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MM review

This week 'album of the week' belongs Scottish alternative rock band Teenage Fanclub.
As i said before their 2005 release Man-Made which is one the best record of them.Their underground pop tunes strongly effective,memorable,pure and full with senses.Listened this record several times but still i have the same feelings,gorgeous.Man-Made represents the first record recorded by the band in the States, this time produced and mixed by John McEntire (Tortoise) in Chicago.

Here is an album with all-new complexity, unforseen depth and many delightful hidden layers.Playlouder
If you're Big Star fan you'll die absolutely at your first listen. Gerard Love is usually the most dependable songwriter of the bunch and this didn't change,again successful songwritings with 'Save','Time stops','Falling Leaves'.Man-Made is among the finest collections of pop songs any of us and it seems to be protect its beauty.
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