Robert Pollard - Normal Happiness

Rating: 7/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Indie Rock
'I've got a broken heart, passion and all the rest.'
Many of the songs on the former Guided By Voices leader's second solo set of the year originated in tracks recorded for the soundtrack to the Steven Soderbergh film "Bubble."

Put your weights faraway to your side and prepare for weekend by "Normal Happiness" which is generally including power-pop, guitar pop and melodic edge. It's easy to listen entire album in a jiffy.In fact momentary songs are always easy to listen. The longest song is about three min, rest of them is shorter than two min. So if you listen them apart, you won't get to anything. Nonetheless, they don't sound similar. While on "Gasoline Ragtime" music panics , on "Rhoda, Rhoda" it feels to you comfort. "Give Up The Grape" captures more garage rock spices. Following that the longest one appears "Pegasus Glue Factory" that is also one of the picks with its sticky melody, marked guitar slidesand velvet vocal. You dive into the music quickly.

Normal Happiness is a fresh, clean and major fruit of Robert Pollard, In indie rock the music may be too whimsical and innocent; too weird; too sensitive and melancholy; too soft and delicate; too dreamy and hypnotic. Normal Happiness captures all of them , So short so bare.
MM picks: Gasoline Ragtime, Pegasus Glue Factory
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Some mp3s on official Robert Pollard


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