Modest Mouse mp3

Modest Mouse smashed me with the new record, "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank".
it is the first album with former The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. If you see some anonymous people talking itchy on other blogs, that's because of they're jealous bastards. Modest Mouses are growing and bringing quite in a good mood music to the scene. Isaac Brock keep going to yammer. In an interview Isaac Brock said of Johnny Marr, "He made a cautious commitment to write and record with us, and then the tighter we got, he was like, ‘okay, let's tour too.' Then he was pretty much a member of the band-- not pretty much. It's really amazing to see Johnny on this modest band. I can feel those very soft guitar joints on the new record. So they're funny, odd, and still fucking amazing. Review is coming soon!
mp3: Modest Mouse - Missed the Boat (****)
Watch "Dashboard," "Float On," and "Ocean Breathes Salty" at here.
Modest Mouse Official

And The Papercuts, mentioning on good music always works on faces. It's peaceful feeling that you're happy. Maybe not always music will help you to be happy but you see the title above. It's 'Without music life would be a mistake'. The Papercuts' music is gentle enough for me, like ' look there is no cloud in sky'. They're traveling through the air on wings from San Francisco, CA. Their secondary record "Can't Go Back" reminds a view of water flowing. It's melodic, less noisy, and pure all the way. Here!, a modest song.
mp3: The Papercuts - John Brown (*****)

Jonny Greenwood Is The Controller

Rating: 8.5/10
Modern Music Review
It's because of hot weathers when i feel hot and playful. What about music? Do you believe power of music? Is it powerful enough to change your mental state (YEAH)? A rhythmic music for sunny days, a rhythm guitar and a bass drum hitting on the third beat of each measure, plus a fervent singer. Oh wonderful, terrific and refreshing music. Thanks to reggae's founders for bringing such a sweet music genre to the life. What if some considerable Reggae songs from some successful jamaican artists. I hear you, you think that it's very hard to explore all those artists especially it's hard when they're not well-known names. As always i pointed if you're not famous, it doesn't mean that you're a weak musician. Therefore Jonny Greenwood had given his heart to this charming style for six months, and shared with us some of his recent favorite Jamaican artists. He still keeps discovering new ones. As you know, there is no end in the music, always new music to discover. Jonny adds 'So, explore this music. This isn't a 'best of...' by any means:it's just the surface, and if you hear a voice or a style that you like, then you'll find hours more of great recordings out there. Happy Digging!' Alright! Here we are for digging the music; rock, jazz, pop, blues, classical, electronica...Style doesn't matter. The matter is good music!

This is a really cool reggae compilation for who loves songs including love, sexuality and broad social commentary.
MM picks:
Marcia Griffiths - Gypsy Man
Derrick Harriott - Let me Down Easy
Desmond Dekker & the Aces - Beautiful And Dangerous
Lloyd's All Starts - Dread Dub
mp3: Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters - Black Panta

New Rock Singles, New Videos

New Singles:
. Hadouken - That Boy That Girl mp3
2. The Horrors - Gloves mp3
3. Ville Valo & Natalie Avelon – Summer Wine mp3
4. Blonde Redhead - 23
5. Magic Numbers - This Is A Song
6. Of Montreal - She's A Rejecter
7. The Maccabees - About Your Dress
8. Mumm-ra - What Would Steve Do
9. LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum
10. Goose – Low Mode

New Videos:
Ville Valo Natalia Avelon Summer Wine
Modest Mouse - Dashboard
Tokyo Police Club - Cheer It On
Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl

Hadouken's new single is amazing! Only one per customer ya hear? The amazing grindie / new rave indie-kid-ridiculing anthem brought to our attention by Leery of New Slang. The Horror's new single Gloves as strong as Hadouken's. The Horrors, hailing from Cedar Rapids, IA, this bass-less trio produces punked out garage rock drenched in reverb and distortion. Much like Doo Rag and the Gories, but with a greater rockabilly influence. Their eponymous debut was released on In the Red in 2000.

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

Rating: 10/10
Product Info:
The eagerly anticipated second album from Montreal's Arcade Fire exceeds all expectations. Neon Bible was written, produced, arranged, and performed by the Arcade Fire and recorded throughout 2006 in Quebec, New York, Budapest,and London with recording and engineering help from Markus Dravs (Bjork, Brian Eno) and Scott Colburn (Animal Collective, Sun City Girls). With string and orchestral arrangements by the band's own Owen Pallet (also Final Fantasy) and Regine Chassagne.

On "Neon Bible", Arcade Fire keeps intensive style of indie rock, atomizing soundscapes, assorted instruments, gleaming noises. For the first time listeners, Ocean of Noise, Intervention and Black Waves Bad Vibrations are plain sample of this various intensive indie rock style, including piano along with slide electric guitar, then undamaged passages, violins, mandolin. It sounds like a big orchestra playing that Neon Bible isn't entirely different from "Funeral". In addition this is their best record yet. Of course it's Arcade Fire, and they're truly a famous and prosperous musical group now. The differences between Funeral and Neon Bible is that "Neon Bible" wants to get higher and rationally it approaches to right direction. They make denser their sound on every song, moreover it creates a magical mood. As for the Funeral, it was the record that made Arcade Fire, the Arcade Fire. People who love to discover a record from time to time definitely die for this record. Its rich atmosphere, chock-full of oxygen air, meditative lyrics are coming up with special and odd Arcade Fire sound. In addition this is one of a kind music for snowy, cold, rainy weathers. This makes "Neon Bible" a necessary choice for the winters.

