Beirut - Lon Gisland EP

Rating: 8.3/10
I'm reading more positive and full of praise writings about Beirut as time goes on. Now watch out! We've three new nice songs which are included in the Lon Gisland EP (2007). Orchestral Elephant Gun, a new version of Scenic World encouraging balkan music with playful drum beats, feeling the warm atmosphere of Balkan countries flawlessly. As the Ep goes on interestingly, a lovely work shines through your body (The Long Island Sound). Whenever i try to listen it from the beginning, it ends again fast. Good moments are always short. So he might have been embraced, as it is the results were seriously magical.

Following the perfect new works ,"Carousels" , the closing song starts playing. There is nothing to argue, there is no time to speak of it, just simply, elegant! Beirut Band Page
mp3: Beirut - Carousels


harold hollingsworth on 12:27 pm said...

a fantastic soundtrack for the upcoming spring!

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