normal Happiness" which is generally including power-pop, guitar pop and melodic edge. It's easy to listen entire album in a jiffy.In fact momentary songs are always easy to listen. The longest song is about three min, rest of them is shorter than two min. So if you listen them apart, you won't get to anything. Nonetheless, they don't sound similar. While on "Gasoline Ragtime" music panics , on "Rhoda, Rhoda" it feels to you comfort. "Give Up The Grape" captures more garage rock spices. Following that the longest one appears "Pegasus Glue Factory" that is also one of the picks with its sticky melody, marked guitar slidesand velvet vocal. You dive into the music quickly.

Normal Happiness is a fresh, clean and major fruit of Robert Pollard, In indie rock the music may be too whimsical and innocent; too weird; too sensitive and melancholy; too soft and delicate; too dreamy and hypnotic. Normal Happiness captures all of them , So short so bare.
MM picks: Gasoline Ragtime, Pegasus Glue Factory
Listen: Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day You may also like: Bob Mould - Workbook
Some mp3s on official Robert Pollard

Weekly rock top 10

- Give me the best songs MM!
  1. The Hold Steady - Chips Ahoy!
  2. Robyn Hitchcock - Adventure Rocket Ship
  3. The Walkmen - Many Rivers to Cross
  4. Pernice Brothers - Somerville
  5. Killers - When You Were Young
  6. Lemonheads - Become the Enemy
  7. The Blood Brothers - Laser Life (New!)
  8. Pete Bjorn & John - Young folks (New!)
  9. Thermals - A Pillar of Salt (New!)
  10. My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the black parade
- Not best but they're all good. Don't try to find out the best because anything is the best in this world. Just try to listen with your heart and see what you got.

Ed Harcourt - The Beautiful Lie

Modern Music Review
Style:Adult alt., Indie
This is the fifth solo album from the prolific English singer-songwriter.
This album released on beginning of Summer ,June. This was a mistake, it would be better if it had released in autumn. Noone prefers to start a summer with deep, gloomy music. Still
noteworthy work, good works always get what they deserve.

The sound of album changable , once again reflective tunes in the middle , he's fighting with his voice just as Jeff Buckley and other adult-indie singer songwriters Nick Cave, Badly Drawn
Boy. The most important and magnetic points of "The Beautiful Lie" are Ed Hardcourt's great vocal performance and charming piano interludes.

Opening with up-beat songs (Whirlwind In D Minor,Visit From The Dead Dog) middle of album it turns to captivating melancholy rock. Songs like "Revolution In The Heart", "Until Tomorrow Then" are two drunk tank that mostly come from Tom Waits' locality.

Most of melodies are sneaking up to you and they're stoling something from you.Then they leaves some sensual memories which are your own. It shows you truths of life such as Good friends are hard to find.

"Scatterbraine" is a successful example of mixing various instrumental and fathomless vocal. More than this, purifying atmospehere of "Rain On The Pretty Ones", passionate breaking of "IAm The Drug" and great soul oriented work "Shadowboxing" can be marked as album's remarkable songs. His admiration to Nick Drake apears on "The Pristine Claw" clearly.

I've been listening this record for weeks and i'm sure it's sweet as a beautiful lie, Marvellous.Plus Includes guest appearances from Graham Coxon, The Magic Numbers and BJ Cole.
MM picks: Visit From The Dead Dog, Shadowboxing, Rain On The Pretty Ones
Listen: Whirlwind In D Minor
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Ed Harcourt Official

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Ballad Of The Broken Seas

Modern Music Review
Style:Alt. Country, Indie Pop
'Bell starts ringing, you're still missing'
Think Nancy Sinatra-Lee Hazlewood, and you won't be too far off the concept of this album-length pairing of former Belle & Sebastian vocalist Campbell and former Screaming Trees leader (and Queens Of The Stone Age collaborator) Lanegan. Campbell produced the album and wrote the bulk of the material and Mark Lenegan wrote only one song "Revolver" which is one of that highlight, He appears on everysong.

Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan collaboration between former member of Belle & Sebastian Isobel Campbell bring wonderful songs to us.This album has apeared on right time while there are colourless leafs and a rainy day outside. Poignant violins, Sophisticated emotions, with a whip!Yes with a whip.It whips all of your feelings (the cover of Hank Williams' "Ramblin' Man"), whispers which belongs to Isobell, he whistles, country air, fresh country air, whisky-and-nicotine rasp voice of Lenegan.

Bewitching singing of a woman and grand natural voice of a men, it's very befitting. It causes to think about life, deeply with its majestic, poetic lyrics (Deus Ibi Est). On "Honey Child What Can I Do?, we used to listen from Belle & S. lazy charming melodies.Perfection of the lyrics doesn't leave to me much things to say.Actually it changes for everyone just as a poet.In every condition musical side of this album amazingly perfect, full of emotion, glorious sadness.

"Ballad Of The Broken Seas" is a great gift for plaintive days in autumn.It's autumnal, presenting itself perfectly and it knows where it comes from, Bittersweet.
It's charmed me and now lets try it on you!
MM picks:Black Mountain, The False Husband, Revolver, The Circus Is Leaving Town
Listen:Ramblin' Man
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Isobel Campbell Official

Peter Bjorn and John - Writer's block

Modern Music review
Style:Indie Rock
'Writers Block' (2006) is the third album from Swedish trio Peter,Bjorn and John.
Recorded in Bjorn's studio in Hornstull, Stockholm the album sees the trio take a new direction by moving away from the straight-forward indie-pop of their previous releases.

Selecting wanderful music for holidays isn't easy job. Good music means regeneration. Moreover it's the mean of life. Life is a rhythm, if you able to catch that rhythm you'll be able to achieve succesful in your life. Listening good music is everthing.
In addition to this "good music", it's certainly relative for everyone so you should look for your own rhythm. Maybe you trust in someone like me about my musical tastes or you're not. There is no harm. As far as I know this searching is quite exciting.Explore!

