John Cale - Paris 1919 Remastered Edition

This ain't a new album review
[Reprise; 1973;WEA International; 2006]
MM Review
It's wanderful to hear again John Cale classics 'Hanky Panky Nohow',
'Child's Christmas In Wales' and the brilliant work 'The Endless Plain Of Fortune'.
This literary work which is also absolutely essential listening,a John Cale
classic his most accessible record.There are few albums which have only their atmosphere only their style.Obviously,Paris 1919 is that kind of album including its own poetic and music.Growing royal melodies(The Endless Plain Of Fortune), entertaining waggish guitar beat(Macbeth), beauty of snowy wheaters (Child's Christmas In Wales), sorrowful lyrics with orchestral tunes (Paris 1919), weird but cute cuts(Graham Greene), brilliant tunes majestic lyrics (Antarctica Starts Here)...

For this lavish new remastered edition, Rhino UK has unearthed 11 previously
unreleased rehearsals and alternate takes,including one completed outtake.
There are great alternate version of the songs.Piano Mix of song Paris 1919 is really
worth to listen,it's longer than the original version.Paris 1919 is one the best
effort in 1973,you'll love this new edition which was a masterpiece the original version.
MM picks:The Endless Plain Of Fortune
Listen:Hanky Panky Nohow(Drone Mix), Andalucia(Alternate Version), Macbeth(Rehearsal)(...)
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Matt said...

I'm only on track 6, but am astounded. I get angry, sometimes, when I find out about albums like this one. Why didn't anyone tell me about it sooner?
I'm digging the various styles of each song. It keeps things very, very interesting. Better than any solo Lou Reed? Could be....

bulut on 6:27 am said...

You're right Matt,John Cale is always more talented than Lou Reed when the subject is writing lyrics,but it takes time to absorb his magnificent compositions.Also noone tells you about albums like that.Does anybody else notice that professional music critics by and large,
never give a bad review to any album on their site.Really there are only a few good album this year.

Feckingham said...

I've known about this album for years, but I too, had never heard. Absolutely brilliant. I can see myself playing this again and again. Unlike his band mate whose career represents one dull, overly long pose, this has feeling and substance. Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

When I saw this album-post,Iget very excited.But the link is not working,I am so late again.Would you give a new link.I always follow your site for good music.Tesekkurler

Dave Randolph said...

Tried the new link and that's not working ... dang!

Anonymous said...

new link also not working.I am waiting for the new link,sorry.Thanks for good music...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, but this is not the Remastered Edition with bonus cuts.

Anonymous said...

yeah not re-mastered edition.I ve the classical edition I was boomed when i first listen,so re-mastered edition will be better.I will download the new one, but I couldnt find the link,too.

Anonymous said...

Still searching but couldn't find re-mastered edition.

Anonymous said...

i saw john cale during 25 years four times. one time ,in the mid nineties, he was brilliant, three times he was terrible and frustrated and frustrating. an old moody old man. Lou Reed is saw three times - he was alway great.

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