Teenage Fanclub:What You Do to Me [US]

Cover Song!Life's A gas(Marc Bolan)
This Ep including great Marc Bolan song Life's A gas performed by
Teenage Funclub,sounds entertaining,another noisy guitar song 'Like a Virgin'.Maybe you haven't listened these great songs but you must hear Satan version of 'What You Do to Me' this version is ending with noisy guitar,the most pleasant song of the EP.Long Hair which is composed by Gerard Love features great guitars solos and spinings.

Meaningful lyrics,beautiful guitars which are generally sizzling,What You Do To Me (1992 USA cds) gives a short pure listen.

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Sonic Youth - Murray Street
Nirvana - Hormoaning

Audioslave - Revelations

Rating: 4/10
Modern Music Review:

Audioslave returns with their new release Revelations(2006). After their 2002 debut album Audioslave and following this with Out Of Exile, they show they didn't tire of same screamer vocals, Tom Morello's riffs, plus they added new dance beats into their post-grunge, hard rock style.In a recent interview on the Opie and Anthony radio show, guitarist Tom Morello said that the album would feature ‘funky grooves’ that are similar to those of Led Zeppelin and Earth, Wind & Fire. Funk grooves can be seen in songs 'One and the same','Sound of a gun'.

'Despite Mr. Cornell’s budding outrage, and the band’s attempts to funk up its sound, “Revelations” has a tentative, unfinished air.'The New York Times (5/10)

I'm sure that you'll love "Revelations" or you'll hate. Main reasons for loving this album are Chris Cornell's powerful vocals,Tom Morello's rocking riffs, inventive solos but on the other hand you can find Cornell's vocals too screamer, digressive or Morello's same guitar spinnings on the album is a reason for stoping to listen this new album.

'Excruciating fret wankery... appalling metal funk... and Chris Cornell 'singing' like a castrated gibbon throughout. 'New Musical Express (3/10)

First impressions:I don't want to be cruel but i didn't find anything special with this new record of Audioslave. In my opinion, The album which seemed rushed has same impact on me again like Out Of Exile- a waste of time. Songs like "Somedays" which is a real torment screaming 'Somedaysss,Somedaysss'. In addition, songs aren't memorable or vivid. Only some customary Audioslave solos plus dominant Cornell vocals.
Revelations may be a new joy for Audioslave fans, but nothing more.
MM picks:One and the same,Wide awake,Nothing left to say but goobye

Barry Adamson - Stranger on The Sofa

Modern Music Recommends
The producer and former Bad Seeds member(also formerly of Magazine) returns with his first solo disc in four years.

With 1998's As Above, So Below, he moved away from the soundscape-soundtrack-without-a-movie
oriented conceptual work he'd been doing since the beginning of his solo career to engage in a more song-based approach.This followed on The King of Nothing Hill in 2002, and on 2006's Stranger on the Sofa, he moves back a step in order to take two forward.

Modern Music Review:
Opening track which telling a story by Anna Chancellor along with
dark soundscapes is forerunner of the good songs in the album . Subsequent to "The long way back again" sounds acustic and lovely song about being far away your home. There's so much more with Stranger on the Sofa. "Officer Bentley's fairly serious dilemma" including different beats, weird and somewhere between guitar spinnings around gangster-like atmosphere.

"Who Killed Big Bird" keeps the 60s instrumental jazz melodies, sudennly sound
changes with "Theresa Green". It sounds more habitual emotional song which is swimming alternative pop/rock pool. This song is a clear reason to warm up "Stranger on the Sofa" impact on you.
"My friend the fly" and "You sold your dreams" have same Barry Adamson difference, creativity.
This three songs have deep vocals and alternative music combinations with Barry's talented taste in music. Adorable acid jazz rhythms with "My friend the fly" and great piano attractions by song named "Inside of your head" which song is perfect and captures cirque ambiance middle of it,no more words are needed.

"Stranger on The Sofa" proves again what an unnerving space the interior of his head must be.

"Stranger on The Sofa" can be noted Barry Adamson's best solo project,also the record features too many different music styles: jazz, post-rock, alternative pop ,experimental.

MM song picks:You sold your drems,Inside of your head,Who killed Big Bird?
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Wistful Sound Gazers:Bliss

Modern Music Recommended
Underground Bands
Wistful Sound Gazers debut release "Bliss"(2000) including six tracks EP which are
eye catching different melodies.Bliss blends the sounds of ambient rock with
classic soul,jazz.

MM review:
"Bliss" is a successful independent record which you can listen several times
without any unwillingness.Melodies are perfect and protean,totally restful listen.
"Bliss" creates an ethereal mood which sustains itself from beginning of the Ep
tp the final instrumental cut.All the songs have their own character which holds
you and grow on you rapidly.Don't be surprised when you are listening first
Wistful Sound Gazers music.Thats why i love underground bands.They always make
me surprised with their determined works.

"Bliss" opening with classic soul tunes "Push" including back female vocals.
"Calling" Glamorous soul vocals joins wistful acustic guitars.Airy vocals stop the
time and acustic guitars ride the song.
"i would" has the most distinct soulful harmonies.
"Winding Road" features impresive vocal performance (Ron Christopher) with magnificent hoarse electric guitar.
"On" is the fastest work of "Bliss",it's brilliant and entertaining composition.
Also there is a great instrumental work of Winding Road at the end of record.
Wistful Sound Gazers combines classic soul vocals with soft rock and adult contemporary tunes.

Now Discover and listen songs of "Wistful Sound Gazers":
MM song picks:Calling,Winding Road

New York Dolls - One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This

The new studio album "One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This"(2006)
captures the spirit of a band that had disappeared long before rock n roll became about big business, and presents the essence of fun, revelatory Rock N Roll in its purest form.

