Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

Rating: 9/10
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Patrick Wolf, who is Violinist/singer/songwriter, almost was born with music, commenced researching his connection with tunes at the age of 11. As you know, it's a huge advantage meeting with the music at you childhood, so you may closely be friend of music when you're 24 years old. After The standout record Wind in the Wires (2005) and his musical climbing with it makes "The Magic Position" quite hopeful, and this hope becomes a beautiful

Patrict Wolf makes really dreamy music while his songwriting touches you at every point. It reminds me green green trees, bliss, an emotional world. Serious music is served in a closed plate, every detail depends to you if you want to see what is in it. Melodies are almost perfect and brainy. Naked tunes, well-matched bells, minor noises, gentle violin, detailed song flowing, elegant piano, all of these put you the magic position while you're listening the stuff. On Magpie, you'll hear merciful voice of Marianne Faithfull, it's exactly what i think, a female voice has been great with that splendid violin, especially if she's Marianne!

An enthralling listen, high-class music with good-hearted thirteen delicious piece - besides it's one of the best release in early 2007. Patrict is running and a hard work always gets what it deserves sooner or later. Release Date: 26 Feb 2007
Patrick Wolf official
MM picks: Bluebells, Magpie, Augustine, The Stars
mp3: Patrick Wolf - Bluebells


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