Bob Mould - Workbook

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is the title of Bob Mould's first solo album after leaving Hüsker Dü. The album is primarily acoustic and has a strong folk influence

Gripping instrumental opening with 'Sunspots',something is warming up from
your inside to this album.

Continuing with 'Wishing Well',i can direcly say vocals and guitars are pure,
succesfull.Particularly you can't escape from vocals while listening 'Wishing Well.
Middle of the song you'll hear enchanting guitar solos.

'Heartbreak A Stranger' has the similar sound of the songs in R.E.M. Automatic for the People.
You'll directly notice the similarity songs between 'Heartbreak A Stranger' and 'nightswimming'
You can also consider Bob Mould with R.E.M. and you aren't wrong.
My opinion is this album quite great.Composition of vocals and guitar are very

'See A Little Light' is eating the sounds of 90s.Masterpiece can describe this song.
This album will pull you to its inside.'Poison Years' is the king of sadness
inside the album.You can see influential era of album through 90s.

It's hard to give a label to this masterpiece so we can call it alternative rock.
You don't get bored near end of the album,because every song have different colour.
So it colors your soul.Also it rests your ears.From begining to end,Workbook
is totally a music pleasure.

Intelligence lyrics like:

Things used to be so simple, long time ago

Now everything is so expensive and complicated

I hear you need a license for just about anything

from song named 'Compositions For The Young And Old'.

'Lonely Afternoon' is another song which is different than others.But it also
doesn't disrupt the album.You should taste the atmosphere of this song,it
can't be explained.Workbook have to exist in Top 100 album of all time.Maybe it's
an underground album but now you know about the album:)

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Anonymous said...

This one, the album that followed it "Black Sheets Of Rain" amd Sugar's "Copper Blue" are the three best thing's Mould ever did.

More people should be exposed to all 3 of them :-)

bulut on 10:36 pm said...

I like Bob mould the other albums too.But my favorite is always 'Workbook'.

"Black Sheets Of Rain" is great too.As soon as I'll try to post about it .

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