Modern Music Review
Eventually,i had a chance to write this review which i was waiting to write for long time,new studio album from New york Dolls without Johnny Thunders, Arthur Kane, and Jerry Nolan.
The first album in 32 years for the legendary glam-punk band
features guest appearances from Michael Stipe, Bo Diddley and Iggy Pop.Only David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain return from the Dolls' original
lineup, however.
It's the kind of rollicking, party-rockin' fandango which, genuinely, nobody has the spirit or wit to put together these days.Observer Music Monthly
Album opening(We're all in love) and closing(Take a good look at my good looks) songs
are terrific,it's hard to listen such first class songs in these days.David Johanson and Syl Sylvain are more interested in
celebrating their survival with a little sass than rehashing the sonic
anarchy that made them.In song "Dancing on the Lip of a Volcano" Michael Stipe's back vocals are very impressive and well-matched.

if you're just looking for unending energy with 70s high tempo hard rock
tunes,"One Day It Will Please Us..." should be yours.Additionally,there are
emotional songs like Maimed happiness,Plenty of music.

This album takes its power from oldies and unites some innovation.It's never
old and it's not modernist too.It's what it should be.

With this new record The New York Dolls proves that the band hasn’t lost a step,
and they still have creative musician souls.

MM picks:Take a good look at my good
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Johnny Thunders - Belfast Rocks (1984)

Electric Six - Switzerland

Modern Music Review
Switzerland(2006) is the title slated for the third album by Detroit rock band Electric Six.
Maybe,this album is released to damage my brain with its awfully disco and garage

Detroit's Electric Six offer up thirteen songs of all styles, sounds, genres, and themes. From the bouncy "I Buy The Drugs" to the Def Leppard/Journey-esque "Night Vision" to the super-smooth "Infected Girls", old school E6 mavens will find just the right amount of puerile yet groovy concoctions that make them want to become one with their aggression. It's a feel-good, drive-around-in-your-car-with-the-top-down summer staple.

There are too many different styles and different sounds but it shows us
it can turn a disadvantage when you use these styles in your music wastefully.

Meanwhile,There are only two apparent fine songs 'The Band In Hell' and 'Germans In Mexico'.
Their previous release "Señor Smoke" was Electric Six's strongest work but
"Switzerland" seems to be disappointment for the fans after "Señor Smoke".

'There's Something Very Wrong With Us So Let's Go Out Tonight' is a little good closing
song.But it isn't satisfying enough.
The official site:

Pete Yorn - Nightcrawler

On his third studio album, Nightcrawler(2006), New Jersey-born singer-songwriter Pete Yorn offers up another assured set of pop-savvy rock tunes, this time leaning toward a more robust sound. Although the potent, riff-laden single "For Us" is one of the record's most immediately accessible tracks, Yorn presents a wide range of enjoyable tunes here, from the jangly, propulsive "Undercover" to the chiming, buoyant "Maybe I'm Right" to the spare, wistful "Broken Bottle." Throughout Nightcrawler, Yorn's expressive vocals are well showcased, whether he's crooning gently or leading a raucous guitar-driven number. For fans, this outing reaffirms the notion that Yorn is one of the better songsmiths of his generation, while newcomers to his intelligent, refreshingly straight-ahead sound will finally see what the fuss is about.
MM review
Exhausting but good...Nightcrawler is an album which is hard to discover at your first listen,because of colourless guitars and unclear,faint Pete Yorn vocals.But i can't say the same things for tracks like "Same Thing","The man" quite good alternative melodies.It's still a hard listen for new listeners but i'm sure Pete Yorn fans love this new record.Also Warren Zevon cover "Splendid Isolation" is a good pop underground song which has very similar vocals with Gerard Love (Teenage Funclub).Extra,"Broken Bottle" has the best guitar chords however vocals hide its power.

'He tackles issues such as love, jealousy and immortality, crosses into genres like contemplative '60s folk ("Alive") and Spectorized R&B ("Georgie Boy"), and harmonizes with Dixie Chick Natalie Maines ("The Man")'.

MM picks:Same Thing,Splendid Isolation


Short info:
R.E.M. mark the point when post-punk turned into alternative rock.When their first single, "Radio Free Europe," was released in 1981,it sparked a back-to-the-garage movement in the American underground.Full biography

Modern Music
R.e.m. is an incomparable band which you can listen everytime.It's sometimes comlicated,sometimes it's very pure.You can't even explain their musical impact on you when you're listening their music.Every people can find other new thing in their music.So what MM finds in their music:
Rousing,Restrained,melancholy but mostly newness ...can be added a lot of emotion.
In my opinion,the most appreciated side of them is they always change their musical style.So who wants to do always same thing?it's very boring,newness is always good.We change everyday,so there is no mean to live with past,but that doesn't mean you can forget about the past.R.e.m puts new materials their music everytime but they are always our R.e.m. with their musical legacy.

Modern music R.E.M. albums:
R.e.m. - Murmur
R.e.m. - Reckoning
R.e.m. - Lifes rich pageant
R.e.m. - Document
R.e.m. - Automatic for people
R.e.m. - New adventures in hi-fi

Official R.E.M. website

Modern Music Top 10 R.e.m. Songs:
1.West of the Fields
4.Pretty Persuasion
5.Shiny Happy People
6.So. Central Rain
9.We Walk
10.The One I Love


Modern Music Review

Maybe Kasabian hasn't got a mission such as releasing a masterpiece
but it's obvious that they again released the most energetic songs with Empire (2006).

First Two song "Empire","Shoot The Runner" are high tempho and you can easly
up the volume without any headache and dance with electroclash rhythm.
'With electroclash but a greying, forgotten line of washing powder chopped out on a toilet cistern and Primal Scream back sipping bourbon in the Rocks Off Saloon, there's precious few bands around capable of fusing cool, electronic futurism with the attitude to unite ketamine-fulled clubbers and cider-spewing indie kids alike.'NME
Their Primal Scream,Happy Mondays influences are again apparent in "Empire".
But i can say they had improved their music with some good guitar chords and some electronic beats.
Sometimes,Their repeating of some words 'Sun,Rise,Light,Flies,Sun,Rise,Light,Flies'
is very wearisome.Voice of Tom Meighan is resonating everytime and it would
be better a clean vocal in some songs.

There are powerfull hit songs in Empire (Empire,Shoot The Runner,By My Side),
but eventually album is too exhausting when the subject comes to listen all songs.

