Belle and Sebastian:Storytelling [2002]

Storytelling is an album by Belle & Sebastian. It is the score to the Todd Solondz movie Storytelling. Belle & Sebastian experienced many notable problems in communication with Solondz whilst scoring the movie, and as such only about 6 minutes of music by them was actually used in the movie itself.

Belle & Sebastian's Storytelling is a compromise as well, as this schizoid album is clearly divided by what Belle & Sebastian consider a soundtrack (Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Graduate) and what New Line considers a soundtrack (Pulp Fiction, apparently).

There are a few gems on the album. Of the six pop songs included here, two are very good. "Storytelling" is a breezy little tune, sung by Isobel Campbell. It has just the right amount of bounce in the piano and not too much Sarah Records in the vocal delivery, it works out all very well. "Big John Shaft" is Belle and Sebastian trying out the ultra-white funk and succeeding quite admirably. For a lot of people, these two songs will make the record worth purchase—I’d say wait for some sort of Belle and Sebastian compilation.


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