Today we've one of these good chosen music here... Actually i know , you got that this is a very good album. I believe that it's deeper to tell your feelings about the album than writing some descriptive commonplaces in a review. If you like that's the way, then here it comes; Airwaves ,tunes soft as snow, infectious beats , natural lyrics...

How about some influences;Lo-fi, noise rock, shoegaze are the main styles. Also there are some R&B, funk and soul roots. I found "Let's call it off" is god song and my new disease, play the song and dance above the skies. Closing song "Poor cow" is another impressive psychedelic work. You should listen and discover other ones and you would agree how hooky this album is. Also I found a cross between Jesus & Mary Chain's that epic sound, vocals , era. Furthermore, The band is influenced by the sounds of classic '60s baroque pop, power pop, and new wave, but the guys aren't revivalists.

Guitars isn't odd, they seems to be taken from 80s new wave, but if it's the only incomplete of "Writer's Block", therefore it's perfect.
MM picks:Young folks, Paris 2004, Let's call it off
Listen:Paris 2004
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Peter Bjorn and John Page

The Spirit Was Gone by Antony and the Johnsons

Blood Brothers - Young Machetes

Modern Music
The band's fifth album was produced by Guy Piccioto and John Goodmanson. What you gonna do with this punk centered metal inspired insane record?They show us their young machetes, nuts!

This record revival of Husker Du, Gang Of Four, Wire and Public Image Ltd, Fugazi,namely all the lunatic dudes who loves to make some eccentric brutal noise.

The noise ,mmmh! I smell the pure noise suddenly it turnes black thorny flowers, innocent but sometimes guilty,it's feeding up from the difference of sound. Entirely furious, incontrollable songs but there are two or three calm melodies. Thanks to Blood Brothers for releasin' such an incredible record. Music is very various blessing for us and please don't spend your time the same things, listening only same styles or same albums is the most boring mind. There are good artists in every style of music ,so go and hunt them! That's a rule, it's great to renew yourself like Blood brothers did.Uh hu i know this isn't totally new but totally different.It's so wildy and it attacks like a cat and breaks into pieces your body.

Laser Life, Spit Shine Your Black Clouds, Lift The Veil, Kiss The Tank, Giant Swan are all different and catchy platinum picks of the record. There is anything to say "Camouflage, Camouflage" which is the most alternative one. Let's do some action with song "Johnny Rider" and closing song is just amazing (Giant Swan).

The strongest record that they've recorded ,it's for sure. MM recommends this new and different melody machine.From head to foot it's music for lunatics!
MM picks:Camouflage, Camouflage, Spit Shine Your Black Clouds, Johnny Rider
Mp3:Spit Shine Your Black Clouds
Blood Brothers Site
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My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance have killed emo, and any preconceived ideas about them should be considered along with it.
Connection between Queen's classic "A Night At The Opera" is open and it's getting around new style trends The Black Parade (24 October 2006).
Modern Music Review
Queen style guitar solos,exausting loudy teenage style vocals and with a thin voice Na-na-na-na's...it caused irresistible headaches on me.On the other hand it's so profound, believe me this heavy metal influenced pop-punk melodies act like a killer (This Is How I Disappear).
This ambition is too much for My Chemical Romance and it blows away.
Freddie Mercury's that unbelieveable control in rock scene is completely incontrovertible,those
pianos, opera style vocals, glam rock oriented guitar solos...

At this point,it's hard to say same flattering words about My Chemicals, because
most of songs sound like Queen plus only some of poor quality rhytmic guitars, screaming
vocals.I listen and listen again to kill my subjectivity, its poor vocal performance explodes front of loud guitar solos.Think it's an advantage to ack like a legend band Queen, i hate this
tactic just as Green Day did (They stole from Sex Pistols).Of course they'll influence
but they do not need to steal. Here's a rule to survive with your music,be original!
It's the golden rule!Screaming, playing guitar like a fool simply isn't rock n' roll or
anything in rock. It's rule of buying a new car, maybe MTV can give it you by Pimp My Ride!
Oh my ears; He's singing like OOhoohoooo...(Disenchanted).
I prefer more listening some Black Metal bands than listen some commercial teenage minded effort.

Is that "Mama" sound very similar with Gogol bordello's "Start Wearing Purple"? It's the
only song which fits with Gerard Way's voice, so they do a gypsy punk album next, who knows?
By the way, they recall Queen style opera vocals in that one too.They sound as everyband,
it's hard to choose the tunes, vocals, guitar -- usually exhausting, complicated and

This is the kind of music for people who don't listen old icons such as Queen.
They only know a few about them, but they call themselves as a fan? The only thing
that i found is loud, i can use it to drive someone crazy. That's why i gave a three (I may
give a zero).
MM picks:Mama
Listen:Welcome to the Black Parade

The Zutons - It's the Little Things We Do

Single Review
The Zutons release a new single It's the Little Things We Do,taken from their second album "Tired Of Hanging Around". This third single which is the most standout work of the album with its guitar chord progression.It sounds clearer than previous ones Valeria and Why wont You Give Me Your Love.Lyrics are about routine rock themes wine, woman, cigarettes, going out at nights and after all, being alone with repentance in your brain. The real potential in this song is amazing accord between lyrics and music themes,seemingly guitars are telling the same remorse. Lyrically,though it's incuding some rambunctious verse, It's commonly showing exhausted feeling or emotion.

'So I get up and go down the stairs and try to make a sandwich But the ham and cheese, margarine they speak an evil language It says "Don't eat me I don't deserve to be there in your stomach"'

"It's the Little Things We Do" is a fastmoving and nice expression with its good-balanced simplicity, manifest listen. It's a little melodic story about you have to pay for all the good times that you had.
The Zutons Band Site

Thermals - The Body, the Blood, the Machine

Modern Music Review
Indie Rock
Something coming from pleasure of being independent upon temperature punk-inspired indie rock.
On these 10 tracks, produced by Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty.