MM picks:By My Side,Shoot The Runner,The Doberman

top new modern rock songs

Modern Music 10
1.Sleepy jackson - god lead your soul
2.Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - cursed sleep
3.Primal Scream - Dolls
4.Steely dan - Do it again
5.New York Dolls - Dance like a monkey
6.Luna - Lovedust
7.The Raconteurs - hands
8.Tv on the radio - Wolf Like Me
9.Radio birdman - you just make it worse
10.Kasabian - Empire

TV On the Radio is coming out with a new record "Return to Cookie Mountain" and first single Wolf Like Me.Their new single has lots of great new and weird tunes and quite prosperous.I've listened Kasabian's new "Empire",actually i don't like the album very much,maybe it needs time.

Radio Birdman:Zeno Beach

"Zeno Beach"(2006) is a long-overdue new chapter in the Radio Birdman story.
What results is vital new music, rather than some mere proto-punk museum piece, that is entirely worthy of a place alongside their early gems. Worldwide, people are excited to
hear that Radio Birdman are back and ready to unleash Zeno Beach.

Modern Music Review:
Firstly,Zeno Beach is a very brisk new record.Album is between somewhere
punk and rock&roll.The most interesting side of the album matchless guitar
chords (Chris Masuak,Deniz Tek).
'This is raucous, tight, and full of hooks, riffs, and great songs, proving that in the case of basic in-your-face rock & roll, the kids got nothing on Radio Birdman.'Amg
The Stooges/MC5 influences are still apparent, but "Zeno Beach" has something
different.The mediterranean sound of Heyday,Beautiful vocals of Subterfuge and Die Like April and
Non stop energy of all songs make "Zeno Beach" something extraordinary except The Stooges,Mc5.But only bad point is punk sound,because punk isn't the same punk in
these days.Punk lost its opinion.And sometimes it sounds same old same.

Anyhow,Zeno Beach is a new Radio Birdman bomb which is nearly to explode
with fast guitar solos,lovely Rob Younger vocals.

MM picks:Remorseless,We've Come So Far,HeyDay,The Brotherhood Of Al Wazah

The Jam

If you ask me ,which bands were the best at British Punk scene in the late '70s and early '80s?I would answer 'The jam was one of them'.Why?, here are some reasons:

They were one of the most popular groups of the day, achieving eighteen straight Top 40 singles in the UK from their debut in 1977 to their swansong in 1982, including four #1 hits.Along with the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and the Buzzcocks, the Jam had the most impact on pop music.

Launching the career of singer, guitarist, and songwriter Paul Weller, who remains a successful solo artist, the trio was known for its melodic pop songs, distinctly British flavour, and mod image.

And i can recommend these albums:
Jam - All mod con
Jam - Snap
Jam - In the city

In February 2006 Paul Weller received the Lifetime Achievement award at the Brit Awards.
And He released Catch-Flame! his new live album which i highly recommend you to listen.
My favorite Paul Weller album is Wild Wood.But it's sure that every album of him is great and sure worth to listen.
Learn more about him

Bryan Ferry:In your Mind

Album of the week
Theatrical cry of saxophone and trembling voice of Bryan Ferry within full energetic rock album "In your Mind"(1977).
'Sometimes the arrangements almost swamp the songs, but "One Kiss'"combination of female backing vocals, sax, and straight-up rock forinstance, make it a great woozy, end-of-the-night singalong before the bars close.'Amg
Throughout,In Your Mind intelligent, romantic,wistful,Sentimental
record.It's on of his best effort.Furthermore,I'm very big fan of Roxy Music.You should listen "Love Me Madly Again" from this record which is first-class work of Brian Ferry.

MM picks:
"Tokyo Joe"
One of Bryan Ferry's most gimmick-ridden (not to mention, in politically
correct times, lyrically suspect) efforts, "Tokyo Joe" was his tribute to
the Japanese fans who'd raised him to utter superstardom during the late
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Bob Dylan:Modern Times

Sony has previewed the entire finished CD for prominent rock critics at special listening events.
The album was recorded with Dylan's current touring band, including bassist
Tony Garnier, drummer George G Receli, guitarists Stu Kimball and Denny
Freeman, plus multi-instrumentalist Donnie Herron. All songs are written
by Bob Dylan, and he produced the effort under the name "Jack Frost".


Modern Music Review

After his great albums "Time out of mind"(1999), "Love and theft"(2001)
Bob Dylan again seems to surprise us with his the newest album "Modern Times"(2006).
It's obvious that Bob uses whole experiences of years in this record. Magnificent blues guitars, adorable vocals and habitual dominance of Bob Dylan... Arrangements of the songs is perfect too.
In the month leading up to its release, Rolling Stone and UNCUT both issued
five-star reviews for Modern Times, the highest rating given by both magazines.
There aren't any songs shorter than five minutes. But you don't even realize
length of the pieces. There are gloomy and lively songs at the same time. Mainly there is an nostalgic, melancholic atmosphere.
With Johnny Cash's "American V A Hundred Highways", "Modern Times" is one of the best
release in this year.
MM picks:Spirit On The Water, Thunder On The Mountain, Nettie Moore, Ain't Talkin'
Listen:Someday Baby, Spirit on the Water

Early Day Miners:Offshore

Modern Music Underground Bands
"Offshore"(2006) is one continuous piece, made up of six distinct songs by ambient, post-rock band Early Day Miners.Early Day Miners spin American rural music into richly cinematic, experimental textures that contain a prominent streak of melancholy (and some slowcore tendencies).
MM album review
At first sight it keeps warming up quickly Great instrumantel opening
with 'Land Of Pale Saints'.Its noise so beautiful not tiring and quite comely.
The song continues with second song 'Deserter' joining male and female(Daniel Burton,Amber Webber) vocals.
Its natural air doeasn't go bad,you are still in a atmospheric area.

This album reminds me Tortoise's 'Millions Now Living Will Never Die' with its experimental power but of course 'Millions Now Living Will Never Die' is a masterpiece,however 'Offshore' is a great album.Noisy,bright guitars is first reason to fly,deplorable vocals is another reason to love this record.

