The New Romantics

I don't like much commercial disco music, all the same beats, corny dum dums. It sounds like everbody can bring into being a disco song. Anyway, i'm a big fan of 80s' New Romantic artists. Now let's look what we have in the New Romantic basket! Here is my best new romantic picks, also these are memorable picks from 80s. They were funny with their heavy make up, i know that they needed those romantic look on the faces. Don't try to be like them, because being a simple guy/girl is the best. Now it's time to feel music inside of your body!

1. mp3: Visage - Fade to Grey
Fade to Grey is Visage's most successful single, considered as the most representative song of the New Romantic scene. I can't stop myself dancing whenever i hear starting beats, and after a romantic female voice 'Devenir Gris', we start to dance like a lonely unexplored star. Blending dance beats with violin is a brilliant idea of Visage. Also don't forget that visceral bass guitar...Bulut

2. mp3: Japan - Ghosts
Somewhat ashamed of being attached to an outmoded gimmick, Japan have been recently attempting to pass the parcel, as it were, by singing lots of songs about Red China. This one is about ‘Ghosts’ of no particular persuasion; you know what it sounds like. David Sylvian has a
belly ache and so we all have to hear about it. Jayne Mansfield once suggested to her manager that they bottle the Mansfield urine and sell it to her star-struck fans. Well, David Sylvian bottles belly aches and (sometimes) idiots buy them. Men shouldn’t read books – knowledge
makes them miserable…Julie Burchill

3. mp3: Talk Talk - It's my Life
That broken voice! It's my life!. The song hides the emotional power and bursts all emotions on chorus. It's a backround melody for dudes who want to live their life bravely...Bulut

4. mp3: Soft Cell - Secret Life
Over a jaunty piano part backed by a deeper synth-bass stab and a simple, hollow beat, Marc Almond delivers a bit of sly fun about emotional games and screwing around with expectations. Certainly, it may sound more serious than anything else -- the bit about the narrator's wife having just had a breakdown isn't really a laugh riot -- but the perspective is as much from the cad in question than any victim. Almond's winning delivery on the chorus makes everything sound fun, to be frank, and it gets better as the song goes!...Ned Raggett

5. mp3: Gary Numan - Bombers
With dozen of groovy electric guitars noise from beginning to end, Numan's heavy David Bowie influence on his music, amazing harmony of bass synth with a cracked voice, you can count so many reason to praise this flawless work...Bulut

6. mp3: Ultravox - Vienna
A group who’ve already reached the skids ’73 – an Epic Year stage. From the extremely stylised (ie, precipitously clich├ęd) Peter Saville (arty) direction to the extremely silly (ie ditto) maudlin
Ultravox humming and humming, ‘Vienna’ is an unbearably po-faced trek. I’m a sucker for Viennese mythology and history (my Mastermind subject!) but there isn’t any in ‘Vienna’. If
you see what I mean. In its place? A load of extremely portentous nonsense: “A man in the
dark in a picture frame/So mystic and soulful”, etc etc. Young brats like this need a good klimt round the earhole...Ian Penman

7. mp3: Human League - Love Action (I Believe in Love)
Oooh! The way they get excited when they aren’t. Is Sal Solo ever sad? Because he is always bad, real bad! Why aren’t The Human League lop-sided like Oakey’s hair cut? How about more acute observations about guys and gals? How about stringing more than two words together. The “Human” League?! Bring back the Daleks, Doctor, let’s converse with Kraftwerk’s computers! Don’t cry on their shoulders; you’ll smudge the lipstick on their circuits.--Neil Rowland

8. mp3: Duran Duran - Girls on Film
Somebody Play Them The Isley Brothers! This is an innocuous impersonation of a true blue funk. Somebody Punch Me! This is so numbingly adequate it could make you squeal with irritation. Duran Duran look like such Doodle Dandy partyline twits. Conclusion: something like, if the sap fits, bear it?...Ian Penman

9. Heaven 17 - Fascist Groove Thang
Heaven 17's first single, "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang," is a perfect example of the trio's skewed perspective: on one level, the song is a straightforward condemnation of the right wing.

10. mp3: Spandau Ballet - Chant No 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)
Move to the groove! Dip like a dervish! Feel the chant and glow like a lover in the land of a thousand dances! With cold sweat in their swing and motion in their art, Spandau Ballet turn
it loose and return to the singles arena with a dazzling dance floor stormer as demonic as anything else we’re likely to contort ourselves to this summer. Spandau have taken the spirit
of ’75 – Kool, Fatback and (especially) Brass Construction – and slammed it straight into the heart of 1981. Dare to dance and feel the chant!...Adrian Thrills


Anonymous said...

I like your selection but prefer Life's waht you Make It by Talk Talk. Anyway I'm after any any stories about New Romantic stars 1980 - 1985.

girl across the sea said...

Hi I just came across your pages a bit ago...I love your 80's section!! Thanks for your work...don't stop. The bio's are most interesting and bring back some fond memories


Anonymous said...

duran duran dudes look nice and theyr music sounds even nicer ;)

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