Paul Weller - Catch Flame

Live Paul Weller Album
I haven't seen Paul Weller's bad song,album,project or composition.Obviously
Paul Weller is one the most important singer/songwriter.

His solos are flawless and he had been in a band which was very succesful
in punk scene.And also his unbelievable changings with Style Council...Jazz-pop,
punk,soul,house,adult alt is there another style in music?So that shows us
his influences like Traffic,Marvin Gaye,The Kinks add lots of newness and original
styles his music.

After winning the coveted Outstanding Contribution To Music Award at this
years Brits Award Paul Weller is ready to set the music scene ablaze with
the release of his live album. Entitled 'Catch – Flame!', it was recorded
at London's Alexandra Palace on the 5th December 2005.

Did you listen his latest album "As Is Now".I'm sure you'd listened.
But if you don't you have to give some credits his solo albums.

Modern music Picks:Wishing On A Star
I've been listening his last live album 'Catch Flame' and today i picked
song named 'Wishing On A Star' which is one of his standout work.I can
rate "Catch Flame" 10/10 because it's very memorable live album.He intensified
his talents on music thoroughly ,it's quite open for a fan of him.


Ron on 3:57 pm said...

Thank you for this. I have all the Style Council CDs and most of Paul's solo work. I was debating whether to buy this, so it will be nice to be able to listen to it first.

bulut on 5:36 pm said...

i think you won't regret because "Catch Flame" is really worth to buy.You will be shocked again by amazing Paul weller.
It's amazing that you've all Paul's solo works i've them too.

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