Modern music recommends this one strongly to taste them with The Walkmen,Art Brut and Band Of Horses.

First everything started as i was having my couple of tea in some kind of sleepy sadcore mode.I was wishing to listen from my cult dream pop album coll. but i changed the decision and had a go with Thermals' 2006 record "The Body The Blood The Machine".
Like a dormant animal i was waiting an action comin' up to rescue me from this sh*t.
That's for sure i wasn't an easy boy that i wouldn't be impressed some loud punk-indie
rock combined melodies.Then suddenly,i realized that obtuse lyrics were very harmonious with
that loud guitars.It took my attention then i gave it re-listen.

Meanwhile,Discovered three great song in order I Might Need You To Kill,Test Pattern,Saint Rosa And The Swallows and the rest of them are complementary.Hutch Harris' insistent vocals, politic diction, straight head indie punk guitar tunes are the particular fidelities on this record.
As their guitar lines are falling down and make any sense (Back To The Sea),vocal repeats itself
but it's clearing these problem by the good ones (Power Doesn't Run On Nothing).

Thermals's new record which is previously released on August 22,sweeping their previous "Fuckin A" (2004), More Parts Per Million (2003) with its non-stop energy and pure noise and arty experimentalism.
Oh,you didn't hear the end of story,once again i turned back listening my old classic rock
heroes...but it was pleasure.
MM picks:Saint Rosa And The Swallows
mp3:Test Pattern
Thermals bandsite You may also like:Band of Horses

New Modern Rock Songs!

  1. Robyn Hitchcock - Adventure Rocket Ship
  2. Lloyd Cole - Travelling Light
  3. Arab Strap - Rocket, Take Your Turn
  4. The Decemberists - o Valencia
  5. The Walkmen - Many Rivers to Cross
  6. The Hold Steady - Chips Ahoy!
  7. Killers - When You Were Young
  8. Bluetones - My Neighbour's House
  9. Pernice Brothers - Somerville (New!)
  10. Lemonheads - Become the Enemy (New!)
Ten captivating song which were chosen from new singles.I've
been listening Lemonheads' new record and i highly recommend it.
In the ten years since the last record, Evan Dando has released one solo LP,
2003's acclaimed 'Baby I'm Bored'.Now I'm really happy to see their back.
Thank you and keep up reading!

The Lemonheads - Lemonheads

Modern Music Review
College Rock, Punk-Pop
They mostly influenced by American post-punk bands of the '80s
such as rocking Husker-Du,traditional and modern sounded R.E.M., further to that cult rock idol Neil Young .The long awaited release of The Lemonheads newest release;the first in close to 10 years!

This time it's not sloby,quite rocking eleven Lemonhead songs which are so feral yet so tight.They're growing on me and it's reasonable to mark this new record as their one of best The Lemonheads effort.Absorbing melodic hooks are great and it's rocking time.Quite noisy and intentive guitar solos mainly appear in Baby's Home,Steve's Boy,December.

This ain't one-way album,its path passing by country, alt-rock ,grunge and punk genres,also familiar with college rock (Become The Enemy,Pittsburgh). Comparison sound of "The lemonheads" with Buffalo Tom,The Replacements,Nirvana,Dinosaur Jr. wouldn't be wrong.As an example the sounds in "Let's Just Laugh",it proves that these are very mixed tunes,getting around Hardcore punk,post-punk where it gets connected with Mission of Burma's never stop heavy post-punk roots.

"Rule Of Three","In Passing" are my personal favorites,mostly includes guitar pop melodies
where we get used to listen a bunch of them from Teenage Funclub.Song by song i love them and till the end of the record still have the same feelings.Providing amazing guitar solos to backround of songs couldn't be so impressive.
All melodic,all clear almost perfect!
MM picks:Baby's Home,In Passing,December
Listen:Become The Enemy,No Backbone (downloadable)
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Sean Lennon - Friendly Fire

Modern Music Review
As the son of John Lennon, perhaps the most beloved Beatle, and avant-garde musician Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon was a celebrity before he had even begun his recording career.

The singer's first album in eight years followed “Into the Sun” and “Half Horse Half Musician” also includes instrumental help from Jon Brion and Matt Chamberlain, as well as guitarist Harper (son of Paul) Simon.

It was sure He would compose sad,angry and calm melodies because it’s in his gene which come from majestic,legend father John Lennon.From the beginning and till the end “Friendly Fire” keeps lush warm pop and eclectic roots.Eclectic, i said because they mostly sound like composed by someone else just as voice of John Lennon, magnificence of Beach boys.There aren’t anything unusual when you’re listening, some easygoing,all the same songs. There isn't much style variety among the songs; they basically all sound similar.

Lyrically, humble and resigned to a fault.You won’t even notice that you’re playing the last song.It tries to enter to your brain through the door of brain but no success. If he had known that,how to put various and some different songs to the album, he would have decided differently.As a listener,I want emotion, humour, authentic shortly some colours of life.It’s dull to live with only one colour,grey! However this is worth to listen.

It’s time to listen easygoing ten songs of Sean Lennon if it doesn’t include much style, a straight spin!
MM picks:Wait For Me,Spectacle
Listen:Parachute, Headlights
Sean Lennon Page

Ben Kweller - Ben Kweller

A true solo effort, this self-titled release finds the 25-year-old Kweller handling all of the instrumentation himself for the first time but Are the results better?
Modern Music Review
Indie Rock
Direct to subject,Yep!,there are even cheerful pop melodies but it's not posible to see manifest stripe of color or walk around top points.These are all should be future aims for Ben Kweller.Sometimes repeating some words had been used for to cover incomplete sides of the songs.

