Best Records in First Quarter of 2007

You love music lists. Let's discuss the best and worst rock albums thus far.
According to me , music is one of the most powerful passions in the world. I always make the lists to their passion degrees. Ouch! you confused, aren't you! But if a record can't make molecular changings on me, the record won't exist in my list.

1. The National - Boxer

2. The Field - From Here We Go Sublime
You're right! This record beats any record below, because of its original instrumental streaming. Speacially ( I've obsessions) Lionel Richie cut end of "A Paw In My Face" is just amazing. Every minor detail of the record deserves admiration.
mp3: Field - A Paw In My Face

3. Bill Callahan - Woke On A Whaleheart
Excellent! And also perfect combination of new Bill Callahan (a.k.a (Smog)) features acustics, country, plentiful songwriting !

4. Low - Drums And Guns
5. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
6. Menomena - Friend And Foe
7. Patrick Wolf - Magic Position
8. Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
9. Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha
Personally i like "Oh! The Grandeur" more than this, however Andrew Bird is good all the way.
10. The Papercuts - Can't Go Back

Thus far, Worst records on first quarter of the year goes to:
1. The Stooges - Weirdness
Self Parody!
2. Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob
The Worst cover, the worst single... How the guys say only 'Ruby ruby ruby ruby!'.
3. Fountains Of Wayne - Traffic and Weather
Oh we belong together, like traffic and weather, like traffic and weather...!
4. Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival
A brief from The guardian "A fourth album of stunning fatuousness."
5. Mika - Life In Cartoon Motion
6. Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future
mp3: Golden Skans
7. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
For being arty, i never call a shit as masterpiece. Here is only good song
in Sound of Silver.
mp3: Get Innocuous
8. The Good, The Bad & The Queen
mp3: Kingdom of Doom
9. Jennifer Lopez - Como Ama Una Mujer
How did J.Lo make this list?
10. Rakes - Ten New Messages

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The National - Boxer

The year keeps slapping my ass; Panda Bear, Arcade Fire, Low and now The National... While listening "American Waters" by Silver Jews, and thinkin' what a wonderful record it is, the following album in the headphones "Boxer" fights to impress me. We all agreed that previous National "The Alligator" was amazing! Bands like Tindersticks, Silver Jews, Divine Comedy have always been fantastic for me. So i can add The National to next them. Now it's great because i'm sick of listening crap albums. A song named "Green Gloves" has already gotten my heart. Its colourful tunes, calm mood, and whisky-like taste, mellow voice of Matt Berninger are one of the best that i've listened in the year. Hang on! "Boxer" is coming!
mp3: The National - Fake Empire
mp3: The National - Brainy
*mp3s will be removed in two days*

Dexy's Midnight Runners

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Let's Make This Precious
They dress in austere anti-style, straightforward, sensible and workmanlike. In the song, you want to say all the things that you've enjoyed, thundering soul roots offer a happy four minute. They're mostly known by their the most successful hit "Come on Eileen,". Actually they've heaps of hit song, and colourful emotions. A band that suddenly changes its colours happy to blue, but usually it is a lovely band. I just wanna sing the song, this happens when you really like a song.-- Bulut
mp3: Let's Make This Precious

Dexy's Midnight Runners - There There My Dear

A smash, a veritable smash but it won’t make Number One like you know what. Great fun with an irresistible rhythm and delicious brass riffs. Powerhouse rhythm section, great vocals. The sheer exuberance is almost contagious. Having built up the pressure and excitement with ruthless skill the band, inexplicably, sneak in a quiet interlude so that they can carry on trucking again. They shouldn’t have bothered but that’s a small beef. Great record.--Martyn Sutton
mp3: There There My Dear

Dolores O’Riordan - Are You Listening?

I listened leak version of Dolores O’Riordan's "Are You Listening?", and it sounds good but not great. I appreciated her effort in trying to make louder guitar oriented songs, and she has a very beautiful and special voice in which she completes her rock passion once again. Of course this won't be a mastering record, it sounds commercial at times. But we love Dolores and her commercial songs are beautiful too. It's relaxing to listen Dolores again despite many verse-chorus- verse-chorus sections. Electric guitar on song "In The Garden" heavily cries, i don't like it because of Evanescence do their music in that way too, where a new genre comes to mind, degenerated goth rock?. However, this isn't one style album, there are some great emotional pieces such as: "Apple Of My Eye", "Black Widow", dreamy "Ecstasy", and a very beautiful "Accept Things". If you consider all those terrible and untalented new musicians, you look for old stars, really you look for them. I don't have any criticism to her singer performance, it provides an almost perfect effect on you.

Taking her time after the demise of The Cranberries (who sold 40 million records worldwide), Dolores O’Riordan retreated to real life with her husband. She had three children and wrote over 30 songs. She never rushed. And when she was ready, she whittled those 30 songs down to the 12 tracks that make up Are You Listening? Co-produced by Youth, Dan Broadbeck and Rich Chycki, Are You Listening? is a good debut from an artist who really has nothing to prove but everything to share. Dolores O’Riordan’s first solo effort, Are You Listening? out on May 15, 2007. Here is the Mp3 of her first single:
mp3: Dolores O’Riordan - Ordinary Day
Official Dolores O’Riordan

Neil Young - Live At Massey Hall 1971

Rating: 9/10
This is one of the best live cds that i've heard in a long time. That's because he's Neil Young.
On January 19th, 1971, Young returned to Toronto a star, showing off his rapidly matured songwriting in two solo concerts at Massey Hall. This album is the full second show, in such pin-drop fidelity that the noise of him adjusting his mike sounds like Crazy Horse-gig distortion.

With several songs in the set that were unreleased at the time, Young unsurprisingly demurred at producer David Briggs’ suggestion the show be issued before Harvest. No matter - 36 years on, it’s a still riveting performance.

