Tapes n Tapes - The Loon

Rating: 9/10
Modern Music Review
This is not a new album review, it's just a must have from this year.
I'm not posting the reviews randomly. If it's worth to write, i have to post about it. So i choose the best albums around put them ina list.Afterwards ,I listen them for several times before i decide to write about it. What we need is noteworthy albums for write about it. I do belive that i have to listen lots of records to pickgood ones from inside of them. So today i brought "The Loon" with me.A guarantee that you'll love this which contributes to indie rock.

At every occasion, it breaks you apart from world, while it sounds as other memorable indie bands Modest Mouse, Pavement, Sunset Rubdown, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Band of Horses. I know , you wanna listen them now!

I'm going to listen this all over, are you still there? At this point, there is no harm to speak chattily ,because i'm confident, music is good. I haven't found any spotty yet, didn't try to find neither. I see some Tapes n' Tapes fans out there!

I don't know if you had listened Tortoise's classic " Millions Now Living Will Never Die" but there are huge amounts indie bells, indie guitars which are definitely treasure for this new indie rock bands. "In Houston" beyond doubt comparable to Tortoise lunatic experimental work "Glass Museum". I think experimental music is a timeless one. It never gets bored, you're always able to find new excitements in this kind of musics. I didn't say this album is experimental, totally it's not. However there are short experiments which are truly distinctive feature of "The Loon". In addition It never turns to a repetitive album.
It's quite succesful debut exactly alternative, engrossing and melodic at the same time. It's enough! Go and listen!
MM picks: Insistor, In Houston, 10 Gallon Ascots
Listen: Insistor, Cowbell
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