'All around this room tonight woohoo wooho!' Lyrics look really tired,it was a rainy day,so
i need to get rid of it,but it seems that imposible with "Nothing happening".
Here's song about 'Nothing is Happening,it's all ilusion,Nothing is Happening,it's all confusion.'
repeat it more than five times!Good but it doesn't work!No I'm not insensitive,
but ain't dishonest too.No need to tell all albums great! For instance,"Run" and "I Gotta Move"
quite colourful melodies notwithstanding i didn't like the lyrics. It proves that
everyone can't write lyrics but they make music with combining some noises, sounds...
In future,we'll see that everybody has an album.

'For the most part, Ben Kweller simply suggests Jackson Browne reared on Weezer.'Uncut

"I Gotta Move" is one of that ok tunes emphasizing some pretty electric guitar acts, but it's not enough.Ben has a good voice and using it clearly (Thirteen).But the songs in this "Ben kweller" don't have the right clue,not haunting or adoring.My sleep was came when i was listening and sleep was saying to me: 'It's dull dude,it's dull!' Of course i liked a couple of songs bu nothing more.Some good guitar chords in song "Magic" seems to be taken from Arctic Monkeys' well-known hit "When the sun goes down".

"Ben Kweller" is a good album in appearance!It needs more ...,weaker than accustomed to indie pop scene.Still "Sha Sha"(2002) his best.One really good song,some ok and the rest averege.
MM picks:I Don't Know Why
Mp3:I Gotta Move,I Don't Know Why
Ben Kweller Official
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Asobi Seksu - Citrus

Modern Music Review
Three bold line post-punk/shoegaze/dream pop and combination these flying styles plus dream of Japanese and English female vocal with bright and tuneful voice.Ladies and gentlemen,Asobi
Seksu!(it's claimed to be a Tokyo-based slang term that means "playful sex"),Front based New York guitar noise acts ranging Sonic Youth,Yo La Tengo!Citrus (2006) is quite yummy for '90s My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Moose, Chapterhouse, Luna, Galaxie 500 listeners or fans.

They mostly seem recalling 80s dream pop tunes like Elizabeth Fraser(Cocteau Twins) kind of vocals,They had stolen some cookie from 90s british pop acts like Lush and some heavy noisy pies from famous shoegaze idol My Bloody Valentine.The most avant-garde side of them is the heavy Japanese pop influences and mix this into the noise elements of shoegaze invasion. The result is absolutely pleasing.Songs like "Strawberries","Strings","Pink Cloud Tracing Paper" are obsessively inescapable,and songs like "New Years","Goodbye","Red Sea" are openly sparking,the melody comes from sun,power of sunshine.Yuki Chikudate is warming up you with her voice but it's weird atmosphere always cool because of the noises.Songs are starting to play clearly but near to end they're becaming very complicated,paralyzing (Lions and Tigers,Strings,Red Sea).

I knew it,it's the sound of playful sex.Besides the influences, they sound really attractive.If you're very selective listener,you notice some taken riffs from 90s shoegaze bands but anyhow they express strong sympathy with this new album "Citrus".You'll have something to say if you listen.Now,Do you have something to say about Citrus?
MM picks:Strings,Pink Cloud Tracing Paper,Lions and Tigers
Mp3:Pink Cloud Tracing Paper (...),New Years (...)
You may also like:Mojave 3
Asobi Seksu Page

Jarvis Cocker - Jarvis

Jarvis is the debut solo album by Jarvis Cocker. It is due for relese in the UK on 13 November 2006.
Modern Music Review
Indie Rock
At least i had a chance to listen Jarvis new debut "Jarvis" for several times.At first sight we can all say it's a totally pretty album for Pulp fans.It sounds little more indie but great to hear old Jarvis style vocals at any cost.From this point this album seems to follow lazy tunes where we used to listen in "We Love Life".Again i can say this album isn't pretentious like "We Love Life" or other top Pulp albums (Different class,This is a Hardcore) but there is a truth it should exist in your music archive.Difference of this debut, it includes more adult alternative tunes with its lyrics,ambience and flow.

More you listen more you get in, so it isn't a kind of album which you love at your first spin.
There aren't one-way feelings then it sounds energic,playful(fat children) sometimes
elegant (baby's coming back to me) because of the vocals.

Middle age influenced lyrics and bewitching "Disney time" one of the front work and that's for
sure you'll be pleased to spend time with this song,gorgeous!I want to see good sides of the works,of course no need to say 'that song sucks' or 'this isn't perfect because of that song',because we all know that can't be perfect!Believe me it's a good taste,it isn't a waste of time.Jarvis Cocker has been in too many fights in music to prove himself and He did it.Artistically,"Jarvis" is one of that stars which is shining brightly.
MM picks:Heavy weather,Disney time
Mp3:Black Magic, Fat Children

Beirut - Gulag Orkestar

One of 2006's most unexpected indie success stories, Beirut (aka New Mexico-born 19-year-old singer/songwriter Zach Condon) combines a wide variety of styles, from pre-rock pop music and Eastern European gypsy styles to the alternately plaintive.
Modern Music Review
I know readers of MM will be pleased hear about bands like Sunset Rubdown,Neutral Milk Hotel
Gogol Bordello and other folk-indie combined different new well-known bands.Here it comes
another great new music with Beirut debut "Gulag Orkestar" that expand to the world as they deserved.
Like DeVotchKa, Condon is heavily influenced by Eastern European folk music and mostly accordions, horns, and hand percussion stand front of his music.Also I have no word to voice of Zach Condon who really knows how to blend his name with flowing of the music.

"Gulag Orkestar" generally touches some gloomy senses and these senses came out of his shell.
The plaintive music already is a reason to fall in love Beirut but it's obvious lyrics were written too simply and lyrics aren't in same range with heavy dominant exuberant instruments.It happens at every listen,delirium!Impressive thunderous instruments (Prenzlauerberg),colourful good times,aspiration (Postcards from Italy),lyrically weak but it's heartland song of the album (Rhineland (Heartland)),don't surprised if you find yourself singing with him.I noticed that "Gulag Orkestar" had placed in my heart with its melodic indie folk tunes.
MM picks:Prenzlauerberg,Rhineland (Heartland)
Listen:Postcards From Italy,Brandenburg (Beirut live @ Mocking Music)
You may also like:the Magnetic Fields,the Decemberists
Beirut Band Site

Copeland - Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Modern Music Review
is a melodic indie group, originating in the city of Lakeland, Florida. Originally formed in 2000 by singer Aaron Marsh With "Eat, Sleep, Repeat" out October 31 they're shining above stars to take you a journey on musical valleys.Angelic vocals (also sometimes it tastes sweet as sugar), guitar, mellotron, organ, and piano appear on every song and The music is embracing you.

