High Llamas - Can Cladders

Rating: 9.6/10
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We know that the world is polluted day by day, were losing our best friends, the animals. They're still know how to live in a peace. We need to fight for a better world. It's imposible being happy on a garbage land. A modern person doesn't only mean good living person, it's completely about brain, character and your viewpoint to world. So culture gets the most important saving life at that point. We want good music but not only good music, a clean world would be the best thing along with it.

This is eighth album of the band since " Beet, Maize & Corn" after a four year break. High Llamas' music as gentle as a bird's wing, it's warm, it's light. Moreover it's smooth, like holding wing of a dove and watching the world from clouds.

On the new record, this jazzy headed boys keep the lush, orchestrated work in a nice way. Like tasting a mature peach, it tastes so delicious, healthy and fruitful!. The songs kisses your ears softly, feeling sunrise on your face and keeping warm your skin. There is nothing obscure, completely a cure for sad souls. A perfect friend to brooding with. How you say when you're happy? Just like 'Still great to know that there is goodness on this earth'. In spite of undeniable
comparisons with Beach Boys and Steely Dan, this is High Llamas' openhearted music. With "Can Cladders", they're victorious!

Take my hand and lead me to the place where everything looks polite, everything smells pure, everything is clean. Just open your ears to the peaceful music. Everybody needs a rest. We know that music is the food of spirit. "Can cladders" is so powerful that can easily clean all blocked way of your heart. Release date: 13 Feb 2007.
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mp3: High Llamas - Bacaroo


Katacultura on 2:16 am said...

Hello, this is a good cd( and good band). A union of Belle & Sebastian with Brian Wilson. Noisettes is a good band too.

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