All the six tracks are very connected with each other,you can't absorb with listening
only one song in this album.So,listen all the songs at one time ,otherwise you'll think
that this album is a disappointment.'Offshore' is absolutely shining with its
Space Rock,Indie Rock tunes.
Band Website
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Sigur Ros - Von

Marianne Faithfull:Before The Poison

I hadn't posted about any Marianne Faithfull album, but i can say that i am a big fan of her.She is one the most impressive woman singer.
I adore her voice.
MM review
"Before the Poison" is an album that concerns itself
with both sides of love, friendship, and redemption, not desolation or desperation. That said, there is plenty of human shadow in these ten songs.

It's such an album which can keep your emotions so high.Sometimes,It makes you sad,sometimes it puts a smile on your face,because of
its perfect musical combination.

"The Mystery of Love," which opens the album, Faithfull brings the weight of her life
experience to Mick Harvey's poetic lyric and opens its fathomless heart.

"Crazy Love" is kind of a song which is imposibble to forget:
"Crazy love is all around me/Love is crazy, love is kind/But I know somehow
you'll find me/Love is crazy, love is blind."
Completely, an adult rock album which should be placed your archive.
Standout songs according to MM:My Friends Have,Crazy Love,Desperanto
Similar artists:
Nico - The End

Hit Rock Albums of 2000s

White Blood Cells (2001) is the third album by American rock band The White Stripes.White Blood Cells eventually reached #61 on the Billboard 200, going gold and selling over 900,000 units.
A Rush of Blood to the Head(2002) is the second album by English rock band Coldplay.Actually i don't like any Coldplay album after Parachutes,it was their the most succesfull album.
Antics (2004) is the second album by New York City-based band Interpol,it largely repeats the same formula of sparse arrangement driven by bass throb and strong drums, with powerful, evocative lyrics sung in a resonant, somber voice by vocalist Paul Banks.A notable album,you can still listen on a sunday morning.
Lullabies to Paralyze (2005) is Queens of the Stone Age's great work.Sometimes it's a headache for you but actually not a crap.All songs written by Joshua Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen, and Joey Castillo, except where noted.Also Mark Lenegan.
Both Sides of the Gun, is a Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals 2-disc album released in 2006.
Read more at MM archive:
White Stripes - White Blood Cells
Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
Interpol - Antics
Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze
Ben Harper - Both Sides of the Gun
Also Check out:
Editors - Back Room
Coldplay - Parachutes

David Bowie Weekend

I think he has a very fantastic charisma and he had been in many different musical styles.So,this is why i always have called him perfect artist.

His eyes added an exotic element to his looks that would become a signature of his image and he had had work of arts in psychedelic folk,glam rock,soul, R&B,jazz,dance music ,so he had has attention on every musical styles.

David Bowie's name comes from the Bowie knife... His real name is David Jones. Another Davey Jones was a member of the Monkeys. David Bowie had previously recorded as Davey Jones and the King Bees.

Bowie also appeared in a lot of movies,tv series.

In the British Broadcasting Corporation's 2002 poll of the 100 greatest Britons, Bowie ranked 29. Throughout his career he has sold an estimated 136 million albums, and ranks among the ten best-selling acts in UK pop history.

For the year 2006, David Bowie once again announced a break from performance, though he made a surprise appearance at a David Gilmour concert to sing the songs "Arnold Layne" and "Comfortably Numb", closing the concert.
Interview with David Bowie and more info about him.

Modern Music Rated David Bowie Albums:
Pin up
Hunky Dory
Diamond Dogs
The man who sold world
Space oddity
Scary monsters
Let's Dance

David Bowie:Low

Best album of 70s.
Believe me,this album is best David Bowie album. I saw that Pitchfork rated the album greatest album of 1970s.I did not become suprised.Because this album is full of best lyrics,best musics,glam rock,experimental tunes...Totally perfect.

We know that lots of bands influenced from this masterpiece.'Warszawa' which was a main inspiration for Joy Division.'Sound and Vision' is rocking its great guitar rhythm,'Be my life' which song is One of the few straightforward bit on Low possessing both a verse and a chorus, for a start.

Without a discussion,'Low' got different kind of powers in it;electronics,instrumental sections,experimentalism.And David Bowie had done superbly such a lovely record which is still fresh ,still easy to listen.
Also check out:
Hunky Dory
Don't miss ,this weekend will be David Bowie weekend at MM.

Great new rock singles and chosen songs

Modern music top songs

1.Sleepy jackson - God lead your soul
2.New York Dolls - Dance like a monkey
3.Adam Green - Nat King Cole
4.Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Cursed sleep
5.Primal Scream - Dolls
6.Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down
7.Bob Dylan - Cold Irons Bound
8.Steely dan - Do it again
9.The Raconteurs - Hands
10.Luna - Lovedust

Two old tracks entered MM top 10 Luna and Steely Dan from their new best of album.

Robyn Hitchcock:Fegmania!

Digging 80s greatest albums

I know Modern Music readers love 80s,Here is a masterpiece from 80s.
MM review
'My Wife & My Dead Wife' starts with little bell noises and it sounds little Magazine's songs, especially 'A Song from Under the Floorboards'.But it sure that Robyn Hitchcock sounds more joyful.

'Fegmania'(86) isn't a slowspeed album.We know the other Robyn Hitchcock albums
are darker than 'Fegmania'.'The Man With The Lightbulb Head' is the most
weird and different song.This is probably his most mainstream-sounding album,
but i think it takes time to get this point,because of strange sound effects,
ending of songs are quick.

There are songs which can grow on you at first listen,which ones?;'Strawberry Mind',
'Egyptian Cream',''Heaven'.

When i first listened the album,i considered sound with jungle pop bands:R.E.M.,The dBs.He influenced by Syd Barrett,Bob Dylan,Pink Floyd.But Fegmania! has a different sensibility,focusing on you slowly and being a part of you after a while.He influenced by Syd Barrett,Bob Dylan,Pink Floyd.After listening first ten song there is no way to escape aura of this masterpiece.Without a blemish,'Fegmania!' is one of the most magical album from 80s.
MM picks:'The Fly','Heaven','Strawberry Mind'
Also you can check:
Bob Mould - Workbook
Pixies - b sides

Steely Dan:The Definitive Collection

Modern Music Review

New pure,reposeful collection from Steely Dan which is an American classic rock,jazz rock band centered on musicians and songwriters Walter Becker and Donald Fagen.Actually album is totally awesome.

