Loney, Dear - Loney, Noir

Rating: 7/10
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Sweden multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanangen (aka Loney, Dear) makes his American debut with this re-release of his fourth album.

I love this, i love the albums that warm your inside when you near to freezing in wintertime. Swedish Pop is enthusiastic, bright, pleasant despite Sweden's opposite weather condition. Ethereally it's better than curling up in your bed, embracing to an embroidered blanket, waiting someone to rescue you from that miserable moments. Of course, no one will come. So you need to fight with the little monsters in your head. Loney, Dear debut "Loney, Noir" is almost same with childhood memories which are so pure, warm and evergreen. Loney, Noir generally is very serene, similar to a fable. Fables generally starts uneasily, and they end beautifully.

It's something like not to lose your happiness in every negative way you deal with. That's make the music more adorable, yes, a little bit lazy. But it's your best friend while you're walking in silent countryside.
MM picks: Saturday Waits, Hard Days, Carrying A Stone
mp3: Saturday Waits | more mp3 songs


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