It may not add an additional narrative to Neil Young's history, but it adds detail, color, and texture to a familiar chapter of his career, rendering it fresh once more. No wonder Briggs wanted to release this concert as an album between After the Gold Rush and Harvest: it not only holds its own against those classics, it enhances them. [Live at Massey Hall was also released as a two-disc set that contained a CD of the show and a DVD containing the same concert in high fidelity audio.]
mp3: Neil Young - Down By The River

Rock Singles of the Week!

1. mp3: The Cure - Killing An Arab (Flashback!)
2. mp3: Joseph Arthur – Honey & The Moon
3. mp3: Holloways – Dancefloor
4. Marillion – See It Like A Baby
5. Hours - Love You More
6. Kings Of Leon – On Call
7. Air Traffic – Charlotte
8. Love Is All - Nothing To Be Done / Ageing Had Never Been His Friend
9. Lucky Soul – Add Your Light To Mine Baby
10. The Needles – Girl I Used To Know

New Videos
The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations
Low - Breaker

It was very hard finding new and good songs this week. So i thought it'd be great to put a classic single of The Cure .

Killing An Arab
Apparently based on Albert’s The Outsider and, if so, quite possibly the straw that broke
Camus’ back. Cymbals crash once, twice, three times. A guitar, full of eerie promises, slithering like the sprog of some belly-dancer and a poisonous reptile. Compact bass guitar motif, descending alone. Then those vocals – taut, terse, tense intonation, a voice like that feeling you get watching the faces on the workaday tube ride after stepping out at dawn for the third
time without sleep. “Standing on the beach/With a gun in my hand/Staring at the sea/Staring at the sand/Staring down the barrel at the Arab on the ground/Can see his open mouth/ But I hear no sound/I’m alive/I’m dead/I’m the stranger/ Killing an Arab”. And racism has got nothing to do with it.

Lcd Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

Rating: 3,9999/10
Dance-punk producer (and one-half of The DFA) James Murphy returns with his second LCD Soundsytem album.

Album opens with Bowie opsessed dramatic disco beater by "Get Innocuous", and goes with a likeable disco-pop mix "Time To Get Away". If you make a song (North American Scum) which repeats two words more than forty times, then stop criticizing, it will already cause a headache. Judging an album because of its genre is wrong, every genre has one great characteristic artist with a grader record at least. That's why music has many style which always open to changings, blendings, and additions. Sometimes i think that i'm jerk, you like a record or you don't. Giving ratings to music is stupid, at the same time it's a funny thing. But i know i'm not alone. There are a lot of jerks there, giving ratings, writing on big Zines.

One of the best things that you may find on "Sound of Silver" is dynamic volume of music. And it sounds fashionable than anything on marketplace. LCD Soundsystem's "Sound Of Silver" represents its style in a commercial way -- whatever you call it, dance, dance-punk , electronic -- too many same loops and simple lyrics are main shortcomings on this record. Even if opening track "Get Innocuous" offers a high energy , other ones never provide a surprising, extra excited creative music. On "Time To Get Away" a copy paste, copy and paste studio work appears."Watch The Tapes" is a bit different piece which has soul to make people dance and rock. And when i first saw "North American Scum"on MTV, honestly i talked to myself 'This is another commercial single', but he's clever. Because there is no need to strain yourself, use a short path and make a music that everybody will dance, that's the main point. More than three tiresome songs "All My Friends", "North American Scum" and "Us v Them" are main reason in effect to give up listening the whole cd. "Someone Great" is starting by synths, then turns to a stupid melody. "New York I Love You" differently closes the album, and it's something like 'i did a good closing song, now that changes some opinions'. A good ballad but if you consider all those electronic works that bringing you down, it's not about New York.

Definite Gary Numan, Joy Division, New Order, David Bowie, The Fall influences are in some of the songs. Borrowing mostly from The Fall's odd style, there are some good composings and guitar joints on the record, but they are covered by too many repetitive copy-paste sections. Mostly empty "Sound Of Silver" is only fine record for who doesn't have another dance music listen to. This is getting ridiculous and this record is hyped excessively. If someone does a thing, then others do the same thing, i only want to vomit on it. Ok just give it a ten point and recommend it highly. After doing your job, never listen to it.
MM picks: Get Innocuous

Some Mix Reviews:
The Urb, Rating: 100
The vocals are where Murphy has developed the most, trading in his Mark E. Smith yelp for various crooning styles.

The Guardian, Rating: 100
This is dance-rock for grown-ups: extraordinary., Rating: 100
Taken end to end, Sound Of Silver is a thrilling, exhilarating ride on a fast machine.

Playlouder, Rating: 100
'Sound Of Silver' is the album of the year.

Hartford Courant, Rating: 100
It's a straight-up masterpiece, blending indie-rock attitude and clattering dance beats with lethal sardonic humor.

Pitchfork, Rating: 92
As close to a perfect hybrid of dance and rock music's values as you're likely to ever hear.

Modern Music, Rating: 39
I think i'm a jerk.

mp3: North American Scum

Blonde Redhead - 23

Rating: 7.7/10
Noisy music, powerful guitars, elaborate lyrics, neon lights, i can count many things that i discovered on Blonde Readhead's music. This is another beautiful record after standout "Misery Is a Butterfly".

Even if you don't know English well, you'll feel something sorrowful, you'll realize that there is something very deep about it. That's why we call it art which is universal and provides various colours between creative ideas. Blonde Readhead doesn't play a kind of music that everyone likes. But if you love this once, this won't change. Kazu Makino's gentle voice fits emotional music fairly good. Extremely tuneful guitars shine on "23" like a neon light. On "Spring and By Summer Fall", "SW" it gets the purest and you only listen it till the last. It's motionless record at times. Neither it's sharp nor pale, this is indie rock on right tuning. Notwithstanding many praises of mine, this isn't best Blonde Redhead. Still "Misery Is a Butterfly" is very impressive and modest record.

