Lcd Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

Rating: 3,9999/10
Dance-punk producer (and one-half of The DFA) James Murphy returns with his second LCD Soundsytem album.

Album opens with Bowie opsessed dramatic disco beater by "Get Innocuous", and goes with a likeable disco-pop mix "Time To Get Away". If you make a song (North American Scum) which repeats two words more than forty times, then stop criticizing, it will already cause a headache. Judging an album because of its genre is wrong, every genre has one great characteristic artist with a grader record at least. That's why music has many style which always open to changings, blendings, and additions. Sometimes i think that i'm jerk, you like a record or you don't. Giving ratings to music is stupid, at the same time it's a funny thing. But i know i'm not alone. There are a lot of jerks there, giving ratings, writing on big Zines.

One of the best things that you may find on "Sound of Silver" is dynamic volume of music. And it sounds fashionable than anything on marketplace. LCD Soundsystem's "Sound Of Silver" represents its style in a commercial way -- whatever you call it, dance, dance-punk , electronic -- too many same loops and simple lyrics are main shortcomings on this record. Even if opening track "Get Innocuous" offers a high energy , other ones never provide a surprising, extra excited creative music. On "Time To Get Away" a copy paste, copy and paste studio work appears."Watch The Tapes" is a bit different piece which has soul to make people dance and rock. And when i first saw "North American Scum"on MTV, honestly i talked to myself 'This is another commercial single', but he's clever. Because there is no need to strain yourself, use a short path and make a music that everybody will dance, that's the main point. More than three tiresome songs "All My Friends", "North American Scum" and "Us v Them" are main reason in effect to give up listening the whole cd. "Someone Great" is starting by synths, then turns to a stupid melody. "New York I Love You" differently closes the album, and it's something like 'i did a good closing song, now that changes some opinions'. A good ballad but if you consider all those electronic works that bringing you down, it's not about New York.

Definite Gary Numan, Joy Division, New Order, David Bowie, The Fall influences are in some of the songs. Borrowing mostly from The Fall's odd style, there are some good composings and guitar joints on the record, but they are covered by too many repetitive copy-paste sections. Mostly empty "Sound Of Silver" is only fine record for who doesn't have another dance music listen to. This is getting ridiculous and this record is hyped excessively. If someone does a thing, then others do the same thing, i only want to vomit on it. Ok just give it a ten point and recommend it highly. After doing your job, never listen to it.
MM picks: Get Innocuous

Some Mix Reviews:
The Urb, Rating: 100
The vocals are where Murphy has developed the most, trading in his Mark E. Smith yelp for various crooning styles.

The Guardian, Rating: 100
This is dance-rock for grown-ups: extraordinary., Rating: 100
Taken end to end, Sound Of Silver is a thrilling, exhilarating ride on a fast machine.

Playlouder, Rating: 100
'Sound Of Silver' is the album of the year.

Hartford Courant, Rating: 100
It's a straight-up masterpiece, blending indie-rock attitude and clattering dance beats with lethal sardonic humor.

Pitchfork, Rating: 92
As close to a perfect hybrid of dance and rock music's values as you're likely to ever hear.

Modern Music, Rating: 39
I think i'm a jerk.

mp3: North American Scum


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