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I don't know if you listened Melvin's "Houdini"?If you know their "Houdini" you know how powerful/monolithic-sounding crazy band they're."(A) Senile Animal" their first studio album,under the name of The Melvins, since 2002's Hostile Ambient Takeover.

The Melvins' second release of 2006,"A Senile Animal", sees longtime members -- guitarist Buzz Osborne and drummer Dale Crover -- joined by both members of noise duo Big Business (bassist Jared Warren and drummer Coady Willis).

The album definitely is including some reformist metal sounds which are properly suitable for new alternative metal sounds.Also it feels that you are in a industrial factory with three long closing songs(A History of Bad Men,the Mechanical Bride,A Vast Filthy Prison).You should hear "Civilized Worm" to realize the dark,at the same time colourful drums,guitar solos --amazingly rocking.

They don't reduce their sound plus they add various materials their sounds without leaving heavy metal or grunge.You can find lots of overdone metal bands around,but The Melvins are running on a different lane.Their "(A) Senile Animal" is kicking,beating and burning.Drums are awesome at songs "the Hawk","You've Never Been Right", it beats any bad air that your place has.Also it brings creatures from hell!Listen carefully end of the songs,Yeah i know this drums will explode someday!

Open the gates!"(A) Senile Animal" is coming with rocking non-stoping riffs,head blowing drums.Altogether, it's a lucid work.

MM picks:Civilized Worm,the Hawk,A History of Bad Men
the melvins myspace
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here is the new music video for The Melvins, for the track "The Talking Horse".

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