Order of the songs is chosen perfectly.Also 'The Definitive Collection'(2006) is a short way to find all best-known works of Steely Dan.
If you're interested in good single disc review of their work,then this is a good collection.
But Steely Dan still have great songs to discover at other albums.So,it's hard to find underrated pieces at this 'The Definitive Collection'(Original Recording Remastered).'Do It Again','Kid Charlemagne','My Old School','Dirty Work' are reasonably satisfying hits.

You don't interested in discovering mysterious great songs,then this compilation album is well enough for your musical pursuit.
Steely Dan's official website:
Also you can check out:
Fleetwood Mac

Billy Bragg:England Half English

This isn't a new album review
'England, Half-English', is his first album of all-original songs in over
five years, features Billy Bragg and his touring band The Blokes continuing that spirit of rollicking collaboration.
Feels like a jam session--bluesy keyboard lines and guitar riffs busk
with soul-inflected harmonies, world-music percussion and complex,exotic rhythms.
Modern Music review
The new romantic songs, especially the bouncy "Another Kind of Judy" and
the gorgeous immigrant's reverie "Distant Shore," find the sharp and
sweet catchiness of Bragg's best work.

Half English' Emotional songs balanced adult alternative album,there are appreciable different melodies and guitar chords.On the other hand,Songs are not the same sound,
they're all diverse,it's a disadvantage and it takes time to understand the
melodies.But while you're considering about the album,do not be so impatient,Half English'
is quite album,there are many hidden gems in it.
MM picks:'Jane Allen','England, Half English'
Also you can check:
Ray Davies - Other People's Lives

Teenage Fanclub:Man Made

MM review

This week 'album of the week' belongs Scottish alternative rock band Teenage Fanclub.
As i said before their 2005 release Man-Made which is one the best record of them.Their underground pop tunes strongly effective,memorable,pure and full with senses.Listened this record several times but still i have the same feelings,gorgeous.Man-Made represents the first record recorded by the band in the States, this time produced and mixed by John McEntire (Tortoise) in Chicago.

Here is an album with all-new complexity, unforseen depth and many delightful hidden layers.Playlouder
If you're Big Star fan you'll die absolutely at your first listen. Gerard Love is usually the most dependable songwriter of the bunch and this didn't change,again successful songwritings with 'Save','Time stops','Falling Leaves'.Man-Made is among the finest collections of pop songs any of us and it seems to be protect its beauty.
Modern music picks:Cells,Nowhere Going,Time Stops

The National:Alligator

MM Album Review

The National's good work 'Alligator'(2005).The National are American but influenced mostly brit singer/songwrites Scott Walker,Stuart Staples.Also they are compared with Leonard Cohen and the more mellifluous tendencies of Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen.

I think they sounds slower version of Interpol or the Strokes.'Karen' is a good song which shouldn't be missed.But this album isn't awesome,actually sometimes boring.They're totally influenced from American Music Club if you listen their music you'll immediately realize.'Baby, We'll Be Fine' is shining at first listen but it's going to shine again.Darkness and brilliant melodies will control over your ears.
"Alligator" is easily the National's best effort and quite possibly one of this year's finest records.''Billboard

'Alligator' can be a great choice to listen in your plaintive times but sometimes it can be exhausting listen.
MM picks:Karen,All The Wine,'Baby, We'll Be Fine'

Yo La Tengo:Yo La Tengo Is Murdering the Classics

Modern Music review
cover album
Yo La Tengo which is an american rock band have demonstrated unusual longevity for the indie-rock scene.

Yo La Tengo Is Murdering the Classics (2006) is as sloppy and awkward as its title portends, but it's nevertheless an amusing listen galvanized by
the overwhelming love of rock & roll that informs all of the band's efforts.

Entire of album sounds quite pleasing but not totally memorable.
'Yo La Tengo Is Murdering the Classics' is a pretty record for their fans.
Also you shouldn't expect too much from cover albums,they're beautiful for
remember old classics and sometimes cover songs work for love a band.
Because we know,lots of band come up with a cover song at the start of their
career.Good classic rock & roll songs anyway.

So,it's an interesting,melodic,quick listen cover album.
Standout covers:Paper Lace,The Stooges,Jonathan Richman,Brian Eno,Yes,T.rex

Sonic Youth

Initially inspired by the noise experimentation of Glenn Branca (with whom most of the band have performed); as well as the heavy garage rock of The Stooges and the noise experimentation of The Velvet Underground, they were known for using a variety of unorthodox guitar tunings, and for applying screwdrivers or other preparations to
guitars to alter the instruments' timbre.

Any doubts as to the continuing relevance of Sonic Youth upon their jump to major label status were quickly laid to rest by 'Goo', their follow-up to the monumental 'Daydream Nation'.

If Modern music choses their the most effective albums,they'll be absolutely 'Goo' and 'Bad Moon Rising','Daydream Nation'.Their latest records like 'Sonic Nurse' and 'Rather Ripped' shows us They haven't lost any power of their music.More importantly their music are growing
and regenerating.Combinations of different music styles,which are mostly Noise-Rock,
College Rock,Indie Rock and Experimental tunes,unite in their music.And all we have to is to discover this great fusion of rock music.

From Archive:
Rather Ripped 2006
Murray Street
Sonic Nurse
Bad Moon Rising

Top 10 Sonic Youth songs By Modern Music:

2.Plastic Sun
3.Unmade Bed
4.Kool Thing
5.Sugar Kane
7.Expressway To Your Skull
9.Teen Age Riot
10Death Valley '69

Bob Dylan Weekend:A Legend Musician

Nobody can hold me up from preaparing this article.

Bob Dylan is an American folk-rock singer-songwriter. He is known for poetic, often obscure lyrics with politically and socially charged themes.As you know,Bob Dylan is a cult idol,His influence on popular music is incalculable.He has also recently performed alongside other major artists, such as Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell(Listen her 'Court and Spark' classic album, if you don't know about her), Tom Petty and Eric Clapton.

