Weezer - Maladroit

Maladroit is the fourth album by Weezer. It was released on May 14, 2002 (see 2002 in music) and was the first Weezer album to stray from the 10 song per album "tradition". Maladroitheavy metal riffs and guitar solos, features uncommon to Weezer's previous releases. It was also the first Weezer album to include lyrics in the booklet. Maladroit is Weezer's first album with band member Scott Shriner. While Maladroit has many supporters, some Weezer fans dislike the direction that the band took with this album. features

As of October 2005, the album had sold 590,718 copies in the United States, having reached a high of #3 on the Billboard 200 and quickly going gold. Yet it dropped quickly off the charts and is the band's least successful album.




bulut on 2:23 pm said...

1. American Gigolo
2. Dope Nose
3. Keep Fishin'
4. Take Control
5. Death And Destruction
6. Slob
7. Burndt Jamb
8. Space Rock
9. Slave
10. Fall Together
11. Possibilities
12. Love Explosion
13. December

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