So flying,sometimes velvet and you even don't notice which song you're listening.Your hunger is growing while you're in "Eat, Sleep, Repeat".You'll feel the warmless place (Where's My Head) with its awesome opening, touch a simple beauty (title track), a powerful melody need to control people (Control Freak), their music needs more attention (Careful Now) and this album's best song appears here (Love Affair)."Love Affair" which hold impressive pianos, majestic vocals and sometimes shining violins, horns and its little electronic attractions and i love it.

Near to end of the album there are some weak tunes i know but they're walking faster to get torch of successful!I appreciated their efforts. If you love to listen some improved alternative pop melodies then you should givew a listen!
MM picks:Love Affairs,By My Side
Listen:"Eat, Sleep, Repeat",When You Thought
Copeland Band Site

Best New Music

1.The Decemberists - o Valencia
2.Robyn Hitchcock - Adventure Rocket Ship
3.Lloyd Cole - Travelling Light
4.Grizzly Bear - KnifeLloyd Cole - Travelling Light
5.Supergrass - Moving (Flashback!)
6.Arab Strap - Rocket, Take Your Turn
7.The Walkmen - Many Rivers to Cross
8.Killers - When You Were Young
9.Bluetones - My Neighbour's House
10.The Hold Steady - Chips Ahoy! (...)

And some popular songs here!You should listen the artists in the list and their albums are quite good for having a nice time.Decemberists' new record quite pretty as you know,you can listen it with some The Smiths albums plus The Dears can be an alternative choice to those,also The Pernice Brothers,Billy Bragg...You'll love them all together!

Jet - Shine On

Modern Music Review
Here is a cranky review, insincere rock n' roll (mostly fake) music will crush your world!
It made me to remember one the biggest name Frank Zappa's "We're Only in It for the Money"
A real rock n' roll soul lies there. But in this record -- A little from there, a little from here, They make me nervous with their new "Shine On" (2006). Is it really cruel to say i hate from their music? I think it's not cruel and better to say "i adore them" even if i hate them. What a tasteless music which hasn't its own soul. It's just playing but i can't dive into. Their previous songs were a holocaust for me like lyrics 'look what you've done make me fool of everyone'? If these lyrics were written by Paris Hilton i would simply give ten point it but they call themselves as a hard rock band?

They've songs like 'yeah' then another 'baby' between every ten seconds shouting 'yeah' (Holiday). I really hate effortless music or i should call it "stolen". 'Oh yeah'--again this sh*t i won't call these as lyric! A little rock n' roll riffs, crying, singing with thin voice (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is). It didn't finish, we'll listen the most simple song in the world 'bring it on back bring it on back'.Unlikeable. Another headache (That's All Lies), then music turns to another style with "Kings Horses" cleverly because you should put a slow song after all craps. The only good song are "Eleanor", "Shiny Magazine" because of melody (mostly sounds stolen from George Harrison) which you can find similar melodies with Sleepy Jackson. No need to prostrate myself with listening more! Mostly colourless, sounds very pushing.
Other reviewers are more cleverer ,short and to the point! Pitchfork "Shine on" Review
MM picks:...
Stand Up, Come on Come on
Jet Official Site

Pernice Brothers - Live a Little

Formed after the 1997 breakup of singer/songwriter Joe Pernice's alt-country group the Scud Mountain Boys, the Pernice Brothers did an about-face from the lush '70s country sound of their final album, Massachusetts, and came up with the lush orchestrated pop of 1998's Overcome By Happiness.
Modern Music Review
Today i'll write a few words about a really good album.As you remember,i mentioned about that great pop underground bands like Teenage Funclub,Posies and god of them The Big Star.Here is another excellent band The Pernice Brothers.Melody in music is one the important thing,you admire to a song because of its little magicful melody.Pernice Brothers' 2006 release "Live a Little" unblemished voice is the key instrument,limpid pop melodies which are also friend with indie rock tunes.Little bells,little light explodes are really impressive and a permanent listening.The Clear tunes are imposible to forget (Somerville,Zero REffils).Flattering words i know but it isn't a lie to say this record deserves it.

Lyrically, it's another masterpiece but vocals,guitars,compositions..All safe.You can even control the playlist it's playing so softly maybe sometimes cranky and it recalls Morrissey style vocals,Beach Boys style orchestral backround tunes but it really worth to hear these melodies (How Can I Compare).All great,all melodic.
MM picks:Somerville, Zero Refills
Listen:Automaton (...), High As A Kite (...)
Official Pernice Brothers Website
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Teenage Fanclub - Man Made

Badly Drawn Boy - Born In The UK

Modern Music Review
Easily the finest Badly Drawn Boy album since 2002's "About A boy" soundtrack, Born In The U.K. finds the British alternative-pop artist (a.k.a. Damon Gough) playing to his strengths after a period of creative stagnation.

Remarkably,"The Hour of Bewilderbeast" ,which is melodic indie pop sprayer,Badly Drawn Boy's the most powerful debut record in which we can't forget hits like Everybody's Stalking,Once Around the Block,Pissing in the Wind.This new record "Born in the U.K." (2006) gives a good taste of music,pointing orchestral pop tunes -- it's blending the colour of indie pop with matt piano tunes(Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind).It's not totally new to hear these pianos on everysong.Forwhy Damon Gough loves these kind of tunes,sometimes hidden cheerful lyrics and same at lyrics,deep vocals become identical sound of atmosphere.

