Bonnie "Prince" Billy Fascinating Istanbul Concert

One of the most important singer/songwriter of 21th century, Bonnie "Prince" Billy (a.k.a. Will Oldham) was here last night for his second concert in Istanbul . It was a very beautiful excitement to see him in front of us. He performed the great songs from "The Letting Go", "I See a Darkness" and some from Palace Music but mostly they played hidden songs of Will Oldham such as Idea and Deed, "All gone, all gone", You Have Cum In Your Hair And Your Dick Is Hanging Out and John The Baptist. Although i had all the solo Bonnie, i couldn't remember some of the songs. Songs from "The Letting Go" Big Friday, Strange Form Of Life and I Called You Back were highlights of the night, but i personally trembled for Pushkin, Wolf among Monsters and closing performance Ease On Down The Road. By the way the picture isn't from same concert.

Here is a small package from the concert but note that it's quite low quality. I just want you to realize the broken voice which is imposible to forget for me.

Last six songs from Bonnie "Prince" Billy Istanbul Performance on 9 Feb.
1. Strange Form Of Life
2. Master and Everyone
3. Wolf Among Monsters
4. Pushkin
5. I See A Darkness
6. Ease On Down The Road
Listen the live stuff (don't use the listen button for the file, just click to the link)


Anonymous said...

This version of Ease Down the Road is so wonderful!

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