Menomena - Friend And Foe

Rating: 9.1/10
Modern Music Review
Experimental Rock
A year after the variety of "Under an Hour" including piano, viola, baglama (a baby bouzouki), toy piano, organ and guitar conjure a watery world of misty fogs, cascading waterfalls , comes a much more experimental soundscapes from Portland formed trio Menomena.

They have a strange band name which has no specific meaning, but obviously the name matches their music. One thing that i discovered in Menomena's music is if you want to listen their music, you'll want to listen whole album. Single songs don't suffice to get me into musical love. They're playing guitars carefully, percussions and other instruments merge weird noises, and mosty not in order. Excellent song order, queer vocals, whistles, all of these depict Menomena's music as an incoming powerful weapon, but in test period now.

'This is definitely delightful album' you want to tell, moreover with happiness of discovery
another new band, you can't control yourself, find yourself dancing one way to other way. Gentle
bells, piano joined nice experimental rock -- experimental and dance music at the same time -- think of its nutty effect on you!

I can't tell you how much strong song named "The Pelican" in the album, and nobody could tell it. There is only one way to get it, listening! If you ask me 'how is the song?', i'll look at your face
like an empty bottle. Maybe it's the best way to describe it. I haven't came across this kind of weird combination of saxophone and percussions before.(Weird)

YEAH! I'm absolutely happy while counting my steps on a long road, and "Friend And Foe" echoes in the ears. What are you waiting for? Release date: 23 Jan Tuesday
MM picks: Boyskouts Sweetboyskouts, The Pelican, Weird, Evil Bee
mp3: Wet And Rusting
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