Guitars,Ambiance,background music are just awesome.It touchs you and steal the place of your mind.'Promise you will rember,A promise should last for ever,Till after the last dying embers.'Lyrics with rhyme fits rising and falling pianos amazingly (Promises).Volatile guitar tastes so dizzy dizzy (The Way Things Used To Be).Pain is read from his mind (Without A Kiss),"Born In The U.K." sounds quite openhearted.

It benefits not only from Gough's renewed focus on crafting compelling pop songs, but from a new creative foil, Lemon Jelly's Nick Franglen, who helped to flesh out the album's arrangements.Any Badly Drawn Boy fan should get this brand new record also it'll lead for new fans.It's one of the best adult music from this year.
MM picks:Promises,The Way Things Used To Be,The Long Way Round
Badly Drawn Boy Website
Listen:Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind, The Shining

The Hold Steady - Boys And Girls In America

Modern Music Review
The thinking man's bar band, the Hold Steady use a thundering classic-rock template--evoking everything from Boston to the Faces--as a base from which lead singer Craig Finn delivers his epic sung-spoken Springsteen-esque narratives of searching for faith and redemption at the bottom of an empty bottle.

First i thought that i was listening an old band from mid-70S.'Boys are back in town boys are back in town' (Thin Lizzy) and i found some similar guitar chords in song
"Hot Soft Light".The result was satisfying.I loved this indie combined rock n' roll roots,also i adore names like New York Dolls,Richard Hell,Replacements.

'The triumph of Boys And Girls is that it's full of the kind of songs that Finn's protagonists would crank up, relishing every power chord.' The Onion (A.V. Club) [9.1/10]

Initial four song (Stuck Between Stations,Chips Ahoy!,Hot Soft Light,Same Kooks) don't apart
the soul of rock n' roll they keep the energy,long and powerful guitars."First Night"
is the slowest and the most emotional song,cute pianos and wry vocals of Craig Finn (mostly Paul Westerberg style)."Party Pit" is witty composition and it proves The Replacements infleunce of Hold Steady."You Can Make Him Like You" sounds a little Bruce Springteen's early works.There are too many nice,restful tunes (Citrus,Chillout Tent) Chillout Tent is the stoundout one just simply you should hear bizarre piano and heavy guitar combinations.You'll want to listen this record again before it finished.

Refreshingly irony-free, the Hold Steady are one of the best reminders of rock & roll's
classic spirit to have emerged in the early years of the new millennium.
Hold Steady - Chips Ahoy!
Hold Steady - Citrus (links from?)
MM picks:Chillout Tent
Official Hold Steady Site
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Modern Music Honors:Diamond Songs

Here is 10 amazing melodic hook,definetly you'll fall in love after several spin.The point of preparing this list is all of them is underground,so you can discover new tunes which are just my recommendation.It's hard to find these songs so please give them a listen,so they make you very happy because they need to be discovered.If you love these lists then mention about them to your friends.MM keeps great artists,you just listen their music.It's not a random order so be careful before listening number 1,it's impressive.Also I can recommend all the bands,they're very successful on their works.Oh,don't thank to me(but if do then no problem),thanks to their composer with buying their album.Keep up reading!
  1. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Master & Everyone
  2. Mark Lanegan - Hotel
  3. Karate - With Age
  4. The High Llamas - Nomads
  5. The Trash Can Sinatras - Freetime
  6. Sunset Rubdown - The Empty Threads of Little Lord
  7. Opal - She's a Diamond
  8. The Twilight Singers - Powder Burns
  9. Devotchka - The Enemy Guns
  10. Beirut - Scenic World

The Walkmen - Pussy Cats

Modern Music Review
Garage Rock
Fresh from releasing their third album, A Hundred Miles Off, in May, the Walkmen
are showing no signs of fatigue.It's recreating of Harry Nilsson's delicious "Pussy Cats" (1974) which was produced by John Lennon.Coming along with Walkmen,this sounds funnier than the original one.

A perfect cover of "Many Rivers To Cross" shows the character of this breathtaking band.
Hamilton Leithauser uses his dominant voice without seperating his infleunces (Tom Waits,Velvet Underground). They really love noise but not unintelligibly,Noise in their music really fits with the ferocious vocals."Subterranean Homesick Blues" an insane melody,"Don't Forget Me" king of sorrow,"All My Life" my favorite cover of this album and also it's a very nostalgic tune,it was the strongest at Nilsson's record."Black Sails" impress you easly,shot you down with its deep vocals,dark pianos.

"There was no real plan. It just sounded like a really fun idea," said Walkman Walt Martin."We decided what we wanted is do it pretty fast so it would stay fun the whole time, and we got lucky somehow and were able to do it fast. It never got to where it was a real drag. It was fun the whole time, somehow."

They had always loved "Pussy Cats"-- listening to it almost incessantly in their travels together and feeling something mysterious and magical with each listen. In a great, hilarious and rollicking way the album expresses feelings about musical and personal camaraderie that hit very close to the hearts of the Walkmen.I can recommend the original version of "Pussy Cats" too.This cover album is messy and it's what we used to listen from the Walkmen.Shut up!It's a great record!
For how this cover idea crashed into their head read at Pitchfork.
MM picks:All My Life
Listen:Don't Forget Me, Many Rivers to Cross
The Walkmen official website

Promis - Promis

Underground Archive
Modern Music Review
'Old world European cabaret meets new world meets pop, dance and electronica.'
It's time to feel the melancholia in your body with singer/songwriter Jose Promis' the debut album.Mostly his music influenced by Jacques Brel,Rufus Wainwright and Leonard Cohen.
In Fall 2005 his music was featured in the award winning musical Night Of The Black Cat, winner of the 2005 L.A. Music Award for Best Staged Musical, at the Edgemar Center for the Arts, and in early 2006 he self-released his first album,titled Promis.