Skillfully "23" recrates your musical taste and do this without edging their musical style -- qualified and moving all the way. Be careful!, you suddenly fall in love with this record. Street Date: 10 april, 2007
MM picks: Spring and By Summer Fall, Top Ranking, My Impure Hair
mp3: Blonde Redhead - 23
mp3: Blonde Redhead - Heroine
Official Blonde Redhead

CocoRosie, Bjork, Beth Gibbons

I apologize that you may not download some of previous songs, from now on i will use my fileden account.
Cocoroise - The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn
I don't know if you've heard about Cocoroise before, Casady sisters. I mentioned on this blog, "Noah's Ark" (2005) is a great beginning to love their music. An interesting girl duo uses the talent which helps them to present their music on wide category from indie to trip-hop, electronic to post-rock. So they've no definite style in music. And also sweet Sierra and Bianca is one of the most tonically interesting found on 2000s. Check my pick "Japan" from forthcoming "The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn". You may again find nice combination of their creativity on this one. They sing like little dolls.
mp3: CocoRosie - Japan
mp3: CocoRosie - Beautiful Boyz (Feat. Antony)
Bjork - Volta
Bjork's coming with her new "Volta" and we've only its cover. I'm not sure she's going to make another good album, because the cover is so puffy. Anyway my job isn't telling you about covers. So i've a classic Bjork work from "Homogenic".
mp3: Bjork - Bachelorette

Beth Gibbons
A song from Beth Gibbons who is singer of Portishead. There are many female singers out there but only few of them is well-talented in my view. Because mostly they use their sex appeal and when it comes to art, you'll find nothing notable. Beth Gibbons's different, and her "Out of Season" (2003) gives one of the best singer/songwriter and vocal performance on 2000s. A terrific album by a woman. Check out her tunes or don't check out this blog. It's been a great post that the girls matched with each other.
mp3: Beth Gibbons - Mysteries

Xiu Xiu - Remixed & Covered

Rating: 7.5/10
Modern Music Review
So magical, and so relaxing, this is new album by experimental indie band Xiu Xiu. Mostly it gives prominence to delightful pieces, starting slowly with superb lo-fi dynamics and the recording goes with emotional tasty music. Many standout Xiu Xiu works are being sung by guest singers, bands. One of the most beautiful sides of "Remixed & Covered" is surprising atmosphere of combinations through their experimentalist music.

Great new cover version of "Apistat Commander" with Sunset Rubdown definitely expresses why these are covered and remixed. Beautiful violins star in "Sad Pony Guerilla Girl"
and the song becomes a brooding instrumental effort. Moreover a notable Her Space Holiday collaboration appears. Another gentle indie rock piece from The Air Forse, "The Wig Master" kisses and smells brilliantly. Despite covered and remixed versions, Xiu Xiu's music has its own character, and this never disappears on this once again. Even, it gets stronger while covering sweet songs like "I Luv the Valley OH!". Aha!, i heard voice of Devendra Banhart, you sweet tremulous dude! You make all of us singing on your new recreated Xiu Xiu song, "Support Our Troops". Very Cute!

On second disc the atmosphere changes slightly, getting a higher tempo, and featuring more noises. And all those crazy indie rock elasticities offers high textured songs. But excepted wonderful version of song "Suha" (with Warbucks) reminds unbelievable anxious vocals of Mark Hollis from dreamy legend band Talk Talk.

A cover or remix record seldom does well, but this is magical! Street Date: Apr 10, 2007
MM picks: Apistat Commander (with Sunset Rubdown), Clowne Towne , Suha
mp3: Her Space Holiday - I Luv the Valley OH!

Adam And The Ants

Ant Music
Adam is making a bubbly, babbling pop music that’s actually less obvious and ordinary than when Adam fancied himself as a different sort of rebel/devil. The surprise of seeing Adam on TOTP was one of the year’s most refreshings jolts. ‘Antmusic’ is about seven times better than ‘Dog Eat Dog’: a Glitterbilly, Skids-swirl, tribal celebration. “Unplug the jukebox/And do us all a favour/That music’s lost its taste/So try another flavour”. Adam’s turned himself into a pop event: rejoice at its corniness and liveliness.
mp3: Adam And The Ants - Ant Music

Stand & Deliver
Who is that young chap riding the fiery charger into the night capturing all the ladies’ jewellery and hearts? Musket in hand and gleam in his eye – why Tommy Steele in Columbia’s 1968 clinker Where’s Jack? But who comes up in the slipstream? Aloft a pantomime nag with training wheels, here comes the man of the hour! Adam Ant! ‘Stand & Deliver’ stretches the joke thinner and as he gallops by we shout off into the night after this unstoppable rapscallion. “Take heed, Adam Ant! We’ll see you dance at the end of a yardarm yet!
mp3: Adam And The Ants - Stand Deliver

Leonard Cohen - Songs From A Room

MM classics
Like his first album, Leonard Cohen’s second, "Songs From A Room", is notable more for the songs than the singing. Cohen has a superb sense of lyrics and this new album makes compelling listening. The atmosphere throughout is subdued, the songs simply arranged and presented so that the focal point is the word. Cohen, in fact, seems to have taken over from Dylan somewhat in this area of songwriting. Hard to pick out notable tracks as they are all good but ‘Story Of Isaac’, ‘The Old Revolution’, ‘Bird On A Wire’, and ‘Lady Midnight’ are worth mentioning as tracks to listen for.
mp3: Leonard Cohen - The Partisan
mp3: Leonard Cohen - Seems So Long Ago, Nancy

Nico - The Frozen Borderline: 1968-1970

Rating: 10/10
Modern Music Review
Two great album by stellar rock legendary Nico; "The Marble Index", "Desertshore" are both being remastered in a 2CD collection, The Frozen Borderline: 1968-1970 (2007). I must admit that this is one of the best remastered and important record for me, it reminds you a picture of complicated feelings, and your eyes get wet. As a beautiful rock figure herself, she never released a commercial work in her admirable musical career. They're all theatrical and beautiful records, and The Frozen Borderline offers two Nico masterpiece in which songs only sound as Nico and her style. After listening thousand times, you can consider that her works such as "No One Is There", "Facing The Wind", "Janitor Of Lunacy" are quite arty, perfect, striking work of art. Especially on "Facing The Wind" your ears stuck on Nico's deep, brooding vocals which appear on every song. Gloomy and dark soundscapes, disordered violin surprisingly fascinate you throughout. How a deadpan vocal could be so impressive? But she was Nico, and during her individualistic career she was recording her dark folk-rock-flavored amazing debut "Chealsea Girl", after followed by a dramatic Nico classic "The Marble Index", but the real melancholy came on 1970. "Desertshore" produced and arranged by John Cale, and Nico gave the soul of record by providing her extra impenetrable lyrics and unforgettable vocals.