There is no doubt a labor that requires a lot of effort in what "Neon Bible" reveals, a modern
masterpiece! Date: March 6, 2007
mp3: Arcade Fire - Ocean of Noise
MM picks: Black Waves/Bad Vibrations, Ocean of Noise, The Well And The Lighthouse, My Body Is a Cage
Official Arcade Fire

Some Great Cover Rock Songs

Hooray! I don't remember when i last post about cover songs. what would happen if i remember, nothing! Oh you can't imagine how i feel crappy for writing a paragraph like that. To be Honest, most of cover songs are crap, but i should think of people who love cover songs. In some cases to cover a famous song is that performer needed money or popularity. On the other hand if musician adds the ability and artistic, a song becomes a truly artifact. I hate bands which try to gain success a cover song at the begining of their career. It really doesn't matter. But! Listen what you've covered at least. Because don't you know you're killing my favorite rock songs. In adition some stupid djs changes a rock song to a disco hit. Ugh! This post is about some good cover songs, now listen some good covers!

mp3: Bryan Ferry - Knocking On Heaven's Door 2007
Long a Bob Dylan fan, Bryan Ferry remade "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" for his 1973 self-titled album of covers. This time around, the celebrated Roxy Music leader turns in Dylanesque,
recasting 11 Dylan classics during a single live-in-the-studio week that leaves the album sounding vibrantly faithful to the original numbers. A great cover Knocking On Heaven's Door is a proof that we can call this like a wonderful treatment not a cover.

mp3: Nico - I'll Keep It With Mine (Bob Dylan) 1967
A almost different reworking of Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine. Nico's art rock movement with heavy folk rock oriented music, and her name Nico which is written on the wall of musical history.

mp3: Everything but the girl - I Don't Want To Talk About It (Danny Whitten) 1988
Listen this originally written by Danny Whitten composition from Thorn and Watt. It's a certain kind of smooth, jazz-like radio friendly pop music.

mp3: Afghan whigs - Lost In The Supermarket (Clash) 1998
They have recorded this cover song for inclusion on a Clash tribute album.

mp3: The Venus In Furs - Baby's On Fire (Brian Eno) 1998
The song is included in Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack album, and it's a terrific soundtrack album
which also includes Lou Reed, Pulp, T.rex, Roxy Music, Steve Harley and more.

mp3: James Dean Bradfield - To See a Friend in Tears (Jacques Brel) 2006
You know if you read this blog regularly, the great western is one of my pick on 2006.

mp3: Frank Black & the Catholics - The big hurt (Wayne Shanklin) 1998
He's freak and i feel good whenever i hear his voice.

Elliott Smith - Either/or

MM Classics
Now i don't feel my fingers, and don't ask me why. Just play Either/Or, and don't interrupt my most precious moments. Come close to me gently, whisper the name of song to the ears softy. Because these are the most touchy songs that you will hear, so don't let them to break your heart. If you want to cry, then go on, cry!

- I don't know Elliott Smith.
- Oh what a pity, he's one of that genius musicians. Similarly to prodigy singer/songwriters, he'd lived short.
- Oh really, Mozart was the same, he'd lived short but his masterpieces...Mozart had only lived 35 years.
- and Elliot died at his 34, but i think he lives in my home with his amazing works such as Roman Candle, Elliott Smith, Either/Or, XO, Figure 8. All of these are great records.
- So tell me about Either/or, you said it's the best of him.
- Yes it's the best record that he brought. But i don't need to tell, the melodies are telling

On Either/or, he still plays all the instruments himself, he plays more of them. "Angeles" was included on the Good Will Hunting soundtrack, which won Smith the acclaim of Hollywood's biggest, brightest, and best connected voting body, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. This record never disappoints you. It's your best friend whenever you feel without friend. All melancholic, all spiritual!

mp3: Elliott Smith - Speed Trials
mp3: Elliott Smith - No Name No 5

Either/or Review
And also i'm so happy to hear the release of the upcoming double cd of elliott's music. Read More

Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha

A definitely delicious music. When i see Andrew Bird on every famous blog, i thought i should wait for posting. Now it's right time to write about it. I've listened too many great albums and great bands, that was sure. Now it really shows that there are a lot of great different style music out there. This blog always tries making you excited about music, there is nothing it can do more. So every band, musician have their own character as if it's the worst one. I should confirm that there isn't best or worst music indeed. You can't say which album is the best in the world, you can only give opinion about your personal taste in music. Because it's not rat race. All albums, all works are important. So we've Andrew Bird here. "Armchair Apocrypha" is one of that great albums in this year. It's artistic and it's something very deep under its own beauty. As I know some of you don't like review ratings. And also you're right. You can say to all 'fuck all of you reviewers, i'll listen what i like', and again you're right. Because not folks on magazines, zines write reviews together, it's only one person, and it's totally personal taste. So this one was written without rating. That's why i highly recommend this stuff. Know that you can't understand the record's beauty on reviews, you have to give it your heart, maybe more and more you can give. Leave your soul to Armchair Apocrypha, after the listen your soul is yours again. A brilliant work, a beautiful bird on the cover. Oh my God! Armchairs is playing Release: 20 Mar
MM picks: Fiery Crash, Imitosis, Plasticities, Armchairs
mp3: Andrew Bird - Imitosis

Emotionally wounding songs...

It's been a while since i last try to put the right words to describe feelings. Actually, you know that it's not easy to tell your feelings by words. Because even if you're the best poet, everyone will understand the words in their own way. Joni Mitchel's best effort Blue (1971), yeah i'm sure some of you know this perfect work. It's one of the best album to listen with a couple of tea on your hand. A great voice, meaningful words!
mp3: Joni Mitchell - The Last Time I Saw Richard (1971)

You don't want to be the saddest person or the happiest person in world. Sometimes it's really great to be on your own, thinking of what you left behind, what you will carry on. Maybe the most important one is being happy with what you've got. It's a closing song but a most appreciated one.
mp3: Lambchop - Is A Woman (2002)

After pure jazz vocal of Joni Mitchel and drunk voice of Kurt Wagner, Silver Jews gets a great choice. A marvelous indie rock, country rock combo, and a picky music for between young and old music lovers. Of course descriptions can't be as short as i do. If you want to breathe air of
a song, your favorite song, you should take a look at yourself in mirror while you're listening to.
Eyes don't lie.
mp3: Silver Jews - Living waters (1994)

Sometimes good is not well enough. It's from upcoming Jay Jay Johanson record, play the fool, spend the time, just say 'there is noone to call my friend'. But the most depressive thought is realizing all of these won't change anything.
mp3: Jay-Jay Johanson - She Doesn't Live Here Anymore (2007)
Also the lyrics are included in comments.

Calla - Strength In Numbers

Rating: 7.5/10
Modern Music Review
A Brooklyn, NY based band, Calla, was formed in New York City in 1997 by Aurelio Valle. Aurelio Valle's voice give a direction where bittersweet comes. On their fifth studio album "Strength In Numbers" melancholic guitar flowings are moving along smoothly, depressingly like what they used to play before.

With a sharp guitar noise my Calla adventure has started. Like every band i hear, i loved to feel their sad guitars on me. It's like neither sunshine beauty nor a colourful flower's smell. It's another fact substantial on the earth, sorrow. Sorrow isn't a bad feeling at all, sometimes you should be sorrowful in the life to learn something, to deal problems, to survive. People love to be blind about their regret because it shows you as a weak person. In my opinion you should share if you get a chance to tell. You can even share your good or bad feelings with your favorite record. That's why we love music -- To sing a song loudly like a therapy. So Calla's relaxing and plain guitar flow perfectly combines with gloomy songwriting. Totally it's a gloomy record. Although there are great emotional songs in the new Calla work, the songs turn a dull noise from time to time. Slow beats repeat continually themselves. These make "Strength In Numbers" a good but not great record. They play as if they are going to cry. Songs like Le Gusta El Fuego, Sylvia's Song have their own ethereal power that impress the listener strongly.

Some people don't like mournful, deep, ethereal music. On the other hand there are people who love melancholy as a friend. If you want to feel a lonely guitar with a broken voice on you, "Strength In Numbers" may direct you to right way, and it's a good record if you come across from between thousand of rock bands. 20 feb, 2007
MM picks: Sanctify, Rice, Le Gusta El Fuego
mp3: Calla - Sylvia's Song


1. mp3: !!! - Heart Of Hearts (released on January 10)
2. Bluetones – Surrendered
3. Badly Drawn Boy – Journey From A To B
4. CSS - Off The Hook
5. Breaking Benjamin - Breath
6. The Enemy – It’s Not Ok
7. The Feeling - Rosé
8. Meat Loaf – Blind As A Bat
9. 30 Seconds To Mars – Attack
10. Killers - Read My Mind

After a successful tour together, Black Liquorice and Popesmashers decided to mix the former's disco and funk style with the latter's noisy aggressiveness, !!! was born. Chk chk chk, it's great fun to say chk chk chk. I liked "Heart Of Hearts" most, and it's truly nice music. "Heart of Hearts" was previously released on January.