Album opening "Burned by the sun" and the following songs "Under the Stars","Barfly" are three drunken piano oriented melodies."Delusions of Grandeur" is a stylish accordion weighted nostalgic melody.Thus far,it's a musical banquet for people in love with nostalgia.Sorrowful side of album never dissapears.It's possible to hear the same melancholy in electronic songs(It's a Fire,Rust).The Essence of Promis appears in songs like "When Lovers Get Bored","The Street","Wind Up a Song".

'I should have been more discreet,But I couldn’t help my heart beat,The promise in your smile was too sweet.'Lyrics from The streets.

"When Lovers Get Bored" keeps giddy vocals,slow killer melodies.Altough there are spotty vocals in songs "Could This Be Our Time?","It's a fire","barfly" but combination vocals with effective pianos are plainly worth to listen.The best vocal performance you hear near to go(Wind Up a Song)!This song brings the whole talent of songwriter Jose Promis,including the best lyrics and flying pianos."Rust" is a good-chosen closing song,it's walking around with its electronic beats.This debut seems it's tired of being punished by pain of love.Mostly it's placed in the middle of love stories.
MM picks:When Lovers Get Bored,Wind Up a Song
Promise Page

Tyrannosaurus Rex - T.rex

Modern Music classics
'Thank you, friends
I rejoice to the skies
Dear ones like you do the best I do.'
Thanks to the creative direction of guitarist/vocalist Marc Bolan (born Marc Feld).

It's quite heartfelt to thank you Marc Bolan with Big Star lyrics.If you ask me which albums don't get old?The fifth T. Rex album would be one of them(and though it was the first on which the act was billed as "T. Rex" (1970) rather than Tyrannosaurus Rex).T.rex ,a legend,Gleeful,sometimes very theatrical,sometimes a great fun.

Most of the previous Tyrannosaurus Rex albums had actually done pretty well on the British LP charts, but here Bolan made a determined move away from the cult hippie audience and toward a younger pop/rock one, simultaneously steering away from psychedelic acoustic folk-rock and toward a harder sound with electric guitars.Jewel,The Visit are way to hear amazing Marc Bolan vocals.You can't even impersonate his musical taste.I can't stop because "Root Of Star" is too much for me,Brilliant!"Beltane Walk" cheerful obsessed melody,"Is It Love" is a stylish which is a T.rex hit and one of his most contagiously underrated compositions ever.It never ends,
'we're gonna rock,is it love?Music of love?I know this sudden electric guitars solos
will kill me someday!Because the sound of T.rex is really changing life.

Don't get excited!Because you haven't listened "Summer Deep","The Wizard","Ride A White Swan" yet.'One day she came like a seagul woman!'Honestly this album is the classic of my heart.'Love you,Oh girl I do,Love you.' these lyrics from an acustic enchanting son "Suneye".So don't go to bed without listening this 1970 made T. Rex classic.

Listen this Weekend

You should put one of this songs to your playlist at least.
1.Grizzly Bear - Knife
2.Band of horses - The Great Salt Lake
3.Sleepy jackson - Devil Was In My Yard
4.The Decemberists - o Valencia
5.Lloyd Cole - Travelling Light
6.Smiths - I know it's over (Flashback!)
7.Arab Strap - Rocket, Take Your Turn
8.Robyn Hitchcock - Adventure Rocket Ship
9.Killers - When You Were Young
10.Bluetones - My Neighbour's House

As you see i put a Smiths song which is one the most romantic song of them.Grizzly Bear is our number one this week but i've been spending my whole time with Robyn's fresh record,for more Robyn Hitchock here.Also Beck's "Elevator Music" didn't appear in this chart but you may like it.You can find too many singles of The smiths at Instrumental Analysis.

Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus Three - Ole! Tarantula

Modern Music Review
Robyn Hitchcock is one of England's most enduring contemporary singer/songwriters and live performers, although he's been branded eccentric and quirky during the course of his long

'A flawless return to garage rock.'
I know you Modern Music readers love to read warm reviews in here. I want to thank all of you who have mailed to encourage me to write more comments about the most charming music. Today we have a very special artist with his new masterpiece. That's for sure it took a place
of my heart. Actually i don't know how to write because when i try to write about a great album
i lose myself but it isn't a bad minor, only about being openhearted. I love to be openhearted when the subject is music. I called it as a flawless return because everysong is harmonious,supplemental and sometimes bloody melodies sometimes little adorable.John Lennon style cute vocals,Syd Barrett lazy tunes, stylish The Byrds atmosphere, droll lyrics and quirky melodies. He still has got punk sprit but it isn't a punk record of course only he uses sometimes joyful melodies. Opening and closing songs are just amazing.

"Adventure Rocket Ship", "Underground Sun", "Museum Of Sex", "Ole! Tarantula", "N.Y. Doll" have their own aura. Lyrically, he's still obsessed with crabs, eggs, tomatoes, and things that are fleshy, furry, and spindly...that's reminded me legend Syd Barett and his photo with onions at his head. This shows this kind of musicians really understand the meaning of living. There are a lot of great thing around us but we only prefer to see money! You'll think i'm insane but you can even love a flower.

Emotions are more precious than everyting that money can buy! Feel "Ole! Tarantula" inside of you! It's one the important release of the year. Put a smile on your face listen these sadness melodies. Learn to happy with your weak sides so realize that you can't be perfect. Oh wait,my fav. song is playing "N.Y. Doll" it's time to say goodbye.

MM picks:Adventure Rocket Ship, Museum Of Sex, N.Y. Doll
Robyn Hitchcock Home Page

Arab Strap - Ten Years Of Years

Modern Music Review
'Double sadness,double bliss'
The band felt it had "run its course" by fall 2006, as an official announcement was made of their disbandment. They issued the farewell, quasi-greatest-hits compilation Ten Years of Tears that November and embarked on a final U.K. tour before calling it a day.Maybe it won't be an Arab Strap album in future but we should know how to content oneself with what we've got.So we've the "Ten Years of Tears" (2006) --a great compilation of Arab Strap.