This compilation features a lot of alternate and Demo version of the songs. You really want tell feelings on her songs, but after awhile you realize that it's not possible. After "Chelsea Girl", Nico's influential works are all contained in The Frozen Borderline, two drop of tear have never been so bitter, completely atypical and mind blowing.
mp3: Nico - Roses In The Snow (Outtake) (Alternate Version)
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John Cale - Paris 1919 Remastered Edition

Portishead - Dummy

MM classics
I love misery, and oppositely to most people it's not antonym of peace. They greet each other and saying ' Thank you, if you hadn't existed i wouldn't have exist too'. If you want to understand value of your wealth, somebody should take it from you. If you want to taste peace , you have to experienced with misery. Not Portishead only writes couple of gloomy words, they also provide a perfect record which features everything harmoniously with each other-- well-matched dark vocal and learned songwriting by Beth Orton, Geoff Barrow's extremely good beats from wide category of music, dark elements from jazz music, driving atmosphere without stopping, also the taste of a striking movie scene.

Ohh, can't anybody see
We've got a war to fight
Never found our way
Regardless of what they say
How can it feel, this wrong
From this moment
How can it feel, this wrong
Storm.. in the morning light I feel
No more can I say
I got nobody on my side
Frozen to myself
And surely that ain't right
And surely that ain't right
We've got a war to fight
Never found our way
Regardless of what they say

This is completely distinctive record from mid-90. And with "Dummy", Portishead means a lot to our modern life's soundtrack -- when you're in a car -- it'll help you to see that emotions are so tight together, love all of them. Like various flowers, this record offers quite beautiful music. It's so modern, so drowned in sound.

From this time, unchained
We're all looking at a different picture
Thru this new frame of mind
A thousand flowers could bloom
Move over, and give us some room
Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be a woman
I just wanna be a woman

mp3: Portishead - Roads

New Singles & New Music

Rock Singles
1. Bonnie Prince Billy - Strange Form Of Life
2. mp3: Manic Street Preachers – Underdogs (7”)
3. Scott Matthews - Passing Stranger
4. mp3: Maximo Park – Our Velocity
5. mp3: The Bird And The Bee – My F***ing Boyfriend (7”)
6. Laura Veirs – Don’t Lose Yourself
7. Magenta - Speechless
8. New Young Pony Club – The Bomb
9. Razorlight – I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got
10. Rumble Strips – Alarm Clock

'A strange form of life, kicking through windows, rolling on yards'. It was a rare good song that i'm still loving from last year and i'd fallen in love with the song on first listen.

Well well well, we've a new The Manics track here, i'm very excited about their upcoming record. And new song "Underdogs" included with classic punk guitar chords, rhythmic drum beats, i'm feeling the energy of it. Hey it's a punk revivalist work, again Manics are on a mission. Go on Manics!...and did you listen album "Passing Stranger" by Scott mathews, his new single is title track, love it.
Feist - My Moon My Man
Manics - Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

Soulsavers - It's Not How Far You Fall

Rating: 8.7/10
Modern Music Review
The Soulsavers follow up their critically acclaimed debut, 'Tough Guys Don't Dance' with 'It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way You Land'.

Three years in the making, this time we see naughty boy Mark Lenegan on this project in which he provides vocals on 8 of the albums 12 tracks. Mostly this coloured blue work is a mix of hip-hop, rock, country, soul and gospel. It's an eclectic recording and sounds quite slowcore at the end of it. Lenegan's depressing and charismatic voice, beautiful selected organ pressing during his vocals makes results adorable. Emotionally like Nick Cave, romantically dark like Joy Division or like Velvet Underground who are keystones of the arty noises rock, it's rooting on you slowly using creative dark noises. Also garage rock desired song "Ghosts Of You And Me" takes Soulsavers' music to cold, bolted, dirty streets. And one of the best works on this record, "Paper Money" deserves a high volume listen. These are duly noted, remember that this music recalls to us a lot of good records.

Hey we're coming, get out of the way!. We've got soul, rock, country and you. This is the impressions on a person who loves to dig the music. It's dramatical, now more and more sorrowful. "Ask The Dust" is the first instrumental work that builds a bridge between experimental-rock-trip hop music. Similarly, thin-skinned piano keys will cry on shoulder of song, on "Arizona Bay". The album also features cameo appearances by Will Oldham, PW Long & Jimi Goodwin(Doves). Despite too many diversified pieces, it somehow shows the right path and provides a really delicious music. That mellow voice, and those great harmonies of varied instruments are coming with every breath you take. Whisky or Wine?

Expect two or three faint song, it's essential for a dirty boy/girl in his/her dirty night. Wow.
MM picks: Ghosts Of You And Me, Paper Money, Arizona Bay
mp3: Soulsavers - Jesus Of Nothing
You can listen four tracks on Soulsavers Myspace

10 Greatest British Album Ever

Who says that word, greatest? Like before i said, i don't believe in the word, it's so relative term. But you know that kids are askin' for a standout list of remarkable British records. Let's say these are the records which you can sleep with, you can fall in love with, change a life by.