So much good records on 2007

What's going on? This year keeps giving a lot of great album. Many classic rock dudes came together for tour dates, new albums; Police, Van Halen, Genesis, Stooges. Moreover a possible Led Zeppelin reunion i recently read on About Classic Rock. Keep coming guitar fathers! Also if you check for upcoming records on Metacritic, it's good to see The Fall, Blonde Redhead, Nine Inch Nails, Patti Smith, Dinosaur Jr., Bjork, Chris Cornell, Simply Red... Fine! I see, these are too much for us, try to breathe. I don't want to kill dear readers because of rock music overdose. Tell us which one you like best or you're looking forward for listening in 2007. Here is some of my popular favorites in 2007.

Brett Anderson - Brett Anderson
Idlewild - Make Another World
Low - Drums and Guns
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
Menomena - Friend and Foe (already released)
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Living With The Living
Blonde Redhead - 23

Some leaked great tracks:
mp3: Brett Anderson - Scorpio Rising
mp3: Low - Your Posion
mp3: Arcade Fire - Ocean of Noise

Idlewild - Make Another World

Rating: 9.1/10
Modern Music Review
A growing band, four desirous albums watching each other artistically, walking together nearly twelve years despite all thorny ways. They have a new label, a new band member and a new album, "Make Another World", that bristles with taut melodies, guitars that say more than a thousand words ever could, and keen lyrical observations of a world where we all exist, however briefly or unwittingly.

It maybe looks easy composing a guitar pop album, but believe me it's not that easy. You need to make a sound which is simplicity and complex at the same time. Considering that musicians tried every kind of pop melodies and you have to bring into mind a new sound, new words. If it's metal or hard rock music, it won't be a problem. So you only play the guitar loudly, sounds like only for fun, it doesn't matter to think about 'how i'm going to play guitar?' In alternative music scene, you have to be your own identity to touch audience. Idlewild think about carefully
that little guitar noises, perspective songwriting, and a brilliant guitar pop flowing on this record. It's really amazing to observe your favorite band's best effort. I really die for simplicity in the life, because that's where we're coming from. This is the kind of music for people who really like music very much. Check out "Once In Your Life" for their huge performance on "Make Another World". I hear you friends, i know that it's pretty great.

What makes Make Another World! a duly great album is that it carries perfect harmonious guitars without sugar and Roddy supports this with a trembling, touching singing style. It makes a new world for you. “I suppose it’s about cityscapes, modern language and the way a person makes a city and the city makes the person,” Roddy says. This is a real reason to became infatuated! I can almost write to the wall that 'I'm happy'. Thank you Idlewild. Feb 26, 2007
MM picks: In Competition For The Worst Time, Future Works, A Ghost In The Arcade, Once In Your Life
mp3: Idlewild - In Competition for the Worst Time
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The Lemonheads - Lemonheads 2006
Teenage Funclub - Man Made 2005
Roddy Woomble - My Secret Is My Silence 2006
A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step 1999

The Dark Romantics - Some Midnight Kissin

Rating: 7/10
Modern Music Review
The Dark Romantics gives kiss, passion, and a fluent music on this debut. If you are a person who loves living emotions strong and fastmoving, then Dark Romantics' style can colour you all the way. Like today's some famous indie rock bands The Strokes, She Wants Revenge, The Killers, the band pushes the energetic guitar lines and combines all instruments they play with a little of this, a little of that. It's absolutely melodic and some kind of romantic guitar music they blend on dreamy electric guitar. Even if their music is open for a considering other indie bands on their debut "Some Midnight Kissin", they never distress the listeners. I felt a bit Tarantino air, in other words it sounds like earnest, thunderous, and trembling guitar combine. However larger part of the songs remarkably sound similar, this is why if you don't like one song in this album, you won't like much other ones too. But then again this is sexy rock music listen to.

The Dark Romantics looks dangerous, a bit much ambition. A burning indie rock album stands in front of you. Some Midnight Kissin' definitely squares with the name of band but it's not amazingly great, though.
MM picks: A million Bucks, Where Do We Go from Here?
mp3: Another Song For Another Night

Van Morrison At The Movies: Soundtrack Hits

Think that you're watching a film, a nice film. Isn't it beautiful hearing a great song playing along with sensitive frames? And after the watching, you search for that soundtrack tunes. Which song was it? It's beautiful feeling, you know. Searching! Finding something which makes your day. I'm listening one of my favorite album right now Moondance (1970), and my nose slightly tingles. It's great to notice that still you've the sensation by the music, good music.

We're talking of a very huge musician whose contrubition to music remarkably considerable. On this 19-track Soundtrack Hits amazing tracks play one by one. We have Gloria, Jackie Wilson Said, Domino (Live), Moondance (Live), Brown Eyed Girl, Into The Mystic (Live), Queen Of The Slipstream Have I Told You Lately?, Wild Night, Comfortably Numb (Live). If you have the time, find this soundtrack album from somewhere. Again those little bells started to play, got me from myself! My words are short today. Great songs! Do you know that we all have our soundtrack playing now. Do you hear it?
mp3: Van Morrison - Domino (Live)
Van Morrison Page