Much of Dylan's best known work is from the 1960s when he became an informal documentarian and reluctant figurehead of American unrest.his most recent album of new songs, 2001's "Love and Theft" which includes sheer songs like 'Mississippi','Summer Days' , reached the top five on the charts in the U.S. and the U.K. And I'm very exited about his upcoming studio album 'Modern Times'.

Modern Music Recommended Albums:
Highway 61 revisited
Nashville skyline
Blood on tracks
Knocked out loaded
Time out of mind
Love and theft
More infos:biography

Top 10 Bob Dylan Songs by MM
(if you want to send your own Top 10 songs just leave it to comments)
* 1. Like a Rolling Stone
* 2. Subterranean Homesick Blues
* 3. Shelter from the Storm
* 4. Tombstone Blues
* 5. It Ain't Me Babe
* 6. Desolation Row
* 7. Tangled Up in Blue
* 8. The Times They Are A-Changin'
* 9. Visions of Johanna
* 10. Idiot Wind

Modern Music 80s:Duran Duran

As the straining cordon of policemen splits under the frantic pressure of budding femininity, the coach swerves away from Glasgow Apollo and speeds though the dark, wet back streets.

Soon the last gang of pursuers stumble back into the distance and a solitary figure keeps abreast of the coach,running as if its life is at stake. The coach just clips through an amber light and still the figure keeps coming, madly ignoring the Green Cross Code.

“Pull up! Stop!” yells Roger Taylor and the coach jerks twice and coasts to a halt. The automatic doors purr open and young Mark Duffy, heaving with exhaustion and excitement, staggers up the steps to rapturous applause.
“Please will you put ‘I was in your coach’?” he asks Nick Rhodes as the lipstick blond signs his programme.“Please… otherwise my friends won’t believe me…”
OK, although the incident’s true, you’ve read it many times before. Duran Duran: pop stars, candyfl oss gods to a new generation of gullible adolescents with more pocket money than sense. If only the stupid sheep would scream and lend fi nancial support to the worthy likes of the Gang Of Four, the world would be
a better place. Well… er… wouldn’t it?
I, for one, quite honestly doubt it and have caught a fair amount of flak in the past for being stupid enough to say so. Here, at Maker Central, my rapturous review of the ‘Rio’ album is still the subject of ridicule and considered an unbalanced lapse of common sense.
But just why do the press find Duran Duran unacceptable?
Do they pose some threat to jealously guarded traditional standards? Is it because they wear make-up? Just why do they offend mature sensibilities? And why do they sell so many records? Only one way to find out…Yours truly nipped up north of the border with the express purpose of confronting Duran with their own reputation and giving them a rare right of reply.Nick Rhodes provided the most apt preamble.
“We are probably the only band that’s known as five individuals. We are five very different personalities as The Beatles were four.
“There can be up to five contradictions at any one point. I think this interview is important because we’ve never ever been able to level our how we felt exactly about all those things… I think it’s really interesting… about the reasons why…”Appetite whetted? Here goes…
Read More..
Modern Music Rated Duran Duran Albums:
Duran Duran - Medazzaland
Duran Duran - Rio
Duran Duran - Astronaut

Luna:The Best Of Luna

Album of the day
It's Dreamy,it's gloomy,it's Reflective...It's Luna.
The former Galaxie 500 frontman shares the wealth in this best of, chronicaling the velvety tales of Luna.Their music was full of cosmic guitar interplay between Wareham and Sean Eden, but the rhythm section-- at first ex-Feelies drummer Stanley Demeski and bassist Justin Harwood, later Lee Wall and Britta Phillips-- was always solid and down-to-earth.

Rating: 8/10
MM Review
Actually i see that this 'Best Of' is a great way to having opinion about their music.'California','Chinatown' ,'Tracy I Love You','Lovedust' ride the album.But you should listen their songs several time,they haven't got any commercial songs.Maybe you didn't hear anything about them,they're definitely amazing.Uptempo rhythms and sharper melodies will get you...
Also check out:
Television - Adventure

Adam Green - Jacket Full Of Danger

Modern Music Review
This is not a new album review,just a great album review.
Singer/songwriter Adam Green had released a new great record.
I hadn't had a chance to listen.You can see some great influences
like Lou Reed,Roy orbison,Chet Baker,Chuck Berry in this deluxe
Record."drugs" which is the highlight song of the solo.It changes your
mod depressively such lyrics like:
I like to do drugs
I like to have drugs
I like to hold a cigarette full of grass in my hand
It's not a new to hear in his lyrics 'Drugs'.
Actually,all the songs feel you and want to tell you that how they're willing
to be a classic.And more importantly you guess this ablum should be a classic.
But it's a new one.

Adam Green is so much more than that, and this album has a classic,
timeless feel to it, brilliantly drawing from divergent musical traditions
(much like the Gershwins in that respect), twisting from them an unique but
incredibly familiar sound.

i really appreciated the songs(novotel,drugs,hey dude,animal dreams,watching old movies white)i think i will write down the whole album.I love to listen sensitive and
complicated songs.if you listen singer/songwriters like Ben Folds, Leonard Cohen,
and Jonathan Richman you'll adore this stuff.Absolutely it tastes as a nostalgic record.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - The Letting Go 2006

Modern Music Review

When 'the Letting Go', recorded in Iceland last winter with Björk producer Valgeir Sigurdsson, is due out September 18 on Domino in the UK, and in the U.S. the following day courtesy of Drag City. After his great cover album performance with Tortoise 'The brave and the bold' it's great to hear his new solo album. 'Strange Form Of Life' is truly the first impact on me with it's perfect female back vocals by Dawn McCarthy from Faun Fables. It's very exciting to hear great melancholic songs which Will make flawlesly on his career.

"I See a Darkness" has been Will's one of the best work. This album is pretty as 'I see a darkness' because there are several new melodies and there is no doubt lo-fi listeners will love this record throughout.

"Cursed Sleep"- little deadly guitar creaks and little strong guitar solos which are the true words to describe this pretty song.Female vocals are ferocious. All the songs are restful and therapeutic in the album. You can think the songs sound like a soundtrack and it would be a true observation. In addition, this isn't bad point. I like movies, and also Art can't be without movies, musics or books. They're too tight together.