1.Nick Drake - Bryter Layter
It's like there is a place for everyone on this record. Melancholy, beauty, and the most importantly it doesn't has any genre directed recording style. Original with what it has got. Prodigious songwriting, perfect music, and really it's still like a fresh record. That's the music, that's the life. I've never feel gloomy of it, on the contrary it helps you to make your day peaceful. You see, it changes a life.Bulut
mp3: Nick Drake - Hazey Jane II

2.Pulp - Different Class
Stories between social classes has always been interesting in novels, movies, and music. Britain's Pulp not only carries its passionate music one step forward, it also brings to scene one of the most unique harmonies. Pulp’s finest hour was like a Mike Leigh film starring the Carry On cast, pitting Jarvis Cocker’s sarcasm against spry new wave synth-pop. It kicks Pulp's previously released His N' Her and becomes a true value. Whenever you listen it, you discover it again.Bulut
mp3: Pulp - I spy

3.The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
They invented a new material in music and this material still is too expensive to reach.
The Stone Roses created the rule and a gift for next generations.
mp3: The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored

4.Wire - Pink Flag
Perhaps the most original debut album to come out of the first wave of British punk. Very few of the songs followed traditional verse/chorus structures -- if one or two riffs sufficed, no more were added; if a musical hook or lyric didn't need to be repeated, Wire immediately stopped playing, accounting for the album's brevity. Pink Flag's enduring influence pops up in hardcore, post-punk, alternative rock, and even Britpop, and it still remains a fresh, invigorating listen today: a fascinating, highly inventive rethinking of punk rock and its freedom to make up your own rules.

5.The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
The Smiths didn’t make bad records, so the fact their 1986 album is rated as their defining moment already places it in rarefied air. 'The Queen Is Dead’ is as capable of soundtracking lives
now as it was the day it was released.

6.Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure
7.Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
8.Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque
9. Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible
10. The Jesus And Mary Chain - Psychocandy

Alternative Five British Stuff:
1. Brian Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets
2. The Clash - London Calling
3. The Art of Noise - (Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!
4. Pj Harvey - Dry
5. Primal Scream - Screamadelica

College Student's Choices:
1. Radiohead - The Bends
2. The Verve - ANorthern Soul
3. Muse - Absolution
4. Coldplay - Parachutes
5. Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

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Placebo - Covers

It features a selection of 10 covers from throughout their career, which were previously only available on 2003’s ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’ limited edition bonus disc. This release follows the huge digital download demand for their cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’, after it recently appeared in The O.C.

This is not a great cover album because the covers are neither different from original nor impressive. But there is a great cover of Big Star that you should have a listen. I think they should try something creative that will again captivate the listeners on their forthcoming projects.
mp3: Placebo - Holocaust

A modern path leads to music

We love music blogs, i always check who links to this blogs. Because it's great to discover your pages which include a lot of different offers. We already agreed with the main good idea on music blogs is that sharing some beautiful digital little creatures, we used to call them as mp3s. It changed our lives (some of us). It helps to get our musical taste freely, of course we love buying some cool records. But, to be honest, a person can't buy all of them if he/she doesn't make extra money.

Under-G has Fastball's great record "All The Pain Money Can Buy" which consists of my favorite Fastball songs such as The Way, Fire Escape and Sooner or Later.

SoundBox shares many Jimi Hendrix BBC SESSIONS collections, it's worth checking.

R indie leads us to a melancholy masterpiece by Portishead, Dummy.

You probably don't understand the language but some good choices can be found at 8/1. He shares some new songs from Brett Anderson, as previously noted, we loved new Brett Anderson.

...And for a good saturday Modern Music recommends:

1.Dave Matthews Band - The Last Stop
2.Dave Matthews Band - Don't Drink the Water
3.Neil Young - Heart of Gold
4.David Bowie - Modern Love
5.Roxy Music - She Sells

Tracey Thorn - Out Of The Woods

Rating: 6.5/10
Modern Music Review
First solo album in 25 years from the female half of Everything But The Girl (her first solo album, A Distant Shore, was recorded just prior to the formation of EBTG in 1982). On this album, Thorn collaborates with Tom Gandey (AKA Cagedbaby) and Ewan Pearson amongst others.

Tracey Thorn's disappearance for over twenty years is the birth of this heavy lighted the first solo album. Thorn’s takes control of record at once -- which includes different contemporary work "Here It Comes Again", gloomy trembeling synthesizers of A-Z, heavily 80s disco oriented songs "It's All True", "Grand Canyon", and "Raise The Roof".

Songs moderately complies with every genre from pop to soul, jazz to rock and also electronica. It's easy getting into entire record, because "Out Of The Woods" takes power of its music from self-possessed character. There is anything unusual on Tracey Thorn's voice, as always it's soft and fruitful. Despite changeable beats and long sweet pop-soul connections, her voice keeps on same style on and off, lyrics are basically centered on domesticity. After a rhytmic song it's quite out of topic listening a very blue song. That's the result of uncompleted song order. Moreover it's the weirdest listening which offers an extra gloomy song before a Club/Dance song (Grand Canyon). It was as if the song pretended like their the most popular hit, "Missing".