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

Rating: 9/10
Modern Music Review
Patrick Wolf, who is Violinist/singer/songwriter, almost was born with music, commenced researching his connection with tunes at the age of 11. As you know, it's a huge advantage meeting with the music at you childhood, so you may closely be friend of music when you're 24 years old. After The standout record Wind in the Wires (2005) and his musical climbing with it makes "The Magic Position" quite hopeful, and this hope becomes a beautiful

Patrict Wolf makes really dreamy music while his songwriting touches you at every point. It reminds me green green trees, bliss, an emotional world. Serious music is served in a closed plate, every detail depends to you if you want to see what is in it. Melodies are almost perfect and brainy. Naked tunes, well-matched bells, minor noises, gentle violin, detailed song flowing, elegant piano, all of these put you the magic position while you're listening the stuff. On Magpie, you'll hear merciful voice of Marianne Faithfull, it's exactly what i think, a female voice has been great with that splendid violin, especially if she's Marianne!

An enthralling listen, high-class music with good-hearted thirteen delicious piece - besides it's one of the best release in early 2007. Patrict is running and a hard work always gets what it deserves sooner or later. Release Date: 26 Feb 2007
Patrick Wolf official
MM picks: Bluebells, Magpie, Augustine, The Stars
mp3: Patrick Wolf - Bluebells

Songs To Make Love To

That's not because i love Valentine Day , that's because i want to make a post about some good love songs. Valentine Day? I didn't mean to backbite all those love butterflies, but i think that you should show your nice feelings to your lover everyday, not only in valentine day. Because it's only bullshit, yeah bull and shit. It's the trading day for those silly heart designed materials. Yeah i know it doesn't rocks! Well, here is some impressive emotional songs. Also don't forget to dig the albums in parenthesis.

1. Van Morrisson - Hungry For Your Love
[Wavelength 1978]
2. mp3: Tindersticks - Can We Start Again
[ Simple Pleasure 1999]
3. mp3: Love - Always See Your Face
[ Four Sail 1969 ]
4. mp3: Tom Waits - Blue Valentines
[ Blue Valentine 1978]
5. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Strange Form Of Life
[ The Lettign Go 2006]
6. Freddie Mercury - Love Me Like There Is No Tomorrow
[ Mr. Bad Guy 1985]
7. Big Star - Blue Moon
[Third - Sister Lovers 1978]
8. Antony And The Johnsons - Fistful Of Love (with Lou Reed)
[ I Am A Bird Now 2005]
9. mp3: H.I.M. - Heartless
[Greatest Love Songs 1997]
10. Veils - Lavinia
[ Runaway Found 2004]
11.Rufus Wainwright - Foolish Love
[ Rufus Wainwright 1998]
12. Concrete Blonde - Mexican Moon
[ Mexican Moon 1993]
13. Mazzystar - Fade Into You
[ So Tonight That I Might See 1993]
14. Teenage Fanclub - Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From
[ Songs From Northern Britain 1997]
15. Mansun - Butterfly (A New Beginning)
[ Little Kix 2000]
16. Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye
[ Grace 1994]
17. Morrissey - Let Me Kiss You (live)
[ Live at Earls Court 2005]
18. Echo & The Bunnymen - In the Margins
[ Siberia 2005]
19. Air - Playground Love
[ The Virgin Suicides]
20. Anita Lane - Do the Kamasutra
[ Sex O'Clock 2001]

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The New Romantics
Best Melancholic Albums of 2006

New coffee smells from kitchen!

New Singles
1. mp3: The Knife – Marble House
2. Arcade Fire – Keep The Car Running
3. Cat Power – The Greatest
4. Grinderman – No Pussy Blues
5. Cinematics - Keep Forgetting
6. The Feeling – Rosé
7. Annuals – Big Zeus
8. Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby
9. Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes
10. Violets – Foreo

The Knife is good, The Knife is strong enough to snatch you all along the way in a city. Especially try their albums when it's night time. Yeah! Marble House is standout work of "Silent Shout", i don't know that how they're into making this kind of freezing electronic music. But if there is a thing that i know well about them, they're totally odd and brilliant!
The Knife - Marble House

Loney, Dear - Loney, Noir

Rating: 7/10
Modern Music Review
Sweden multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanangen (aka Loney, Dear) makes his American debut with this re-release of his fourth album.

I love this, i love the albums that warm your inside when you near to freezing in wintertime. Swedish Pop is enthusiastic, bright, pleasant despite Sweden's opposite weather condition. Ethereally it's better than curling up in your bed, embracing to an embroidered blanket, waiting someone to rescue you from that miserable moments. Of course, no one will come. So you need to fight with the little monsters in your head. Loney, Dear debut "Loney, Noir" is almost same with childhood memories which are so pure, warm and evergreen. Loney, Noir generally is very serene, similar to a fable. Fables generally starts uneasily, and they end beautifully.