Burning your soul -- of course it depends instrumental outfits,mostly tiny glitters,opaque lyrics.
Atmospheric sound all the time.Slow-fast contradictory song Turbulence (A radically altered version of the final track from The Red Thread by the sadly missed Bis) which is one of the best
Arab Strap work and it really fits its meaning a real irregular atmospheric motion.Indie pop
absorbed by violin tunes (the shy retirer).Live version of Glided,Blood are worth to listen
without fail.Rogue version of "if there's no hope for us" is the sexiest one electronic sizzles combines with real instruments and the result is totally amazing.A pure closing song "There Is No Ending"-Also 'It's a heartache nothing but a heartache' a Bonnie Tyler cover. These are my picks but i'm sure you'll find your own special souces in this limpid record.

"Ten Years of Tears" doesn't leave its core actually it's totally slowcore.
if you love to drink slowly then i know your rising band,it's Arab Strap.Lethal experience!
MM picks:Turbulence,the shy retirer,blood (live)
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The Black Heart Procession,Mogwai,The For Carnation
Official Arab Strap

The Killers - Sam's Town

Modern Music Review
Flood and Alan Moulder handled production for the popular Las Vegas band's second album.

Brandon Flowers (vocals/keyboards), David Keuning (guitar), Mark Stoermer (bass), and Ronnie Vannucci (drums) took the fashionista pop world by storm in summer 2004 with
"Somebody Told Me." The perfectly stylish song pulls from the band's influences --the Smiths, New Order, Oasis, and the Cure -- and it was just enough to get them on MTV.

Opening with title song Sam's Town which is a perfect start including determined vocals and different sound waves. It really shows that their music is growing. The different colors are dancing in the skies, fireworks running around, higher above the clouds (When You Were Young). A bit piano(Exitlude), a bit violin(Sam's Town) and marked guitar noises at the center. They also embrace some kind of metropol rock in their record. Close your eyes for escape exhausting lights of the city and listen (When You Were Young).

'Every time it tries to get real, it only winds up sounding fake, which means it's the
quintessential Vegas rock album from the quintessential Vegas rock band.'Amg

In fact i hadn't liked Hot Fuss (2004) which includes short lived songs commonly. Sam's Town
maybe kicks Hot Fuss, oh not maybe it truly kicks but it's not perfect too. Sometimes it turns
a kind of tiring air [Bling (Confessions Of A King)]. Still "Sam's Town" rescues the circumstance with the willing sound of it (For Reasons Unknown). We know that songs of these kind of band
(Muse,Strokes,Keane,Franz Ferdinand etc.) generally aren't durable. Because of the pop tunes. I hope this album ain't going to age and it'll be a way to love The killers.

It's not hard to pick the good songs (Bones,Why Do I Keep Counting?), but there are superfluous efforts in Sam's Town (Uncle Jonny,My List,Read My Mind). If you love sophisticated places, you'll have a couple nice word about this fresh bread.
Style:Alternative Pop/ Rock
MM picks:Sam's Town,When You Were Young,Bones,Why Do I Keep Counting?
Listen:When You Were Young
Official The Killers
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Interpol - Antics

Bluetones - The Bluetones

Modern Music Review
I used to love Bluetones because it would be a big lie saying Expecting to Fly" (1996) and "Science & Nature"(2000) are good for nothing.They're quite great britpop albums with the hits "Bluetonic","The basement song","Talking to Clarry","Slight Return" and more addictive songs.Bluetones' the most dazzling side is evidently their bland Stone Roses,Beatles infleunced guitar enterprises.They Reunited with producer Hugh Jones ‘My Neighbours House’ sees The Bluetones back to the sounds of their classic debut ‘Expecting To Fly’ and its follow-up ‘Return To The Last Chance Saloon’.

"The Bluetones" (2006) is a quite melodic release but i should say, i'm looking for the later
strong Bluetones guitars now.It sounds quite poppy.I know they're also britpopband but "The Bluetones" sounds a little commercial too.Opening with three good pop melody following that some nonsensical songs.

I always want to listen good sides of the albums.On the other hand,i don't avoid saying weak sides of them.So if it's a bad record,i definetly don't give a shit even if they're too famous like Audioslave,Rolling Stones or U2 and i wanna say their last releases are big shit.

First three work "Surrendered","Baby, Back Up","Hope and Jump" so energic and Cheerful sunny melodies but it's hard to say the same things for the duration."My Neighbour's House" which is the brand new single proves they're still playing in their British Trad Rock garden.
They'd drizzled some slow songs to the album but they haven't got any colour,they sound usually common.However this new Lp includes ordinarily apparent songs.

You should listen "The Bluetones" if you're a fan but if this is your first meet with their music, start with "Expecting to Fly" (1996).
MM picks:Surrendered,Head On A Spike
Listen:Surrendered, Fade In/Fade Out
Official Bluetones Site
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Supergrass - I should coco

The Smiths

The Smiths were the definitive British indie rock band of the '80s, marking the end of synth-driven new wave and the beginning of the guitar rock that dominated English rock into the '90s. Sonically, the group were indebted to the British Invasion, crafting ringing, melodic three-minute pop singles, even for their album tracks. But their scope was far broader than that of a revivalist band.
The Smiths are, or were, Mike Joyce, Johnny Marr, Stephen Morrissey and Andy Rourke.
In an intense 5 years Between 1983 and 1987 The Smiths released almost 20 singles and
7 albums, and are recognised by the critics as one of the most significant bands of
the 1980's. It is difficult to believe that Morrissey has been a solo artist longer
than 2 lifetimes of The Smiths, but his impact on the music industry declined significantly
after 1987.Here is a good History of the Smiths.
'don't forget the songs that made you smile,And the songs that made you cry!'
Smiths Albums:
The Smiths
Meat Is Murder
The Queen Is Dead (Don't miss out this masterpiece!)
Strangeways, Here We Come
Louder than Bombs

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