Sonic Youth:Murray Street

Murray Street is a 2002 album by Sonic Youth. It features seven tracks ranging from epic ("Sympathy for the Strawberry") to short and intentionally shallow ("Plastic Sun"). The album was well received critically. It was the first album by the group to feature Jim O'Rourke as an official fifth member.

Members of noise improv group Borbetomagus guest on "Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style."

This Sonic Youth album set the beginning of a new, cleaner, more mature sound, obviously hinting at 70s classic rock bands.

One of the young girls photographed for the cover is Coco, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon's daughter.


bulut on 9:26 am said...

1. The Empty Page
2. Disconnection Notice
3. Rain On Tin
4. Karen Revisited
5. Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style
6. Plastic Sun
7. Sympathy for the Strawberry


bulut on 12:59 pm said...

SONIC YOUTH - Murray Street (2002)

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