It's something like not to lose your happiness in every negative way you deal with. That's make the music more adorable, yes, a little bit lazy. But it's your best friend while you're walking in silent countryside.
MM picks: Saturday Waits, Hard Days, Carrying A Stone
mp3: Saturday Waits | more mp3 songs

Bonnie "Prince" Billy Fascinating Istanbul Concert

One of the most important singer/songwriter of 21th century, Bonnie "Prince" Billy (a.k.a. Will Oldham) was here last night for his second concert in Istanbul . It was a very beautiful excitement to see him in front of us. He performed the great songs from "The Letting Go", "I See a Darkness" and some from Palace Music but mostly they played hidden songs of Will Oldham such as Idea and Deed, "All gone, all gone", You Have Cum In Your Hair And Your Dick Is Hanging Out and John The Baptist. Although i had all the solo Bonnie, i couldn't remember some of the songs. Songs from "The Letting Go" Big Friday, Strange Form Of Life and I Called You Back were highlights of the night, but i personally trembled for Pushkin, Wolf among Monsters and closing performance Ease On Down The Road. By the way the picture isn't from same concert.

Here is a small package from the concert but note that it's quite low quality. I just want you to realize the broken voice which is imposible to forget for me.

Last six songs from Bonnie "Prince" Billy Istanbul Performance on 9 Feb.
1. Strange Form Of Life
2. Master and Everyone
3. Wolf Among Monsters
4. Pushkin
5. I See A Darkness
6. Ease On Down The Road
Listen the live stuff (don't use the listen button for the file, just click to the link)

High Llamas - Can Cladders

Rating: 9.6/10
Modern Music Review
We know that the world is polluted day by day, were losing our best friends, the animals. They're still know how to live in a peace. We need to fight for a better world. It's imposible being happy on a garbage land. A modern person doesn't only mean good living person, it's completely about brain, character and your viewpoint to world. So culture gets the most important saving life at that point. We want good music but not only good music, a clean world would be the best thing along with it.

This is eighth album of the band since " Beet, Maize & Corn" after a four year break. High Llamas' music as gentle as a bird's wing, it's warm, it's light. Moreover it's smooth, like holding wing of a dove and watching the world from clouds.

On the new record, this jazzy headed boys keep the lush, orchestrated work in a nice way. Like tasting a mature peach, it tastes so delicious, healthy and fruitful!. The songs kisses your ears softly, feeling sunrise on your face and keeping warm your skin. There is nothing obscure, completely a cure for sad souls. A perfect friend to brooding with. How you say when you're happy? Just like 'Still great to know that there is goodness on this earth'. In spite of undeniable
comparisons with Beach Boys and Steely Dan, this is High Llamas' openhearted music. With "Can Cladders", they're victorious!

Take my hand and lead me to the place where everything looks polite, everything smells pure, everything is clean. Just open your ears to the peaceful music. Everybody needs a rest. We know that music is the food of spirit. "Can cladders" is so powerful that can easily clean all blocked way of your heart. Release date: 13 Feb 2007.
Official High Llamas
MM picks: Bacaroo, Clarion Union Hall, Dorothy Ashby, Rollin
mp3: High Llamas - Bacaroo

Noisettes - What's The Time Mr Wolf?

Rating: 8/10
Modern Music Review
Energetic but aggressive, cracked but bluesy, indie rock but punky, Noisettes is ready to bounce you with their attractive debut "What's The Time Mr Wolf?".

One of the best thing on The noisettes is Shingai Shoniwa's assured singing style. Even if the guitar and drum coordination is quite satisfying, the dominant character of this band absolutely will be Shoniwa's lewd voice. You start with song "Don't Give Up", and it ends just like a pleasant fiery expedition. "Bridge To Canada" simply is best burning effort, and it's their high point, supporting meaningful lyrics by powerful loudy guitar chords. You see clearly how they're heavily influenced by garage rock on that song.

Shoniwa's voice on some songs is really detonate itself, she should know that she has to be worried about those uncontrollable high-pitched vocal. In anyway, Dan Smith's loudy guitars
help to cover that spotty vocal performance. That's why punk music is a little cracked style. It has its own right such as confidence, freedom, hilarity. As a matter of fact blending lots of style in one record alike blues, punk, garage, indie is a risky attempt. It may fill the gaps, one the other side it may frustrate all of those hard work. "Mind The Gap" perfectly puts the last full stop with its bluesy and airy wind.

Noisettes' "What's The Time Mr Wolf?" is another obvious proof that debuts are always ambitious. This album is enough reason that it's worth watching Noisettes' growing.
Audio, Video Streaming on Noisettes page
MM picks: Bridge To Canada, Mind The Gap, Cannot Even (Break Free)
mp3: Bridge To Canada

The New Romantics

I don't like much commercial disco music, all the same beats, corny dum dums. It sounds like everbody can bring into being a disco song. Anyway, i'm a big fan of 80s' New Romantic artists. Now let's look what we have in the New Romantic basket! Here is my best new romantic picks, also these are memorable picks from 80s. They were funny with their heavy make up, i know that they needed those romantic look on the faces. Don't try to be like them, because being a simple guy/girl is the best. Now it's time to feel music inside of your body!