Obviously her distinctive talent again appears on this one. However it doesn't get great while it insistently provides relieved tracks one by one.
MM picks: A-Z, It's All True, Raise The Roof
mp3: Tracey Thorn - Here It Comes Again

Goth Subculture Anthems

Siouxsie And The Banshees
Hong Kong Garden
A lot of people have been waiting for a long time for this disc, while punk’s self-styled enfant terrible played cat-and-mouse with a music industry she openly regards with contempt and disdain. Siouxsie’s got a point. The record companies who decide what you’re going to be able to buy are often reactionary and staid and can be accused of manipulating the populace. But
then she isn’t entirely blameless on that last count herself. If you really think The Banshees spent the past year in a contractless limbo because their music was too near the edge, then you
must spend a lot of your time going round walking into walls. The Banshees have fans, lots of them, and no record company worth its salt would pass up the chance to sell them records.
And what about releasing a record themselves? Don’t they know the old mass access argument hardly applies any more? But here it is, a brash, delirious two-chord triumph that I would never have thought them capable of, being not in the least enamoured of their facile attempts at creating radical music. ‘Hong Kong Garden’, a longtime stage favourite, is a bright, vivid narrative, something like snapshots from the window of a speeding Japanese train, powercharged by the most original, intoxicating guitar playing I’ve heard in a long, long time.
Would you believe it’s going to be played on the radio? Would you believe Siouxsie on Top Of The Pops? Would you believe not one mention of Blondie… oops.
mp3: Siouxsie And The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden

(Genetic Records Demo Session - Eden Studios, London, March 1979)
Dance, dance, dance to the radio! A bass guitar slowly stirs and quivers. A relentless, dipping riff gathers momentum and sweeps its way into a spiralling electric guitar as a distant drummer
pumps out strict Can doublebeats. This is an awesome disc, scaling the heights fellow Mancunians Magazine merely hinted at in ‘Shot By Both Sides’. Ian Curtis provides regular Iggy-style grunted vocal interjections while the simmering production – again the work of
Martin ‘Zero’ Hannett – is crisp enough to push ‘Transmission’ into the chart. With the right breaks, this could easily be a hit!
mp3: Joy Division - Transmission

Ziggy Stardust
In the Flat Field Peter Murphy blows his cool badly and reveals a hidden yearning to be Mike Yarwood. Quite good facsimile of Bowie’s voice, but maybe he’d be better off doing Robin Day or Dennis Healy next time. Inexplicable.
mp3: Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust

Blast Off
Three-minute horror movie soundtracks of jarring insensitivity by a band who’ve overcome my inherent distrust of Australians with a series of hugely entertaining interviews. Both tracks here wield similar characteristics – brutal and bloody amid a volley of drums and arrogant bravado.The Birthday Party are the kind of boys who bopped the teacher while the rest of the class sniggered and played with their geometry sets. They certainly ain’t pretty, but they’re a welcome antidote to the age of Ultravox.
mp3: Birthday Party - Blast Off

They’re sounding not unlike The Psychedelic Furs, this group – he said, crushing their chances of a fair hearing in one fell swoop. No, don’t be put off. This is dark and powerful stuff from
Yorkshire’s Sisters. Maybe a bit too dense for extended listening, but this much I like a lot. And a big improvement on their ‘Adrenochrome’ debut.
mp3: Sister of Mercy - Alice

Iceblink Luck
Thankfully the Cocteaus have discarded the “Noddy and Tinkerbell indulge in sensual massage” approach that so exasperated semi-fans like me who always wanted Liz Frazer to kick vocal ass a little. JC: “That’s quite good for them.” BD: “The Cocteau Twins have never given a fuck about what’s happening around them. They just get on and do what they do and they seem to the getting better at it. Attitude matters just as much as the music in most cases.”
mp3: Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck

Panda Bear - Person Pitch

Rating: 8.6/10
Modern Music Review
Animal Collective member Panda Bear (a.k.a. Noah Lennox) boldly returns with his long-awaited third solo record Person Pitch. Years in the making, Person Pitch marks a dramatic departure from Panda Bear’s previous solo record Young Prayer. The acoustic instruments of Young Prayer have been replaced with samplers and electronics. Voice of goodness, sounds of natural world, a calm view, they're singing by your side, in their own language, and you're listening to them in garden of eden. I'm not sure if Panda wanted to tell these. But i know well about its undiscovered anthemic work of art deserves a long time to spend with. Owls, so beautiful creatures . At the opening part of song "Bros", you hear voice of a owl which perfectly goes with theme of song. What a sweet melody it has, bringing all fresh waters in a man-made ceramic cup.

Fusing Panda’s dramatic life changes over the past few years (marriage, moving to Lisbon, becoming a father) with his ever-increasing sonic palette (standouts include Caetano Veloso, Berlin Techno, Scott Walker, and Kylie Minogue), Person Pitch is suffused with the kind of feel good modern toe-tapping pop that seems harder and harder to find these days. See "Im Not" for flawless dreamy beats , despite its lost energy, there is no escape from self-analysis by the music.

It goes to wrong direction at times, and draws a clouded picture by language of noises. It's quite open this is music which has no commercial request. And this makes "Person Pitch" is a good standout work of Panda Bear, and also it shows his love in music. Songs like "Good Girl/Carrots" and "Take Pills" have no direction, and they love changing the melody flow in every two minutes. It's like a journey to a looking for we come from. At the same time it's not as clear as a view. However my observations show that "Person Pitch" gives a worth listen.

Like on cover, it's an uncertain, complex experimental music that will effect every person differently . For the hipped Panda Bear followers "Person Pitch" is tasty food, as he keeps a music centered career "Person Pitch" takes its position in a relaxed manner. A record for angelic combination of instrumental orders.
MM picks: Im Not, Good Girl/Carrots
mp3: Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica
mp3: Panda Bear - Bros (Edit Version)
mp3: Panda Bear - Ponytail

New Rock Singles & New Music!

New Singles
1. mp3: Bill Callahan (Smog) – Diamond Dancer [MM recommends]
2. mp3: Air – Once Upon A Time
3. Soulsavers - Kingdom Of Rain
4. Grinderman - No Pussy Blues
5. Bryan Ferry - The Times They Are A-Changin’ ( from Dylanesque )
6. Rakes – We Danced Together
7. Mando Diao - Long Before Rock N Roll
8. Brett Anderson – Love Is Dead (UK)
9. Howling Bells – Low Happening
10. Alexisonfire - Boiled Frogs

Wow! This top 10 looks quite wonderful. Specially i carry Bill Callahan's a.k.a. (Smog) new album "Woke On A Whaleheart" with me whereever i go in recent times. Terrific record! Last year Bonnie "Prince" Billy and now Bill Callahan, two well-educated songwriters.