"The Seedling" and "Love Comes To Me" sounds more indie from the others. Bonnie "Prince" Billy had decided to use more violins in this album. Violin tunes are incredible in the song 'The Seedling'. We can see that Violin is a very sexy instrument and you can do miracles with that. The in high spirits era covers almost every composition in this album, and Bonnie's whistle in the song named "No Bad News" is totally romantic and broken. Fantastic lyrical combinations!

It's an album which is centered by lyrical success as usual. You know it's his the strongest talent. "Lyrical explosive" describes this album clearly.
MM Picks:The Seedling,Cursed Sleep

Modern Rock 10

The Most Modern 10 (11)
rock singles chart
1.Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down
2.Sleepy jackson - god lead your soul
3.New York Dolls - Dance like a monkey
4.The mars volta - Viscera Eyes
5.Adam Green - Nat King Cole
6.Barry Adamson - here in the hole
7.Primal Scream - Dolls (new!)
8.James D. Bradfield - That's No Way To Tell A Lie
9.Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Cursed sleep (new!)
10.The Raconteurs - hands (new!)

'hands' by The Raconteurs ,lead vocals on this track are by Brendan Benson There's a very vintage rock'n'roll feel to Hands, the sum of White's robust guitar poundings, Benson's Steve Marriott-esque vocals.
'Primal Scream Dolls' the simple, scuzzy guitar riff, "la la la" refrains and party-starting drum groove are infectious, but your local Rolling Stones tribute band could probably rustle up something similar.
'Cursed Sleep' sounds quite good from forthcoming album is Will Oldham's new album 'the letting go'.

Belle & Sebastian

This week,unique Scottish Band Belle & Sebastian is our guest.This seven membered twee pop,indie,chamber Pop band have much in common with influential indie bands such as The Smiths,Felt and mostly Nick Drake.

There is little gossip that points Belle & sebastian's mostly influenced Nick Drake's 'Hazey Jane Ii'.Actually 'Hazey Jane Ii' includes some of Belle's sounds.
MM Short Album Review:
I'm listening their last record 'The Life Pursuit'.Appreciable songs of this album are 'Another Sunny Day','Dress Up In You','To Be Myself Completely','The Blues Are Still Blue' and 'We Are The Sleepyheads' which is my unchanging on air song.The Life Pursuit isn't totally new in indie but still sounds absorbing.They have a natural aura.

Belle & sebastian - Life pursuit
Belle & sebastian- Tigermilk
Belle & sebastian - If you're feeling sinister
Belle & sebastian- Dear catastrophe waitress
Belle & sebastian - Storytelling
Belle & sebastian - Boy with arab strap

Upcoming Cd Releases:August

Important Releases of This month
All dates are for U.S. releases unless otherwise noted.
Powerman 5000 - Destroy What You Enjoy 2006-08-01
Ani Difranco - Reprieve 2006-08-08
The Sleepy Jackson - Personality 2006-08-08
Slayer - Christ Illusion 2006-08-08
Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues 2006-08-15
Primal Scream - Riot City Blues 2006-08-22
Lampchop - Damaged 2006-08-22
Mountain Goats - Get Lonely 2006-08-22
Tortoise - A Lazarus Taxon 2006-08-22
The Mars Volta - Amputechture 2006-08-22
Razorlight - Razorlight 2006-08-22
Bob Dylan - Modern Times 2006-08-29

Short Notes:I've listened Lambchop's Damaged and it sounds amazing,i love it.We'll see what the others got.'A Lazarus Taxon' is a compilation album by Tortoise.
Modern Music Recommends:Mars Volta,The Sleepy Jackson.

William shatner - has been

Modern music recommended
Has Been (2004) is William Shatner's second musical album after 1968's The Transformed Man.

Cover Cover Cover
His power-pop cover of Pulp's "Common People" has Joe Jackson going grandiose with Shatner and a chorus with upwards of 60 vocalists.What makes 'Common people' a legitimately great album is that different orchestral vocals,shiny beats,melodic power-pop beats.'If you love to make Fantasy with songs then it's very favourable for that.'

Ben Folds creating arrangements for Shatner's prose-poems, and feature guest appearances from Folds and Aimee Mann (backup vocals on "That's Me Trying"),Lemon Jelly (on "Together"), Henry Rollins (on "I Can't Get Behind That"),
and Brad Paisley (on "Real", which he wrote specifically for Shatner).

Simply, it's just unbelievably good.
MM picks:Has Been,It Hasn’t Happened Yet

Jane's Addiction - Nothings Shocking

Album of the week
'Strong lyrics and riffs in alternative rock area.'
Nothing's Shocking is Jane's Addiction's first studio album
because the self-titled debut is a live recording.

With strong influencec of Jesus and Mary Chain,Velvet Underground,
Jimi Hendrix,Led Zeppelin on them,it proves that they get used to love
noise rock.
"Up The Beach","Ocean Size" are strong opening songs."Mountain Song","Jane says"
work well with their slower rhythm."Jane Says" is the breakthrough single
off the album.

This live record is quite succesful with a heavy rock-funk-punk mix that's a pleasure
to hear.The album isn't quite as good as "Ritual de lo Habitual".But it
proves impressive performance of Perry Farrell's voice and lyrics,
Dave Navarro's guitar riffs.

Nothing's Shocking is a must-have for lovers of cutting-edge,
influential, and timeless hard rock.
Also you can like:
Faith No More - Songs to Make Love To

Ray Davies - Other People's Lives

Modern music review:
Kinks leader Ray Davies fascinates again us with his last solo record "Other People's Lives".Starting with its best song "Things Are Gonna Change" ending with again great song " Over My Head".

It's proof that he's still alive for writing clear,pop songs.These are great pop songs put across in fantastic performances.

This is, however, a darker Ray Davies than you remember from The Kinks. "Creatures Of Little Faith", "All She Wore", "Other People's Lives" help to drive the rousing. "All She Wore" contains luxuriant guitar chords but it has more than it can carry, so it's a little grey.

