The Lemonheads - Lemonheads

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College Rock, Punk-Pop
They mostly influenced by American post-punk bands of the '80s
such as rocking Husker-Du,traditional and modern sounded R.E.M., further to that cult rock idol Neil Young .The long awaited release of The Lemonheads newest release;the first in close to 10 years!

This time it's not sloby,quite rocking eleven Lemonhead songs which are so feral yet so tight.They're growing on me and it's reasonable to mark this new record as their one of best The Lemonheads effort.Absorbing melodic hooks are great and it's rocking time.Quite noisy and intentive guitar solos mainly appear in Baby's Home,Steve's Boy,December.

This ain't one-way album,its path passing by country, alt-rock ,grunge and punk genres,also familiar with college rock (Become The Enemy,Pittsburgh). Comparison sound of "The lemonheads" with Buffalo Tom,The Replacements,Nirvana,Dinosaur Jr. wouldn't be wrong.As an example the sounds in "Let's Just Laugh",it proves that these are very mixed tunes,getting around Hardcore punk,post-punk where it gets connected with Mission of Burma's never stop heavy post-punk roots.

"Rule Of Three","In Passing" are my personal favorites,mostly includes guitar pop melodies
where we get used to listen a bunch of them from Teenage Funclub.Song by song i love them and till the end of the record still have the same feelings.Providing amazing guitar solos to backround of songs couldn't be so impressive.
All melodic,all clear almost perfect!
MM picks:Baby's Home,In Passing,December
Listen:Become The Enemy,No Backbone (downloadable)
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