Travis - Closer
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Hump De Bump
Ben Kweller - Penny On The Train Track
Menomena - Cough Coughing (not new one)

Good records vs Raw records

In first part of the post, i'll write the records that make me sing in recently. Wow, i love finding anything makes my day brilliant. Lou Barlow's forthcoming Mirror The Eye (EP) is just amazing...

And also Xiu Xiu's coming "Remixed and Covered" has been great work. It's included with several covers of influential names like Sunset Rubdown, a cover of the stellar song "Clowne Towne" by Marissa Nadler, a glorious cover of Her Space Holiday's "I Luv the Valley OH!".

Another great approaching record by The Soulsavers is huge on me, following up their critically acclaimed debut, 'Tough Guys Don't Dance' with 'It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way You Land'. Three years in the making, this time around they have joined up with Mark Lanegan who provides vocals on eight songs.

mp3: Lou Barlow - You're a goat [highly recommended]
mp3: Xiu Xiu: Boy Soprano [from the The Air Force LP]
mp3: Soulsavers - Kingdoom of Rain [ wonderful cover]

i haven't written on some mainstream records. But i've listened many of them several times to try to write something pushing. As you know it's not possible writing when a record doesn't give the emotion, and the push. So which records i only wave and wish good luck?

The Stooges - The Weirdness
Rating: 3/10
I wish i could love it, but it doesn't sound like The Stooges. "The Weirdness" is something cleaner and soundless than early Stooges. Only things that i'd like two or maybe three songs; "Mexican Guy", "Passing Cloud"...Cry of pain!

Sondre Lerche - Phantom Punch
Rating: 4.5/10
Why do i have to spend my time on a record that won't provide anything brilliant or original. Of course, i shouldn't. You know what, there are a lot of good examples of chamber pop
out there, then "Phantom Punch" is forgettable throughout. Ouch! there is a good song under name "John, Let Me Go". Sondre Lerche's pop composings are still raw.

Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future
Rating: 3/10
I think i've already forgotten anything about this album, then, who is going to do the mention?. One of the most boring thing about music on internet is that some people are afraid of writing a negative thoughts on some artists. If you don't like it, nothing will change it. And Klaxons'
"Myths Of The Near Future" wastes my time.

P.s. Always listen what you want.

The Music Between Romanticism and Brightness

Reviewing Neo-Glam Movement

1. Suede - Suede (1993)
Opening shiny by a brilliant guitar roller coaster "So Young", this record gets attention of every britpop movement lover in early 90s. Not to mention its heavily romantic, and also orgasmic streaming by way of Anderson dramatic vocal, Bernard Butler's full of desire sound joint. with the Suede, they capture rock music as a romantic and bright diamond -- Bulut
mp3: Suede - So Young

2. The Auteurs - New Wave (1993)
New Wave intends to provide more than a well-sounded british record. Its slowings, speedings, again slowings, also little bells, intelligent songwritings, true points to the life -- oh i forgot something. It was that record which you can't talk about, maybe the best thing is going to be listening! Flying with darling combination of attractive guitar, the unadorned voice of Luke Haines, to try to catch the bus but to fail. Because your mind is still on the New Wave. -- Bulut
mp3: Auteurs - How Could I Be Wrong

3. Marion - The Program (1998)
Shuddering in with a roiling solo guitar and a slow, doomy rhythm before amping up the energy and activity," The Program makes for a strong second effort from Marion. It was a truly great discovery for me. Someone recommended the record previously because of Johhny Marr's production, now i recommend this record to you.
mp3: Marion - Sparkle

4. Placebo - Black Market Music (2000)
Once in a time, there was a record which lights my way. Maybe it was dying because its overdosed lyrics. However, it was a record truly very similar to a high class love story, fake, cruel and hopeless.
mp3: Placebo - Commercial For Levi

Brett Anderson - Brett Anderson

Rating: 8.6/10
Modern Music Review
This is the first solo work by formerly member of Suede. We miss Suede, those dashing guitars, perfect pop songs, soulful stylish combination of previous high-class pop acts such as Stone Roses, David Bowie, Morrissey.

I have nothing to hide, i've been listening this one several times on my unending daily routines. "Dust and Rain" takes control strongly after two lazy opening songs, actually comparing those gives a result of this record's similarities with "Dog Man Star". Near to considering it as a boring experience, "Scorpio Rising" and another wonderful piece "The Infinite Kiss" appears greatly and makes Brett voice at the top of musical influence and definitely it changes your mind. Moving comfortable pop composing slowly comes as a surprise!

Brett Anderson (2007) somehow reminds us Suede's heyday, and other main britpop bands, Elastica, Blur, Mansun, Pulp, The Manics expect the four songs on the end. Colour Of The Night, The More We Possess..., Ebony, Song For My Father -- these are quite different works of Brett, having a bit of Scott Walker gloomy, Tom Waits petulance, also they've been really very good closing songs -- moving slowly down to your veins and glowing your body. Incidentally "The More We Possess" reminds "Infinitely Late At Night" (69 love songs) by Magnetic Fields. Closing track "Song For My Father" offers perfect melancholia, intelligent songwriting, a touching end. What i mean is that Brett is growing on, particularly when he is alone. However this solo sounds well after forgivable The Tears or disbanded Suede!

It's not as overwhelming as a Suede Debut or Dog Man Star. Besides it's not anything bigger than early Suede. But as a great solo work, Brett Anderson proves that he's well-talented when it comes to romantic guitar songs. A necessary theme for sweet dreams. Street Date: March 26
MM picks: To The Winter, Colour Of The Night, Song For My Father
mp3: Love Is Dead
mp3: To the Winter
Brett Anderson Official

The Broken West - I Can't Go On, I'll Go On

I asked to Alan Williamson owner of *Sixeyes the album that he can't stop listening for last three months, that's very kind of Alan, and he said "I Can't Go On, I'll Go On" (2007) by Los Angeles based The Broken West. Friends, hang on! Because he's right about this catchy indie rock piece, this is a stuff which you shouldn't miss out! Now lets read the full of feeling thoughts.