1. mp3: Visage - Fade to Grey
Fade to Grey is Visage's most successful single, considered as the most representative song of the New Romantic scene. I can't stop myself dancing whenever i hear starting beats, and after a romantic female voice 'Devenir Gris', we start to dance like a lonely unexplored star. Blending dance beats with violin is a brilliant idea of Visage. Also don't forget that visceral bass guitar...Bulut

2. mp3: Japan - Ghosts
Somewhat ashamed of being attached to an outmoded gimmick, Japan have been recently attempting to pass the parcel, as it were, by singing lots of songs about Red China. This one is about ‘Ghosts’ of no particular persuasion; you know what it sounds like. David Sylvian has a
belly ache and so we all have to hear about it. Jayne Mansfield once suggested to her manager that they bottle the Mansfield urine and sell it to her star-struck fans. Well, David Sylvian bottles belly aches and (sometimes) idiots buy them. Men shouldn’t read books – knowledge
makes them miserable…Julie Burchill

3. mp3: Talk Talk - It's my Life
That broken voice! It's my life!. The song hides the emotional power and bursts all emotions on chorus. It's a backround melody for dudes who want to live their life bravely...Bulut

4. mp3: Soft Cell - Secret Life
Over a jaunty piano part backed by a deeper synth-bass stab and a simple, hollow beat, Marc Almond delivers a bit of sly fun about emotional games and screwing around with expectations. Certainly, it may sound more serious than anything else -- the bit about the narrator's wife having just had a breakdown isn't really a laugh riot -- but the perspective is as much from the cad in question than any victim. Almond's winning delivery on the chorus makes everything sound fun, to be frank, and it gets better as the song goes!...Ned Raggett

5. mp3: Gary Numan - Bombers
With dozen of groovy electric guitars noise from beginning to end, Numan's heavy David Bowie influence on his music, amazing harmony of bass synth with a cracked voice, you can count so many reason to praise this flawless work...Bulut

6. mp3: Ultravox - Vienna
A group who’ve already reached the skids ’73 – an Epic Year stage. From the extremely stylised (ie, precipitously clichéd) Peter Saville (arty) direction to the extremely silly (ie ditto) maudlin
Ultravox humming and humming, ‘Vienna’ is an unbearably po-faced trek. I’m a sucker for Viennese mythology and history (my Mastermind subject!) but there isn’t any in ‘Vienna’. If
you see what I mean. In its place? A load of extremely portentous nonsense: “A man in the
dark in a picture frame/So mystic and soulful”, etc etc. Young brats like this need a good klimt round the earhole...Ian Penman

7. mp3: Human League - Love Action (I Believe in Love)
Oooh! The way they get excited when they aren’t. Is Sal Solo ever sad? Because he is always bad, real bad! Why aren’t The Human League lop-sided like Oakey’s hair cut? How about more acute observations about guys and gals? How about stringing more than two words together. The “Human” League?! Bring back the Daleks, Doctor, let’s converse with Kraftwerk’s computers! Don’t cry on their shoulders; you’ll smudge the lipstick on their circuits.--Neil Rowland

8. mp3: Duran Duran - Girls on Film
Somebody Play Them The Isley Brothers! This is an innocuous impersonation of a true blue funk. Somebody Punch Me! This is so numbingly adequate it could make you squeal with irritation. Duran Duran look like such Doodle Dandy partyline twits. Conclusion: something like, if the sap fits, bear it?...Ian Penman

9. Heaven 17 - Fascist Groove Thang
Heaven 17's first single, "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang," is a perfect example of the trio's skewed perspective: on one level, the song is a straightforward condemnation of the right wing.

10. mp3: Spandau Ballet - Chant No 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)
Move to the groove! Dip like a dervish! Feel the chant and glow like a lover in the land of a thousand dances! With cold sweat in their swing and motion in their art, Spandau Ballet turn
it loose and return to the singles arena with a dazzling dance floor stormer as demonic as anything else we’re likely to contort ourselves to this summer. Spandau have taken the spirit
of ’75 – Kool, Fatback and (especially) Brass Construction – and slammed it straight into the heart of 1981. Dare to dance and feel the chant!...Adrian Thrills

New Stuff!

New Singles
1. mp3: The Earlies - Burn The Liars
2. Long Blondes – Giddy Stratospheres
3. The Little Ones - Oh, MJ!
4. M. Ward - To Go Home Feb. 20
5. Brett Anderson - Love Is Dead
6. mp3: Tokyo Police Club – Cheer It On (7”)
7. The Enemy – It’s Not OK
8. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Desecration Smile
9. Low vs Diamond - Life After Love (EP)
10. Damien Rice – Rootless Tree

New Videos
Loney, Dear - I Am John
TV On The Radio Video - Province
Decemberists Video - O Valencia!
Thanks to Stereogum

I love Mondays for only one thing, new cds appear in the mailbox.

