Ray Davies - Other People's Lives

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Kinks leader Ray Davies fascinates again us with his last solo record "Other People's Lives".Starting with its best song "Things Are Gonna Change" ending with again great song " Over My Head".

It's proof that he's still alive for writing clear,pop songs.These are great pop songs put across in fantastic performances.

This is, however, a darker Ray Davies than you remember from The Kinks. "Creatures Of Little Faith", "All She Wore", "Other People's Lives" help to drive the rousing. "All She Wore" contains luxuriant guitar chords but it has more than it can carry, so it's a little grey.

I absolutely like all the melodies in this album as well as Ray's brilliant vocal delivery."Creatures Of Little Faith" and "Over My Head" are chine of album. This album will stand out over time. It was completely worth to have a listen his Singer/ Songwriter performance.
Modern music picks:"Over My Head","Creatures Of Little Faith".
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bulut on 6:58 am said...

As the leader of one the most vital and volatile bands of the British Invasion, Ray Davies may also have been one of the genre's most underappreciated, often playing second fiddle to the likes of Lennon, McCartney, and Jagger, but never failing to reignite the flame on a now-legendary songwriting caldron.

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