When I first heard this album, there were songs that jumped out and brought back that feeling which I can never truly capture in words (but I will make a small effort). A feeling of wonder, of joy, it's something primal that is reawakened through the magic of a special song. And now at my age it's also nostalgia, that is what The Broken West and their fantastic debut full length do to me, all of those things. And, as with any great record, these feelings and emotions happily return as I continue to listen to this, or any, great album, you find new things in the songs and new songs begin to grow in favour, in stature, in that primordial cortex of my civilized mind. But I don’t think I get uncivilized when listening to beautiful songs like "Baby On My Arm", "Brass Ring", "Down In The Valley", "Hale Sunrise", or my new favourite, album closer "Like A Light"(a song as gorgeous as young love), just uninhibited, I get drunk on the Broken West… and there ain't no hangover.--Alan Williamson
mp3:Broken West - Hale Sunrise
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Teenage Funclub - Man Made
Pernice Brothers - Live a Little

Covering the year 2006

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Some Says (2006)
One of the most beautiful cover record of last year "The Brave And The Bold" teaches us how a beautiful cover record should be. It's been more than one year, and i still love to listen this record. Thanks to Tortoise for bringing such glorious guitars, composings, thanks to Will Oldham for such a nostalgic voice. Definitely an essential work. This song originally performed by Melanie on Gather Me (1971).

Portishead - Requiem for Anna (2006)
It's another important cover record of 2006 under name "Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited". It's included many well-educated artists; Marianne Faithfull, Cat power, Jarvis Cocker, Michael Stipe... I brought to your scene a moving cover from melancholy masters, Portishead.

Nouvelle Vague - Let Me Go (2006)
Personally i'm not big fan of cover bands, because they don't produce anything new. As for the Nouvelle Vague, they're a bit different. Listen the standout cover of Heaven 17 from "Bande A Part".

Wilco - Thirteen (2006)
This album was my favorite cover album of the last year. A bunch of great bands and mucisians are covering legendary rock band Big Star. I picked a Wilco version of Thirteen for you!

Owen Pallett - Peach Plum Pear (2006)
Joanna Newsom is classically trained, has a voice like Björk's infant sister and plays a harp. Owen Pallet is classically trained, plucks a violin and sounds like Thom Yorke's little brother. What could go wrong covering Newsom's "Peach, Plum, Pear?" Answer: nothing. Extra points to Final Fantasy for leaving-in whining microphone feedback over his string arrangement.

Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank

Rating: 8.2/10
Modern Music Review
Day after day, good melody after good melody... A good melody means that it helps you to live present time, it also helps you forgetting the time. Time isn't important then, the important things are your emotions, your happiness, your smiles. What a beatiful thing to get meaning your precious time by music. Modest Mouse did this, they did this several times with previous records "Lonesome Crowded West", "The Moon & Antarctica", "Good News for People Who Love Bad News". Notably these are great records to sing with, to enjoy with.
Now this time we can sing 'We've got everything' along with this Issaquah formed distinctive indie rock band. And yes this album is that kind of album which is consecutive, exciting and intelligent at same time. So it's really 'We've got everything'. From beginning to end, it never loses its lovely sound. Isaac Brock tells a lot of things on the trot, the guitarist supports Brock's rapidly changing singing style with an amazing tune of guitar. In addition, on three songs we hear fresh voice of James Mercer from The Shins. (We've Got Everything, Missed The Boat, Florida)

"Invisible" takes quite powerful guitar lines, on "Spitting Venom" music comes totally as a complex, "Steam Engenius" is the hippiest one, "Education" near to become another "Float On", "Fly Trapped In A Jar" sustains the record one step forward. This song incredibly flows
like a waterfall. You've already heard first single, Dashboard, kinda upbeat disco-like indie rock song. There are only two indolent melody "Missed The Boat" and "Fire It Up". Following "Parting of the Sensory" and "March Into The Sea" have huge potential to influence every music lover. Because this two songs are one of the best work that they've created yet. Especially Isaac's 'Ha Ha Ha's on song "March Into The Sea" are worth hearing!

A person who dislikes a record like this shoudn't has an expectation on other Modest Mouse works. Pleasing tunes are everything of the record, and also interesting vocal style of Isaac Brock seperates Modest Mouse from other indie rock musicians. They are all delighted and in high spirits, they don't need a lucky charm, that's for sore!
MM picks: Education, Fly Trapped In A Jar, Parting of the Sensory, March Into The Sea.
mp3: Modest Mouse - We've Got Everything (feat. James Mercer)
Modest Mouse Official

New Rock Stuff!

New Singles
1. Scissor Sisters – She’s My Man
2. Wolfmother - Love Train (live version)
3. Wilco - What Light
4. Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position
5. Simply Red - So Not Over You
6. The Rapture - Pieces Of The People We Love
7. Saxon – If I Was You
8.The Sunshine Underground - Borders
9. Voxtrot – Trouble/Your Biggest Fan
10. Take That – Shine

Dance! Dance! Dance like a rock n' roll star. If music is good, dance floor will never turn to a fool floor. So Scissor Sisters' new single gets the best of week, A genre- and gender-defying mix of rock, pop, and dance inspired by burlesque, drag queens, and glam rock, mixing rock and dance at same discoteque.
New Videos:
Califone - 3-Legged Animals
Romeo+Juliet Soundtrack Full Album Stream
The 10th Anniversary Edition includes all the songs from the first album (Garbage, Radiohead, The Cardigans, Everclear, Butthole Surfers) as well as some cool extras including Quindon Tarver’s version of “When Doves Cry”. Radiohead - Talkshow Host

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