I absolutely like all the melodies in this album as well as Ray's brilliant vocal delivery."Creatures Of Little Faith" and "Over My Head" are chine of album. This album will stand out over time. It was completely worth to have a listen his Singer/ Songwriter performance.
Modern music picks:"Over My Head","Creatures Of Little Faith".
Related albums:
David Bowie - Billboard Hits U.S.A.
The Kinks - Muswell Hillbillies
Mott The Hoople - All the Young Dudes

Fantômas - The Director's Cut

Fantômas is an alternative metal band. The group is named after Fantômas, a villain featured in a series of crime novels popular in France before World War I.

The Director's Cut
was a series of reinterpretations of motion picture theme songs. Some versions are rather loyal to the sources (such as the eerie lullabye from The Night of the Hunter), while others offer radical takes on the music (such the theme from The Godfather tackled as a thrash metal song).

You'll love this album if you're looking for different weird songs."Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me", "Rosemary's Baby","Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me","The Godfather","Charade" are my pics.
From archive:
The who
10000 maniacs

Nick Drake

Modern music honors
Music in his hands,like a pale flower in autumn.
Nick Drake produced great albums of chilling, somber beauty.They're so greatto listen,you can't even talk while his songs are playing...

He had released three precious studio album which are memorable masterpieces.If you like folk rock masters like Leonard Cohen,Van Morrison or depressive singers/songwriters like Scott Walker,Syd Barrett,You will probably enthuse to Nick Drake.

"Five Leaves Left", recorded in 1969, was the first of three albums by British folk musician Nick Drake. Like Bryter Layter and unlike Pink Moon, this album contains no completely solo songs. Nick was accompanied by members of the British folk-rock group Fairport Convention.

"Bryter Layter" contains great folk,baraque pop songs "Hazey Jane II","At the Chime of a City Clock ".Nick was accompanied by part of the British folk-rockers group Fairport Convention and John Cale from The Velvet Underground.

"Pink Moon" After two albums of tastefully orchestrated folk-pop, albeit some of the least demonstrative and most affecting around, Drake chose a radical change for what turned out to be his final album.
Related Albums:
Syd Barrett - wouldnt you miss me
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
Kevin Ayers - Rainbow takeaway

Graham Lindsey:Hell Under the Skullbones - New Album

Modern Music Album Review

I've been listening Grahan Lindsey's new release "Hell Under the Skullbones" for days.
The new folk album which is full of great vocal performances, folk guitar melodies, alternative country tunes.Album is produced by Steve Deutsch and dedicated to Adrian Hill.

We see in this album great songwriting and singing performance the origin
of the naturalism in the lyrics can be marked, it feels like true events
taken from real life.Lyrics are pathetic and emotional - The album includes tasty songs.

Opening track 'Matchbook song' is only one of the reason to love this album.
It's very hard to adore to a folk album at your first listen. But 'Hell under the skullbones' breaks this rule. Because Graham Lindsey's charismatic voice, which is very similar with Bob Dylan, is growing on you fast.

Songs like "Deathtrip Blues", "Elly Bly", "Jusk like Past" show us Graham's
perfect rhythm in his singing success.
From lyrics of "Just like bust":
Cause I've been honest I've been kind
I've been waiting all my life
but so sadly I so badly have to go...

Lyrics are part of life, This material makes "Hell under the scullbones" more natural.
Light-headed songs soon came out of its shell,this makes you to became infatuated.

Electric guitarists of this record are terrific(James Harrah,Greg Leisz,Moris Tepper).
Guitars are so impressive and giddy.

This album is truly one of the succesful folk rock album of 2006. For sure,
Graham Lindsey is going to be Modern Music's the most impressive new artist.
If you're fan of folk music,you'll love "Hell under the skullbones" at first listen.
Street date:08/15/06
Modern Music Picks:Matcbook song,Just like dust,Slow Train Stomp
For More Info:

The dB's - Stands for Decibels

Album of the day
The dB's were a power pop group of the late 1970s and 1980s.
Their energetic jungle pop sound makes everyone singing along with them.

Modern Music Deep Review:
In their debut "Stands for Decibels","Big Brown Eyes","Dynamite","The Fight","Cycles per Second","Bad Reputation" are truly hits of the album."Big Brown Eyes" reflects ambiance of 80s.when it's your first album,you're ambitious and determined.So it's a big opportunity to record your best..Maybe their name is simple but their music is unforgetable.I love to listen them with R.E.M. and other College Rock bands.

The album stands not only as a landmark power-pop album, but also as a prototype for much of the Southern jangle that would follow.

For Music Collectors (alternative,indie rock)

Chutes Too Narrow is a 2003 album by indie rock group the Shins. The album was generally well received by critics, garnering an overall score of 88/100 on Metacritic."Gone for Good" was used in the 2004 film, In Good Company.

Life On Other Planets is the fourth album from English rock band Supergrass which is growing on me with their latest great album "Road to Rouen".Actually they're not same with other Brit pop bands.This band is good to your soul.

Is that a joke?It can be b side album it sounds like a complication album.Also Pixies is a legend band of mid-80's.Breeders isn't as well as Pixies but still remarkable music.Breders ,Originally formed as a side project for the Pixies' bassist Kim Deal, The Breeders quickly became her primary recording outlet.
Storytelling is the soundtrack that cult heroes Belle & Sebastian created to accompany Todd Solondz's controversial film of the same title

Pixies - Complete b sides
Supergrass - Life on other planet
Breeders - Last splash
Shins - Chutes too narrow
Belle and sebastian - Storytelling
Better than ezra - Compilation

Darker My Love

Underground Archive
Dark side of indie rock unites with Darker My Love
Darker my love is an indie rock band from CALIFORNIA.
Great band name and different sound.They're not discord.
Musics are more noticeable within "Summer is here".They're holding guitars on the foreground.It's very succesful and you can hear all the great guitar spinnings with this little trick.

"Hellium Heels" may scare you.'This song hasn't got the power' But probably you would be
wrong by saying that.It's the first impact.Some songs grow on you after a few
listen.So i listened this song two times more.It really has the power with
noisy guitars and dark vocals.The song has great opening and closing.

"Sleep within you" is quite amazing song.It describes the sound of "Dark My love".
If you're looking some dark indie music,Dark My love will be lovely choice.
You can listen ,find more info @ here

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