Radio Birdman:Zeno Beach

"Zeno Beach"(2006) is a long-overdue new chapter in the Radio Birdman story.
What results is vital new music, rather than some mere proto-punk museum piece, that is entirely worthy of a place alongside their early gems. Worldwide, people are excited to
hear that Radio Birdman are back and ready to unleash Zeno Beach.

Modern Music Review:
Firstly,Zeno Beach is a very brisk new record.Album is between somewhere
punk and rock&roll.The most interesting side of the album matchless guitar
chords (Chris Masuak,Deniz Tek).
'This is raucous, tight, and full of hooks, riffs, and great songs, proving that in the case of basic in-your-face rock & roll, the kids got nothing on Radio Birdman.'Amg
The Stooges/MC5 influences are still apparent, but "Zeno Beach" has something
different.The mediterranean sound of Heyday,Beautiful vocals of Subterfuge and Die Like April and
Non stop energy of all songs make "Zeno Beach" something extraordinary except The Stooges,Mc5.But only bad point is punk sound,because punk isn't the same punk in
these days.Punk lost its opinion.And sometimes it sounds same old same.

Anyhow,Zeno Beach is a new Radio Birdman bomb which is nearly to explode
with fast guitar solos,lovely Rob Younger vocals.

MM picks:Remorseless,We've Come So Far,HeyDay,The Brotherhood Of Al Wazah


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