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Three bold line post-punk/shoegaze/dream pop and combination these flying styles plus dream of Japanese and English female vocal with bright and tuneful voice.Ladies and gentlemen,Asobi
Seksu!(it's claimed to be a Tokyo-based slang term that means "playful sex"),Front based New York guitar noise acts ranging Sonic Youth,Yo La Tengo!Citrus (2006) is quite yummy for '90s My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Moose, Chapterhouse, Luna, Galaxie 500 listeners or fans.

They mostly seem recalling 80s dream pop tunes like Elizabeth Fraser(Cocteau Twins) kind of vocals,They had stolen some cookie from 90s british pop acts like Lush and some heavy noisy pies from famous shoegaze idol My Bloody Valentine.The most avant-garde side of them is the heavy Japanese pop influences and mix this into the noise elements of shoegaze invasion. The result is absolutely pleasing.Songs like "Strawberries","Strings","Pink Cloud Tracing Paper" are obsessively inescapable,and songs like "New Years","Goodbye","Red Sea" are openly sparking,the melody comes from sun,power of sunshine.Yuki Chikudate is warming up you with her voice but it's weird atmosphere always cool because of the noises.Songs are starting to play clearly but near to end they're becaming very complicated,paralyzing (Lions and Tigers,Strings,Red Sea).

I knew it,it's the sound of playful sex.Besides the influences, they sound really attractive.If you're very selective listener,you notice some taken riffs from 90s shoegaze bands but anyhow they express strong sympathy with this new album "Citrus".You'll have something to say if you listen.Now,Do you have something to say about Citrus?
MM picks:Strings,Pink Cloud Tracing Paper,Lions and Tigers
Mp3:Pink Cloud Tracing Paper (...),New Years (...)
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