Tuesday, October 31, 2006

White Whale - WWI

Rating: 5.8/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Indie Rock
This is the debut full-length for the Lawrence, Kansas band consisting of Matt Suggs (Butterglory), Rob Pope (The Get Up Kids), and John Anderson, Zach Holland, Dustin Kinsey (Thee Higher Burning Fire).

From time to time it sounds experimental, then indie, passing to indie pop, shortly it's getting around different music styles which are mostly various, rich and dynamic.

There are little similarities with some popular works. "The Admiral" recalls Arcade Fire's David Bowie featured song "Wake Up" , also they had used tempos of Joy Division's well-known
work "Love Will Tear Us Apart" on song named " What's An Ocean For?". "O' William, O' Sarah" is a quite lovable rainy day song but loud sharp noise at the end of song is superfluous effort, it
turns the song a tumultuous vagon.

"One Prayer" which is another song holding stolen chorus melodies alike Rolling Stones' "Angie". They put noisy instruments to cover those stolen ones but it's easy to see them, sure as eggs is eggs. "Forgive The Forgiven" , "I Love Lovely Chinese Gal" are perfect ,clean-cuts , though. Vocal style of "I Love Lovely Chinese Gal" reminds chants. Certainly,"Forgive The Forgiven" is the most original piece of "WWI".

It doesn't recreate the world , it only spins around self axis. It loses its power to the end despite of great opening songs as "Nine Good Fingers" ,"O' William, O' Sarah". They maybe departed while they were recording. My classic words, if you've potential in art, it comes out of its shell at every occasion.
MM picks: Forgive The Forgiven, I Love Lovely Chinese Gal
Listen: The Admiral
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