Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped (2006)

Modern Music Album Review:
After sonic nurse it's a great feeling to see that they are going on with their music.

Opening song Reena which contains high and low guitar melodies.Kim gordon's vocal is bringin more impression to this song.At the half of the song,guitars are starting to fly and they're flying with you and suddenly it's turning same ordinary melody.

Incinerate is first single and it has a calm melody,great but really it isn't best song from this album.You are slowing with Do You Believe In Rapture.This song is containing more experimental tunes.Sleepin Around is starting with restless and noisy guitar and really it has a wanderful opening.

After three Thurston Moore vocal,Kim gordon's singing What A Waste.It's a more regular melody,there's not any marked guitar melodies.In song Jams Run Free while Kim is singing normally and singing like a boring song,suddenly is changing and You're seeing a sound choke with a great noise theme.This is what we expecting from Sonic Youth,you think that you're listening an ordinary song,but it isn't an ordinary song.Music is changing suddenly and you're hooking up.

This album is really cramfull.You can see on Rats best vocal permormance on this album.On this song,melody suddenly changing to a brilliant and hot light.This changing is a guaranty which makes you falling love with this album.

Pink Steam is an indie song with no vocal and also we can say it's only instrumantel(but you'll see it's not) song ,airy,attractive.But Thursten Moore entering with his voice near end of the song and i suprised when first listen this song.There isn't a order melody on this song.all the time it's changing and i wanna say it's the best song on this album.Rather Ripped shows us music is still not dead and still there are good musicians.


Anonymous said...

I agree with this review. Pink Steam is a gem.

bulut on 12:42 pm said...

Rather ripped 1
Password: PunchDrunk
Rather ripped 2
01. Reena
02. Incinerate
03. Do You Believe In Rapture?
04. Sleepin Around
05. What A Waste
06. Jams Run Free
07. Rats
08. Turquoise Boy
09. Lights Out
10. The Neutral
11. Pink Steam
12. 0r

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