The National - Boxer

The year keeps slapping my ass; Panda Bear, Arcade Fire, Low and now The National... While listening "American Waters" by Silver Jews, and thinkin' what a wonderful record it is, the following album in the headphones "Boxer" fights to impress me. We all agreed that previous National "The Alligator" was amazing! Bands like Tindersticks, Silver Jews, Divine Comedy have always been fantastic for me. So i can add The National to next them. Now it's great because i'm sick of listening crap albums. A song named "Green Gloves" has already gotten my heart. Its colourful tunes, calm mood, and whisky-like taste, mellow voice of Matt Berninger are one of the best that i've listened in the year. Hang on! "Boxer" is coming!
mp3: The National - Fake Empire
mp3: The National - Brainy
*mp3s will be removed in two days*


cecilia v. on 3:33 am said...

i've just met with this incredible band
fake empire is a great song

(loved tindersticks and divine comedy , and like you, i was a little bit tired of listening crap)

i love arcade fire as well
so, not always old times are better

thanks for ocean of noise by calexico, havent heard it before

great blog about music

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