'This isn't a 'best of...' by any means: it's just the surface, and if you hear a voice or a style that you like, then you'll find hours more of great recordings out there. Happy Digging!' Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead guitarist)

Jonny is absolutely right that his new compilation gives a lot of dizzy impression about great reggae artists out there. "Jonny Greenwood is the Controller" seems to control my playlist for a long time, totally music feast! With the release of the record, Trojan Records celebrates the 40th anniversary of the label. Release date: March 6th, 2007

High Llamas' new album "Can Cladders" totally amazed me, i gave anough listen now it's time to
share with you. It's my favorite band listen to on sunset. New album got much more great High Llamas melancholy. I've got a new jazzy song for you. Hope it'll warm you.
mp3: High Llamas - Winter´s day


Calla is another great band from New York City, formed in 1997, dropped four successful record.
With upcoming "Strength in Numbers" they make unadorned, heavily acoustic, emotional record and i can feel goodness of their experimental sound on this new stuff. Strength In Numbers is quite delicate that keeps gloomy, dark and high-flying sound waves. The band has their own charisma, while at the same time have been compared to Nick Cave and Low.

Calla playing shows across Europe, Greece, and Russia where new songs were written and rehearsed. Inspired by their travels and combining all aspects of their previous albums, Calla recorded their fifth album in NYC and Austin, TX. "Strength In Numbers" will be released Feb 20 in the US. I recommend you to listen "It Downed On Me" at first, and love balmy new song "Bronson".
Calla Official
mp3: Calla - Bronson "from forthcoming album"
mp3: Calla - It Downed On Me "from Collisions 2005"

Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City

Rating: 8.2/10
Modern Music Review
The group has everything that needs to conform to the currently received ideas of what a band is. They have musical tastes as well as friends in common, heavily influenced late 70s punkers such as Joy Division, Gang of Four and Sonic Youth, taking experimental noises and blending these noises onto their music without leaving what pop culture needs. All of these create Bloc Party and make them favorite indie rock band since their prosperous debut Silent Alarm.

"A Weekend In The City" is band's new excitement in which they're running to more complex sound waves. At first appearance, it's definitely hard to understand what's going on in the record. Like anything that seems rigid at first glance, it doesn't want to show most excellent side of itself. Believe that every good record sounds queer at first. That's why because you discover grateful composition on the songs time after time. Every song has its own beauty, searching blow to get you in. Powerful guitar lines of "Hunting For Witches", dramatic beginning with "Uniform" and its perfect exiting, smooth ideas in "Where Is Home?" -- are giving an account of "A Weekend In The City".

With "A Weekend In The City", Bloc Party proves why they're so formative today's indie music trend, one step forward, and it never looks back. Release date: 6 Feb. 2007
Listen entire album at Bloc Party Myspace
MM picks: Hunting For Witches, Uniform, Where Is Home?
mp3: Bloc Party - Hunting For Witches

Songs that kill Patience

Let's see how patient you are when it comes to listening some avant-garde, weird songs. Maybe it's not as hard as driving a car in middle of traffic or meeting a chatterbox friend while you are in a hurry. It's only music, and it won't kill you. But it's hard to listen these throughout.

mp3: The Young Knives - The Night Of The Trees
This song belongs to Oxford based indie rock band Young Knives, but it's not a innocent song. Oh, How he sings chorus in a thin lunatic voice, you forest runaway! Interesting but it kills your patience. Comedy!

mp3: The Tiger Lillies - The dreadful story about Harriet and the matches
This is not avant-garde but cabaret, gypsy music and opera. The song comes from one of my favorite london based band , however their songsare hard to stomach sometimes. He's singing like a little cat, meow! He only mews, mews and mews. Song from their best effort Shockheaded Peter (1999). I know it's music for lunatics but isn't it funny? Tiger Lillies Official

mp3: Silver Apples - Gypsy Love
Silver Apples is very tough and unbelievable band from New York. I'm sure most of you don't know them. Today, you'll listen dreadfully circular song of them, Gypsy Love which is further exploit the feelings one experiences once love is denied and the raw emotions that surface. If you love experimental and psychedelic music at the same time, this is rare! This is particular. The song comes from best Silver Apples record Contact (1969). Fine!, see you in space!

mp3: The Residents - Hit the Road Jack
This is awesome, one of the weirdest cover that i've heard in my life. The Residents are definitely UPA (unidentified playing artists).

What are the results? Are you able to listen all of these? If you're not, i have bad news for you.
You're not tolerant enough for discovering supernatural songs!

Beirut - Lon Gisland EP

Rating: 8.3/10
I'm reading more positive and full of praise writings about Beirut as time goes on. Now watch out! We've three new nice songs which are included in the Lon Gisland EP (2007). Orchestral Elephant Gun, a new version of Scenic World encouraging balkan music with playful drum beats, feeling the warm atmosphere of Balkan countries flawlessly. As the Ep goes on interestingly, a lovely work shines through your body (The Long Island Sound). Whenever i try to listen it from the beginning, it ends again fast. Good moments are always short. So he might have been embraced, as it is the results were seriously magical.

Following the perfect new works ,"Carousels" , the closing song starts playing. There is nothing to argue, there is no time to speak of it, just simply, elegant! Beirut Band Page
mp3: Beirut - Carousels

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